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DL and Joss have moved into a new home to escape the memory of Christopher, but the Hall isn’t as idyllic as they first think! Its history is tainted by some terrible crimes, and it is still having an impact on the village around them. They must research the mystery, and get to the bottom of the horror before it is too late.

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Past Imperfect

Book Four Of

The Darkside Saga

Douglas Vaughan

Copyright © 2014 Douglas Vaughan

All rights reserved.

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I will make no secret of the fact that this is My personal favourite from the DarkSide Saga. I enjoyed the story, the characters, and the overall “feel” of the book as it took shape.

With that fact in mind, this book can only be dedicated to My daughters. They have, bless them, supported their old Dad on the whole journey of taking a Security Specialist and turning him into a writer. So, Charlotte and Alice, this one is for you.

I love you both millions and 32.

Douglas Vaughan

14th April 2016


New Beginning



Meet The Neighbours



Something New



New Home



History Revealed









Dark History






Ancient Rites



Final Words



Insider Knowledge



Pure Blood



Friend In Need



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Heir Apparent



Giving All



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Party Guests















World Takeover



While this is a work of fiction, some of the content is based very closely on fact. The Hell-Fire club DID exist, and, at the time, was seen as a real threat to the Institution and Church.

The people involved were intellectual renegades for their time, but smart enough to keep their thoughts and philosophies well away from prying eyes. The myth of sexual shenanigans and alternative practices has been greatly embellished over the years, and in the re-telling of the stories, so I have thrown a character into the mix to spice it up.

Cranfield Hall does NOT exist as such, though is based very closely on Ragdale Hall in Worcestershire, England. I fell in love with the place, and, should I ever be in the position to do so, I will recreate it in its splendour somewhere in California. It will be the perfect place from which to set out on My long-threatened campaign of claiming the Colonies back for the Crown. You need it, folks.

I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did.


Chapter one


When DL had announced that he wished to move from the house, Joss was not in the least surprised. It was over a year since they had returned from the South of France, and every day he mentioned that something “had to go” as it reminded him of the past. The garage now held lots of “some-things” that she had hidden away, but still he was not happy. When he told her at breakfast, she could see that the decision had not been easy. Joss actually loved the house. It was huge and full of interesting artefacts from around the world collected on his travels, with some of them worthy of a place in a museum. It had become her home with him, and the place where their feelings and bond had developed. She would be sad to leave. He must have seen the shadow pass across her face at the news, so, with a smile, he patted his knee for her to come and get a cuddle.

“I know you love this place, babygirl, however I think a fresh start would be perfect. It would be a home that had only OUR mark on it.”

Joss settled into his arms and snuffled against his neck, his habitual aftershave making her smile and wriggle to get closer. She lifted her head to talk to him.

“This place has too many memories for you Sir, so I can understand why.”

She paused, looking into his eyes.

Have you found us somewhere else?”

He spun her around to sit astride him, his eyes full of laughter and that something else that always made her tremble a little.

“I thought I would leave that up to you! With your passion for architecture and old buildings, I am sure you will find the perfect place for us. I was thinking somewhere different, perhaps with a touch of Gothic darkness to it?”

Joss beamed and bounced in his lap.

“Really? I get to go house hunting? Cool! When can I start?”

DL chuckled at the enthusiasm and sheer childlike quality to her happiness. It was one of the things that had melted his heart; her ability to throw herself into something with all the glee and reckless abandon of an 8 year old, and yet behind it all was a sharp mind. He could see the thinking process written across her face; estate agents, magazines, maps, and knew he had made the perfect decision. He waited until she had stopped shuffling so he could get her full attention.

“I would like it to be within a 50 mile circle of where we are now, purely because of access and links to the motorway networks. Although Lady J is now running Der Unterworld, I still have obligations and work that needs to be done. Given that we are in the heart of the country, and surrounded by some beautiful areas, I think you will find something suitable.”

Joss dropped her head and peered up at him through her long eyelashes, a small pout appearing as if by magic.

“But what if I find somewhere and you don’t like it? Or what if there is NOWHERE suitable?”

She kicked her legs like a little girl.

“And what if I like it THAT much that I would DIE if we didn’t have it, and it was outside of the area and…”

DL shook his head and placed his finger against her lips.

“You have several hundred square miles in which to search, babygirl, there WILL be somewhere!”

The smile instantly re-appeared on Joss’s face.

“Great! I’ll start looking today!”

She slid off his lap, swerving her hips to avoid the swat aimed at her ass that she knew was coming, and, with a giggle, she skipped off in the direction of the study and its computers. DL smiled as she disappeared out of the kitchen. That girl was getting too damn cheeky! He collected the dishes and crossed to the sink, his gaze going out through the window to take in the expanse of the large grounds. They needed care again to look their best for the coming summer, but his heart wasn’t in it. His eyes travelled out to the distant stone building that was the Playroom, and, even though he was in a contemplative mood, it didn’t stop the twitch in his groin as his mind went back to the previous night.

Joss had been teasing him all day in that innocent way she had, but had kept just out of reach. She would somehow manage to avoid being close enough for him to grab her, and the little smile and flashes of green eyes told him that she knew. She also knew it would cost her. Finally, in the early evening, he had growled and gone after her. Joss had squealed and made a dash for the stairs, but that was cut short by his large hand wrapping in her hair. She had wriggled like an eel as she was thrown over his shoulder and taken out of the back door, though her squealing had gone quieter once she could see where they were headed. DL had marched up the path towards the playroom, kicking the doors open with his foot before depositing her, not very gently, onto the floor. Joss had scrambled on her hands and knees looking for somewhere to hide, as he had locked the door behind him and thrown the key into the far corner.

She had tucked herself under his favourite antique rack and watched as he circled the room lighting the braziers set high on the walls. When all the braziers were lit, he turned so that she could see him. His voice was deep and full of menace, and he was removing his clothes as he walked slowly towards her.

“You have made me wait all day, little girl. You have teased and tempted at every opportunity, knowing it would make me growl and want you, so now it is time for me to take up all those offers.”

Joss had squeaked and tried to make herself smaller, but she knew it was hopeless. Where could she go? DL paused as he removed his pants, and she had groaned when she saw how hard he was. It meant trouble for her! Waiting until he had to come around another piece of equipment and she was slightly out of sight, she had made her move. Darting from under the rack quickly, she had scampered across the room towards where he had thrown the key. If she could get to the door, and run off down the garden, he wouldn’t chase her naked, would he?

She almost had a smile forming on her lips when her feet were taken from under her as she was tackled to the floor. Damn he was quick for an old guy! She soon found herself wrapped in a bear hug. He had picked her up like a doll and carried her across to a low bench, pushing her face down and holding her there, while he had unceremoniously ripped her skirt and panties down and forced her thighs apart. With one hand holding her wrists in the small of her back, his other hand went around her throat and arched her up to him. Joss had gasped in the grip as he had positioned her as he wanted. She had moaned as his head came down and he sank his teeth into the soft skin on the side of her neck, the moan turning into a choked groan as he pushed his engorged cock deep into her. He had held her like that as his hips pumped against her, her body shaking as he used her for his pleasure.

Joss had wriggled helplessly at the assault, and yet her juices had made it even easier for him. He had filled her totally with each thrust, only the tight grip on her throat prevented her from crying out each time. She had whimpered when he changed his grip and flipped her over onto her back, his hands clamping her legs behind the knees and forcing them up and apart. He had loomed over her, his weight pressing down, and she had seen the darkness in his eyes. Joss had known then she was going to be used like a toy, and, as he forced his cock inside her again, she had lifted her head to nestle against his shoulder with her mouth close to his ear. Through gasps she had kissed him gently, her voice barely a whisper.

“Hurt me, Sir.”

DL ran his hands over his eyes as he turned from the window, the memory still vivid, when his attention was caught by excited shouts coming from the study.

“Come and look at this, Sir!”

He chuckled and adjusted his pants to hide the obvious bulge as he made his way towards the room; now was not the time for that! Joss was hopping from foot to foot and pointing at the screen as he approached.

“Look at this place, Sir, it has us written all over it! It has loads of rooms, even a ballroom, plus a pool and its own forest! Look at the style of those turrets and windows, its like the Addams Family house!”

He leaned down to take a closer look. Joss tutted when he squinted, and passed him his glasses with a huff. She knew he hated to wear them, but she wanted him to see it properly! He scrolled down the screen slowly, mumbling about certain features, nodding his head at others, before turning to face her.

You are right about this place, it IS us!”

He looked back down at the screen.

Where does it say how much it is?”

Joss screwed her face up and turned him away from the screen.

“Don’t you worry about that, Sir, I’ll make sure they do a great deal on it!”

She gave him her biggest smile.

“Can I at least go and look at it?”

DL tried to peer over her head at the screen again, but she pulled his chin down so he had to answer. He grumbled but gave a little nod. Joss whooped and jumped up into his arms, wrapping her legs around him and covering his face in little kisses. He laughed and prised her off him, but the slide down his body took her over the still-prominent bulge. This caused her to look at him with a cocked eyebrow.

“Are you more excited about this than you are letting on, Sir?”

She cheekily rubbed her palm over the front of his pants, pleased when she felt a stirring. Knowing she was pushing her luck, she dropped to her knees and quickly unzipped him. She stroked his hardening cock while giving him a very wanton smile.

“I can’t go out for the day leaving you with this, Sir, that would make me a very bad girl!”

She gently wrapped her lips around the large glans and purred in her throat quietly. This was going to be a great day!

They spent thirty minutes on the phone with the Estate Agents, and finally got them to agree that she could see the house that afternoon. Pleased that things were moving quickly, Joss ran upstairs to change out of her house clothes and into something more publicly acceptable.

She loved wearing things that he liked, it made her feel desired and available to him, but the weather was still cool for spring so she wrapped up warmly.

After wandering through the usual rooms to find him, she went to the front of the house and into the more formal sitting rooms. She was surprised to find him in there, and his back was towards her as he stood near the window holding a photo frame. When she got closer she could see it was a picture of him and Christopher, their arms around each other with faces split by big smiles. It had obviously been taken at some event or such. He jumped slightly when he realised she was there, and passed her the frame with a sigh.

“That was taken on the night of the Ball when I handed over the reins to him. I still cannot believe how it all turned out, but thank god it is behind us now.”

Joss placed the frame back onto the side table, and moved close to hug him.

“It was none of your doing, Sir, so you mustn’t blame yourself. The move from here will take all those memories away, I hope, and give you distance. We will have fun making the new place our own.”

She felt him give himself a shake before he leaned down and kissed the tip of her nose.

“Don’t jump in at the first house, babygirl, there are lots of places out there to see.”

She grinned up at him and pulled away, buttoning her coat as she turned to the door.

“I have a great feeling about this house, Sir, but I’ll take your advice!”

She walked quickly through the hall and down the stone steps to the driveway, her car beeping open as she turned to wave at him watching from the window. Setting the SatNav with the co-ordinates, she gunned her small car down the drive and out onto the country lane towards the motorway. Once out of sight of the house she pulled over, reaching into the glove box to retrieve a vanity bag. She carefully took out the tiny chrome and pale plastic device inside, and moved her hair back to give access to her left ear. Though profoundly deaf from birth, technology had improved enough to give her partial hearing when she wanted it. Joss was far too vain to wear a hearing aid all the time, so she kept devices hidden away in certain places just in case. Today she was in the mood for some music, so, once she had fitted the aid, she cranked up her stereo fully so that the sounds of show tunes filled the surrounding fields as she passed. The drive through the leafy Warwickshire countryside was soothing, as Joss loved the history of England and its feeling of “oldness”; something her native California lacked.

With Germanic efficiency, the SatNav took her through winding lanes until it announced they had reached their destination. She stopped the car and looked around, but there was no sign of any house. She was just going to check the details again when another car pulled up opposite, and a young woman climbed out from the drivers seat. She was dressed in a very smart fitted suit, and Joss admired the way she walked across to her on what were impossibly high heels. The woman bent down to look in through Joss’s window, showing a lot of cleavage in the process.

“Miss Morgan? Hi there, I’m Heidi from Bartrum and Higgins Estates. I’m here to show you around Cranfield Hall. If you would like to follow me, I’ll show you the way in!”

Joss smiled, and stepped out of her car as Heidi walked quickly back to hers and popped the trunk. Balancing carefully, she swapped her stiletto’s for a pair of chunky boots before turning to look at Joss with a shrug.

“I love my heels, but damn they hurt walking around these big old places!”

She nodded down at Joss’s Timberlands.

“At least you had the good sense to wear something comfortable!”

She smiled again, and led the way around a slight corner in the road. They came to a large set of ornate gates, with a long drive disappearing through the trees beyond. Heidi slipped a key into a shiny new padlock to release it, and pushed the gates open while glancing down at her notes.

“The Hall has just over 20 acres of grounds, most of it woodland, but there are two lawned areas close to the property. Its a fair walk from here up the drive, so I hope you don’t mind?”

Joss shook her head.

“Its such a lovely day that the walk will do me good! I am still getting used to all this GREEN around me.”

She waved her arms at the surrounding trees.

Its like a huge country park!”

The women exchanged small talk as they walked through the woods up towards the house. Heidi had picked up on her accent, and was fascinated as to why she had come to England. Joss glossed over the full story, and claimed she had been kidnapped but fell for the kidnapper! They were still chuckling when the trees thinned and the house came into view. It was just as Joss had imagined, better even; a huge Gothic masterpiece hidden away from prying eyes.

The towers soared over them as they walked up to the large studded wooden door, Joss craning her head back to take in the dimensions and splendour of the leaded windows and sweeping buttresses. DAMN, she loved this place already! They spent over an hour inside as one delight led to another. Joss cooed over the high ceilings and ornate cornicing, the dark wood panelling and marble floors. It was perfect! As they passed through the large kitchen, and into what Heidi described as an Orangery, Joss could just make out a spire in the distance that seemed to be in the grounds. She pointed it out to Heidi.

“What’s that place over there?”

Heidi rustled through her notes until she found what she wanted.

“That is the local parish church. It was here before the house was built and incorporated into the estate, and is still in use today. The owner gave them grounds to extend the churchyard further, and was a Patron of their unique library that is rumoured to go back to the early Middle Ages!”

Joss smiled and mentally hugged herself. This place was getting better and better. DL HAD to love it. She would do everything in her power to make it theirs. She was gazing out into space, her mind thinking of all the things she could do to “persuade” him if he baulked at the idea, when she realised that Heidi was looking at her in a strange way. She focussed on the woman when she spoke.

“Are you okay, Miss Morgan? I could have sworn you whimpered then?”

Joss blushed scarlet, and turned to march quickly back towards the kitchen.



DL checked his watch, noting the time as he fired up his computer and opened Skype. Each day he had a video-conference with Lady J to discuss the state of the company and deal with any issues raised, and the new Lady J was always there waiting for him. When she appeared she was talking off-screen, and it gave him a moment to reflect on the changes in her. She was still beautiful, however her change to Domme, and the pressures of running the business, had given her face a harder edge. She was more severe in appearance, always dressed from head to toe in black leather and lace. The striking image was well matched with a very cool and calculating brain. She growled instructions to some hapless helper and turned to face him, the smile changing her demeanour to the one he remembered from the past.

“Gabriel! How lovely to see you today!”

She peered closely at the screen.

Are those bags under the Dark One’s eyes? Has that flame-haired little temptress being keeping you busy?”

DL laughed at the evil grin she gave him.

“You know her well, Angela, she is turning into a very bad nymph!

He shrugged theatrically.

But I cannot complain at the creature I have created!”

They exchanged pleasantries and teasing for a further five minutes before a change in Lady J’s tone foretold she had some news.

“I have been looking at the figures this morning, Gabriel, and though they are healthy there is little growth. We have reached a plateau. The world is more aware of our lifestyle thanks to some literary releases, and, though we all benefited from the new interest, I feel it has settled again. I have a feeling that the faithful are waiting for something new, and I may just have found it!”

DL listened intently while she ran through what she believed would be the future for them, only interrupting with simple questions. It was science fiction become fact! She had commissioned researchers to take things through to the next step, and she would be grateful if she could count on his support with the Board. He didn’t hesitate to confirm she had it, and they signed off with a promise to meet at the weekend to go into the finer points of her plans.

He sat back in his chair with a bemused smile. After all his years in the Life he had imagined most things, TRIED most of them, and yet this could be something he had never considered. His nature made him cautious with new technology, and he was the first to admit it confused him constantly; however he also knew that HIS ways were now outdated, and Angela would take them forward. Part of him longed for a simple life away from all forms of communication gadgetry, the thought of being Robinson Crusoe had always appealed to him, yet he now relied on it as much as everyone else. One of his biggest hates vibrated quietly on the desk, and, picking up the phone to answer, he growled his annoyance at whoever was on the other end before their image appeared. He laughed at the soft whine coming from the startled face of Joss on the screen.

“I didn’t commit us to anything, honestly Sir!”

She babbled for a full five minutes about the virtues of Cranfield Hall, trying hard not to sound as though she was selling it to him at the same time as trying to sell it to him!

She gazed at him in silence for a few seconds while she waited for him to say something.

“Sir? Can you still see me?”

He smiled softly at the concern on her face.

“I guess that means I am going to have to go look at this place, right?”

Joss tried very hard not to do a little dance while he could see her.

“Only if you REALLY want to Sir, but I’m sure you will find the journey worthwhile.”

She paused for the count of two.

Shall I make another appointment?”

She held her breath for what seemed an eternity before he nodded his agreement with a sigh.

“You could sell sand back to the Arabs, my little minx! Now get that cute ass back here sharpish, as we have an invite to a club I have never heard of before. Apparently it is one of the oldest in the world!”

Joss turned her phone off with a whoop of glee, the hard part had been done, and all that remained was to make sure he was in the right frame of mind to visit the house. And she knew what would do that! She walked back across the road to a waiting Heidi, who was more than pleased to make the arrangements for the visit. Would this coming Friday be too soon? Joss grinned at her and told her it would be perfect, adding, with a wink, that she could swing it when she got home.

As she drove back towards the old house she gave herself a mental telling off. She knew he adored her, and lusted after her constantly, but she should be careful with becoming too bold. Once before she had been blatant with him, the end result leaving her unable to sit for several days after he had used her in every imaginable way.

She gave a little shiver at the memory, but also squirmed slightly in the seat, a small purring sound slipping from smiling lips. She giggled at herself.

“You are becoming a little whore, Joss Morgan, where the hell has this all been hiding inside you?”

The green eyes in the rear-view mirror gleamed back at her.

It had been several months since they had attended any kind of lifestyle event or club, and, given the circumstances, Joss wanted to make an extra effort to make him proud to be seen with her. She had resisted some of his efforts to change her dress style, however as she slid into the long dress she had to admit it DID look horny. It was cut off the shoulder, the deep purple colour almost bordering on black made her pale skin shine, and the careful boning in the bodice giving her a cleavage that even SHE liked the look of! She darkened what little make-up she wore, mainly around her eyes to make them more dramatic, and gave her long auburn hair an extra shake. It went against the grain, but he liked her hair to look shaggy and wild, her “just ravaged” look he called it, so, with a last look in the mirror, she left her dressing room and walked slowly into the master bedroom. He was adjusting the cuffs of his shirt when he looked up, the lecherous grin and wolf whistle he gave made her laugh and shake her head at him.

“You are a horny old goat, Sir, and you should be ashamed looking at a girl like that!”

He licked his lips and grinned again.

“This horny old goat feels extremely lucky to have a girl so pretty on my arm! You look ravishing, babygirl, and I shall do my best not to molest you before we get there!”

Joss gave him a stern look, and wrinkled her nose.

“Thank you, Sir. This girl would appreciate not walking into a strange club looking right royally fucked!”

She laughed and skipped quickly from the room to avoid the clothes brush he had launched in her direction, his chuckled “Cheeky brat!” following her down the stairs to wait in the hallway. She was pleased he was in a light mood, and, after a visit to a club, he was always growly for her. That meant she was going to get lots of attention from him later!

He had picked his beloved Aston Martin to be the vehicle for the journey, and she watched his enjoyment at the way the car performed as he drove at slightly illegal speeds towards the motorway. She glanced at the SatNav, and was surprised at the intended destination.

“That village is very near to Cranfield Hall, Sir! What would a club be doing in a little place like that?”

He turned and gave her an inscrutable look, but his eyes shone with laughter.

“It is? Well, what a coincidence! I am told this place, the HellsGate Club, has been in existence for over a hundred years, and yet I have never heard of it! It will be interesting to see what a small setting feels like as a place to indulge in the Lifestyle. It’s a big change from the glitz and glamour of the city.”

As they pulled into the village of Lower Thorpe, Joss was surprised at the amount of vehicles that all seemed to be going their way, a fact soon confirmed by their SatNav when it announced they were there. She looked through the car window at the large barn-like structure with the blue neon sign announcing “Welcome to HellsGate”.

She exchanged a bemused look with DL as they climbed from the car, and joined the short queue of people filing through the door. Two very large bouncers were giving everyone close scrutiny, and she jumped when the one closest to them stepped forward and raised his hand to address DL.

“Excuse me, Sir, you wouldn’t happen to be the Dark One by chance?”

DL gave a brief nod.

“Its seems I am expected!”

There were whispers and glances from those still queuing as they were led through the main entrance and steered towards a door marked “Private”. A brief knock, and they were shown through to be met by an extremely glamorous Domme. She smiled and nodded to DL, her eyes passing over Joss with a gleam as she extended her hand.

“It is an honour to have you here, DL, and with such a pretty girl as well! I am Clarice, this is my club, and the hospitality of the house is yours to enjoy. I have wanted to meet you for years as your site was my introduction to the Life, and has been a constant part of my journey! If there is anything you desire…”

Her eyes went over Joss again, and she licked dark red lips.

Anything at all, then please do not hesitate to ask.”

DL bowed and slid his hand across Joss’s shoulders.

“You are most gracious, Clarice, I am honoured to have been invited. As you can see, with the exception of a little vodka I have all I could possibly need to enjoy the evening.”

Clarice clapped her leather-clad hands, and the door was opened by a boy in his 20’s.

“Make sure that the Dark One has anything he wants while he is here. If I see his glass empty, at any point tonight, I will strip the skin from your back.”

The boy blanched, then lowered his eyes and nodded.

“At your command, Mistress!”

Joss was pleased to be following the boy as they moved through towards the bar. Clarice had looked at her with the same hunger DL did, and it was a strange feeling for her! He had often teased her by saying he was going to hand her over to be used by a Domme, usually when she had been bratty, but she had mentally ignored it before. Now, meeting one face to face and feeling the power from her, Joss had scared trembles in her stomach at what that could actually mean.

Her train of thought was distracted as they moved through the old barn. It had been partitioned into small cubicles and seating areas, each one sumptuously decorated to give them a close intimate feel. There were several small bars manned by figures clad completely in rubber, and, only when they stopped at one, could she make out it was a woman in the outfit. The tight rubber headpiece the woman wore had no holes for eyes or a mouth, and she was chained in such a way that her movements were restricted to the area directly in front of her. All she could do was serve drinks. Joss watched, amazed, as she moved with fluid accuracy to prepare their order; a skill borne of long hours of practice using touch alone. She wondered what had been her punishment at the start when the inevitable mistakes had been made. She glanced up at DL, and he returned a look that showed that even HE was impressed. They had turned to make their way towards what had been described as the “V.I.P” area when Joss came face to face with a very shocked Heidi.

They stood there looking at each other for a second until DL leaned down to get Joss’s attention.

“Are you going to introduce me to your friend?”

Flustered, Joss made introductions as Heidi simply stood there with her mouth open. It was only when DL reached out and placed his hand on her chin to close it did Heidi blink and go very red. Joss felt a touch on her shoulder and turned to look at him.

“I shall leave you girls to have a little chat. I will be in the VIP area, so don’t be too long my girl. This place looks like it could be fun tonight.”

She watched him weave through the crowds before turning back to look at the girl stood in front of her.

“Well, this is a surprise!”

Heidi suddenly became very animated.

“Oh my god! I had no idea! Was that, is that, I mean that is the Dark One, right? You belong to him?”

Joss laughed at the expression on Heidi’s face.

“The one and only, Heidi, and yes, it is he who is thinking of buying Cranfield Hall. If I had known you were part of our world I would have been harder with the haggling.”

Heidi was looking over her shoulder towards where DL had gone.

“I can’t BELIEVE I am going to be showing him around the house on Friday. That is still on, yes?”

Joss smiled and slipped her arm through the other girls to lead her towards the V.I.P area.

“Come and meet him properly, and do your best sales pitch on him!”

She laughed at the terrified expression she saw as she virtually dragged the girl through the crowds. Joss had cursed inwardly when the girl was too flustered to do more than babble in the presence of DL, but she felt sorry for her when she saw the look of relief cross Heidi’s face as she managed to escape and return back to the main room. She took a sip of her drink, and saw that DL was looking at her with a raised eyebrow.

“You are a devious little minx, Joss, and have no shame in trying to get another girl to sway me!”

Joss grinned and shrugged.

“I am what you have made me, my Dark One.”

More drinks appeared, and he slipped a hand around her waist to steer her to the edge of the balcony. The view below was one of heavy wooden crosses and benches mixed with frames and stocks, and some already decorated with willing victims. His hand was stroking up and down her back as he pointed out certain people he thought he knew, before he turned to face her so she could see what he was saying.

“There is someone I have arranged for you to meet tonight, babygirl, so it will be an interesting evening for both of us.”

When he turned back to watch the antics below, Joss drained her drink in one large gulp. She had just finished the second drink when he put pressure on her elbow, and indicated that they were going for a walk around the club. Joss’s heart started to beat faster, now knowing that he was leading her into a new experience somewhere within the building.

The crowd thinned as they moved around to the far side of the play area. Joss watched as a girl writhed and moaned under the attention of a Dom wielding a flogger, while another worked a large Hitachi vibrator over her pussy.

The girl had every ounce of Joss’s sympathy. Each time she begged to be allowed to come the Doms stopped what they were doing and moved away, leaving the girl whimpering until they returned and started again. She hoped they would put her out of her misery soon, as the desperate look the girl gave her as she walked past struck a very deep cord. She knew that he would never play with her in a public room, it was a promise he had made her at the beginning, yet he always managed to find an empty private room from out of nowhere and that was where the rules changed. Joss bit her lip when he turned down a short corridor and opened a door into a darkened room. He had done it again! His hand on the back of her neck made sure she kept pace with him as the door closed behind them. When her eyes adjusted to the single spotlight over the thick padded bench Joss realised they were not alone. She watched transfixed as a vision encased in leather unwound from the chair behind the bench and walked slowly towards them.


Joss could feel the colour rising in her neck and chest as Clarice let her eyes wander over her, and, when she licked her bright lips, she whimpered quietly.

“I had heard you have exquisite taste with your girls, DL, but she is something special!”

Clarice stepped forward and cupped Joss’s chin in her hands, her cool blue eyes looking deep into hers.

“He has something special in mind for you tonight, little girl, I hope you will thank him correctly when it is over!”

Joss shuddered slightly, something that was not missed by Clarice, and she threw back her head and laughed.

“I can see all this is still new to her, DL. You are SUCH a bad man to bring her to me like this!”

Joss swallowed hard and turned to look at him, her eyes wide with questions. Clarice had said she was there for HER? He wouldn’t give her to this Domme, surely? The smile and glitter in his eyes told her something completely different. He would.

DL kissed her gently on the cheek before taking her by the wrists and leading her over to the bench. He stood to the side and placed his hand in the small of her back, pushing her forward until her hips pressed against the dull leather covering. He then took first her left, and then her right wrist and clicked simple steel shackles in place. Joss took a deep breath at her position. Bent forward at the waist, fixed against the bench, and the light overhead made the rest of the room dark so she had no idea where Clarice had moved to. DL came around the other side of the bench and faced her.

“It is time for you to expand your horizons a bit further, lil Joss, and Lady Clarice has been good enough to offer her help.”

Joss went to talk, but he placed his finger on her lips to silence her.

I know you will be a good girl for BOTH of us.”

Joss squeaked when she felt hands on her hips. These hands had long nails. She went to turn her head, but DL held her chin firmly, the frown on his face telling her to keep still. The hands raked across her ass and down each thigh, then down past her knees to her ankles. Joss could feel her long dress being gathered, before the hands moved back up the length of her leg taking the material with them. She whimpered and looked at him, his face remaining closed to her unspoken plea as Clarice lifted her dress all the way up to her hips. The Domme folded the dress neatly at the top of Joss’s ass before allowing her hands to trail across the exposed flesh. Her nails dug in slightly, and she drew patterns of red stripes in the soft pale skin.

Joss moaned as her ankles were tapped hard apart, and spread wider than she wanted. At the same time, DL slid his hand around the back of her head, using a grip in her long hair to force her downwards toward the top of the bench. She was bent over fully now, her breath coming in gasps, which changed to a shocked inhale as Clarice’s fingers found her pussy. The long, painted nails parted the soft folds expertly to reveal her clit before flicking it sharply. Joss yelped and wriggled, while Clarice purred quietly.

“She is very small, DL, are you going to allow me to play with her fully?”

Joss twisted her head, not sure what was going on and moaned when she saw him smile and nod at Clarice. He had just agreed to something! That moan turned into a loud groan as what could only be the painted mouth of the Domme clamped over her clit and sucked hard. Joss wriggled and shook as the experienced tongue and mouth worked over her, and she looked up at DL with eyes starting to fill with tears.

“Oh, please Sir, I’m not sure about this! I haven’t, you didn’t…”

Her voice was taken when Clarice slipped two fingers inside her, expertly finding her most sensitive spot, causing Joss to lift onto her toes and moan into the leather top of the bench. She sensed movement near her face, and opened her eyes to see DL unzipping his pants and releasing his already very hard cock. His hand was keeping her head pinned down, so she had little choice when he stepped closer and pushed it against her lips. His desire was obvious. Joss mewled as she opened her mouth. When he was hard like this he would go deep, and she knew he loved it when she gagged and struggled. She also knew that she was helpless. The feel of the fingers and tongue, and the way that he simply held her and used her mouth, was making Joss twitch and writhe and get very close to coming.

In her dazed mind she knew she couldn’t come without permission, but how could she ask? She tried to think of something, anything, that would slow down the tingles and ripples that were flowing through her pelvis. Despite this, she couldn’t stifle a groan in her throat when the woman behind stopped touching her. He withdrew from her mouth at the same time, the flow of saliva from her lips dripping down to the leather under her cheek. Through blurred eyes, she saw Clarice come and stand next to him near her head. She couldn’t make out what they were saying, but her eyes snapped open wide when she saw Clarice start to buckle a large strap-on dildo into place on her hips. Joss struggled when the woman moved back out of sight, and she twisted to get DL’s attention again.

“No Sir, please! Don’t let her do that to me!”

DL crouched to look into her eyes, gave a small shake of his head, and calmly clamped his free hand over her mouth. Joss squealed into the palm as she felt something hard rub against her thigh and up towards her pussy, before it pressed against her opening. She just had time to see him smile again before she arched at being taken by the large dildo. She groaned as it went in so very deep, her wet pussy making it easy for the Domme to sink in to the hilt. She could feel Clarice’s nails dig into her hips as she started to fuck her slowly, the dildo going almost all of the way out before going all the way inside. When it hit deep it made Joss grunt into the large hand over her mouth. She sensed DL stand again, and she squealed loudly when he tilted her head around towards him, his hand leaving her mouth just long enough to draw breath before he pushed his hard cock across her lips and down into her throat. She was impaled at both ends, the Domme moving out as he pushed into her, the rhythm building quickly making Joss shudder and shake between them.

She gasped and spluttered at the assault on her mouth, while her hips twitched and lifted each time Clarice moved in her. Joss’s mind went fuzzy at being taken like this for the first time, and the pleasure it was giving her was a shock considering her initial fear. She was on the very edge, her whole body crying out for her clit to be touched to let her come. She was aware he KNEW she couldn’t come without that type of stimulation, and she would stay wet and easy for them both! As if on cue, they both stopped and pulled out of her. Jess gasped and wriggled as she mumbled desperately.

“Please Sir, Mistress, touch me, please, oh god please!”

The slap to her cheek shook her, and she opened sodden eyes to see Clarice standing close to her face, the large dildo shining in the light with her own juices. The Domme growled down at her.

“Lick it clean, you pretty little slut!”

Joss whimpered and pushed her tongue out, licking tentatively at the large toy, until the sharp pain of a large hand landing on her ass made her push her mouth around it and suck feverishly. She felt the dildo jiggle in her mouth as Clarice laughed.

“You were right, DL, she IS a good girl!”

Joss barely registered his hands lifting her hips before her mouth opened wide as he took her, hitting deep inside her to make himself come. Clarice gathered up Joss’s hair and moved her head on the dildo as she groaned and whimpered at the pounding she was receiving. He was being brutal with her, deliberately going too deep, yet Joss could feel her juices dripping down her thighs. She was a rag doll under their hands, a helpless fuck toy at their mercy, and she was loving it. She felt him swell, and, with an extra hard push that lifted her toes from the floor, he came inside her. She could feel his growl through the bench as he used her to milk himself.

Joss lay shaking and twitching on the bench as he withdrew. She was a mass of nerve-endings. Her body was on fire, her lips sore from being used by Clarice, and yet all she could do was sob quietly when he came around and ordered her to lick him clean. She took the dripping cock into her mouth, the tears running down her cheeks as she ran her tongue over him, tasting his come and her juices. He pulled out of her mouth and crouched close to her face, lifting her chin to make her look at him.

“Ready, my love?”

Joss opened her mouth to speak but nothing came, the vibrator that had been pressed onto her clit made it impossible for her to say a word. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes grew huge, simply staring at him as the first waves of the orgasm started. She jerked like a puppet as they rolled through her, growing stronger and stronger, and all she could remember afterwards was DL smiling and stroking her cheek, telling her what a good girl she had been.


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