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Chapter one


Kitty stood and looked at herself in the mirror, pleased with her reflection. He had told her he was coming to see her bearing gifts, so she wanted to look her best for him. Her new baby-doll nightie looked stunning on her; just long enough to cover but still show glimpses of her panties underneath, while the soft silky material displayed her pert breasts perfectly.

She had arranged her lounge as he liked it; a cushion for her to curl up on, and a chair central in the room for him. When the doorbell rang, she did a quick check that all was as it should be before she hurried through to greet him. He smiled down at her as she embraced him and rubbed sensually up his body. Her Kitty greeting always resulted in a lump forming in his pants, and she made sure her pelvis teased against. Releasing him, she scampered back into the lounge and sat on her cushion, her eyes drawn to the large bag he placed by his side as he sat in his chair. He caught her look and laughed.

Patience, lil’ Kitty, all will be revealed soon enough!”

She smiled at him and wriggled on her cushion, stretching letting him see her lithe figure under the baby-doll. She dropped her voice into a quiet purr as she grinned cheekily.

Awwww, Sir, you know how Kitty loves surprises!”

She licked her lips sensually.

And Kitty is always VERY grateful!”

Her owner smiled and shook his head.

You are an incorrigible lil’ puss-cat, but I guess I may as well show you now.”

Kitty giggled and clapped her hands in glee, rising up onto her knees to get a better look at what he had brought her. He carefully opened the bag, and removed several parcels that he placed on the floor between them before looking up at her.

You are a beautiful lil’ Kitty, however there have been things missing.”

He chuckled at her hurt pout.

These will make all the difference.”

He passed her the first parcel, which she tore open like a child at Christmas. She gasped when a soft, furry mask fell into her lap. It was black, the fur very sleek, with small ears and whiskers! She giggled excitedly and put it on, loving the way it fit snugly over her head. She jumped up and crossed to the mirror over her fireplace, grinning hugely at the kitty that looked back at her.

Oh Sir, I LOVE it!”

She went to give him a hug, but he raised his hands to stop her.

Not yet, lil’ one, there are still things to open. Back on the cushion, please.”

She gave another pout and jumped back onto the large floor cushion, once again up on her knees and jiggling from side to side waiting for the next parcel. He passed her another parcel, and she ripped it open quickly. Inside were two long gloves made of the same sleek fur, that, when she slid them on, came up to her elbows and transformed her hands into paws. The fingers were cut so that just her nails showed through the ends, and on her palm were three soft pads just like a real cat. She held her arms up and admired the way they fit. Now she had paws! She bounced on her cushion in excitement.

Oh, Sir, they are lovely! Look how they make Kitty’s front legs all sleek and furry!”

He chuckled again at her bouncing.

Settle down, lil’ Kitty, still things to go yet.”

He passed her another parcel, the paper from this soon joining the growing pile next to her cushion. Inside was a flat box, and, when she opened it, she found a slim crystal and pink pearl collar complete with a small silver bell. With a squeak, she scrambled across to him, turning her back and lifting her hair. He reached down and slipped it around her neck, fastening it so it was not too tight. As soon as his hands had finished she jumped up and went back to the mirror, the bell making soft tinkles as she moved. She preened in the mirror, turning this way and that to admire the collar, and make the bell tinkle, before returning to her cushion all flushed and giddy.

Now I am a proper Kitty, and have my owners collar!”

He lifted up the last parcel and waved it at her.

And this will complete my Kitty’s new look!”

She reached out with her new paws and took it from him with a giggle, nails scrabbling at the paper, until something long and furry fell onto her knees. She picked up the sleek black tail. Her mouth dropped open as she saw it finished with a shaped crystal butt plug. Her eyes went from the plug to his and back again, her bottom lip being chewed as she contemplated how she would wear this. His laughing made her stop and look at him.

Come here, lil’ Kitty, I want to see how it all looks on you. Turn around and lift those hips up for me.”

Kitty crawled slowly towards him, and shuffled around so she was facing the other way. She watched over her shoulder as she felt her panties being lowered to her knees then slipped from her legs.

His fingers stroked her firm bottom, then delved between her legs to make her catch her breath as they found her clit and stroked her gently. He played up and down her pussy, making Kitty rock back at him and arch with a purr as his fingers slipped inside her. His gentle fingering was bringing her on heat, and she could feel her juices starting to run down her thigh. She gave a little whimper as his fingers slipped out of her and moved up, circling her tight ass, and using her juices to tease her open. Kitty moaned loudly when he pushed the plug into her pussy, and he moved it around inside her to make sure it was coated with her juices. When he moved it up to her ass Kitty held her breath, the slight pressure and penetration of the plug bringing a mewl. She had never been touched in this way before, and the feeling of being filled was a new one for her.

When he told her to crawl around for him, and let him see how she looked, she clenched tightly and moved slowly on all fours. The tail swished across the back of her thighs as Kitty stalked around the room, her eyes on him as he watched in appreciation. She watched with widening eyes as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his large, engorged cock. He obviously approved of the way she looked! His voice had a hungry rasp.

Such a pretty lil’ Kitty, look what you have done! Come over here and say thank you properly.”

She slowly and deliberately crawled over to him, licking her lips as she reached his knees and rested her chin on his thigh.

Does Sir want Kitty to clean him?”

He growled and nodded, tilting his cock towards her mouth. Kitty moved her head and licked the tip of him gently, purring in her throat as she worked around his cock, licking and sucking in the way she knew he loved. She could feel him swell in her mouth, and knew he was getting hornier by the second. She heard a small “click”, and found he had attached a long diamante lead to her collar. He eased himself out of her mouth and stood, lifting the lead and turning her around.

Lets take you back to your cushion, lil’ Kitty. Your owner wants to feel you around him.”

He walked slowly towards the cushion as Kitty crawled alongside. Once there, he told her to kneel and go down onto her elbows. Kitty lowered herself slowly, watching his hard cock twitch, and knowing he was going to use his Kitty to ease his hungers. When he knelt behind her, using his thighs to spread hers wide, she whimpered and purred at his urgency. He lifted her tail, and held it in his right hand as he guided himself into her. Kitty mewled and arched at being filled so quickly, the sensation made different by the pressure from the plug inside her ass.

His left hand held her hips as he started to move, keeping the lead taut so her head was held up and back. She loved feeling how much he wanted her, and purred in pleasure as he took her hard and fast. Her owner started to grunt in passion, his deep thrusts making her squirm and moan, until, with a growl, he came deep inside her. With a satisfied sigh, he slipped out of her and patted her behind.

Roll over, Kitty, I want to watch you play for me.”

She was close to coming herself, so rolled over quickly and stretched across the cushion. Her thighs dropped wide apart as she touched herself for the first time with her new paws. She was lost in the sensation of the fur rubbing over her swollen clit when she noticed he was recording her with his phone as she fingered. Through her half-closed eyes she could see him smiling.

Don’t stop, lil’ Kitty! This is for me to enjoy when I am away from you, and I know you will like to watch yourself afterwards.”

The thought of him getting off on watching her, AND recording it to enjoy later, made her fingers move faster. She arched towards him, so that he would pick up the detail of her hard nipples and panting mouth. She rolled sensuously over the cushion, showing herself off as her fingers pumped, playing to the hungry lens on his phone.

She was on the very edge and couldn’t come, but didn’t want to stop showing him how a Kitty could writhe. She was whimpering and mewling, desperate now, and she turned her back to him and lifted her hips so she exposed her pussy clearly. She knew he would pick up the fact she was dripping with both their juices, as her fingers worked around and inside herself. She turned her head so that she could look over her shoulder at him, and the phone recording silently.

Please, Sir, can Kitty have her cream now and come for you?”

He nodded, so she rubbed her paw hard over her clit, grinding it into her pubic bone while still looking at him. She threw back her head and mewled loudly as the orgasm rippled through her, her hips shuddering as she fell forward onto the cushion and wriggled against her hand. Kitty lay there, panting and sighing, as he reached forward and stroked her back gently.

My good lil’ puss-cat. I shall make you perform for me more often!”

After he had left, Kitty carefully removed her mask and gloves, putting them in the top drawer of her bedside chest to keep them safe. It was only as she turned that the tail swished against her thigh, so, with a chuckle and a bite on her lower lip, she eased it from her ass. After a quick clean, it too joined the rest of her kitty outfit in the drawer. Her fingers went up to her collar. No, THAT could stay on a while longer. She loved the fact she was now an owned kitty for real!

She sprawled across her bed, smiling to herself. Who would believe that a meek and mild Solicitors Clerk could have such a delicious alter ego? She knew the guys at work had her down as a bit of an ice maiden. She had politely turned ALL of them down over the years, and, though she had dated, it was only when her recent ex had passed a comment one night that she discovered this other side to her.

He had been in bed watching the TV, and she had felt extra horny for some reason, so decided to get his attention. Slipping out of her robe so that she had just her bra and panties on, she went to the bottom of the bed and started to crawl towards him, making sure she was in the way of the TV. As she crawled, she had an image in her mind of a big cat she had seen in a documentary, and how it had stalked some poor little animal. She tried to move in the same way. She kept her eyes on his as she slowly and sensually moved closer to him, and she could see he was transfixed.

Their relationship was not what you would call very hot, the sex was a little disappointing for her as he tended to be much too quick, but she could see a “WHAT the FUCK?” expression building on his face. One glance down at the thin covers showed a very promising lump, so it was working! She slid and slinked closer to him and, when her hands brushed over the lump, she gave a little growl. The huge twitch that caused told her she had him now. She licked her lips slowly, and lowered her head down to graze her teeth over his covered erection. This brought another twitch and a groan from him. The look on his face was a picture when she angled her hips towards him and lowered to her elbows, as he had not put her in that position himself before. She smiled at him as she spread her thighs.

Would you like to see if you can make this pussy purr?”

He scrabbled behind her quickly, pulling her panties aside and pushing into her now very wet pussy. He had barely started to move before he grunted and came inside her. Damn, she hated that he ALWAYS did that! He fell back onto the bed with a long sigh and a silly smile on his face. On heat now, she reached between her legs and rubbed herself off. It was not what she had hoped for, but the ache was too strong. She fingered herself to two very strong orgasms as he watched from the pillows. Finally sated, she slid under the covers next to him, slightly surprised when he slid his arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer. She could feel his eyes on her, as she lay against him letting her breathing return to normal.

Where did THAT come from, honey? We have been together for nearly six months now, and that is the first time you have shown a naughty side!”

She bit back the first response of “You don’t exactly inspire me to be naughty by coming so fucking fast!” and had hid her face in the crook of his arm and just mumbled.

I wanted to make you look at me, so thought I would try something different.”

He had chuckled and given her a squeeze.

I have never been in bed with a sexy cat before, so I’m looking forward to seeing her again!”

She had not responded, but her mind had formed a very damning answer.

You are already history, buster. She is wasted on you!”

True to her thoughts, she had gently but firmly given him the push the following week. Even his tearful declaration of love could not sway her, since she wanted to explore this new thing inside her.

Not knowing if it was a “normal” sex game, she had done what millions had probably done before her. She Googled it! She read so many articles on “Kitties” that her mind boggled at the variations and depths that girls, and a few guys, would go to in their quest to be a naughty kitty. She had to stop and play with herself at some of the stories she read; she wanted THAT! Oh, and THAT! It was at that moment she decided she would seek out someone, one who would appreciate this new side to her. Her first tentative steps into what she thought of as the kinky side of life had been horrendous. She joined various on-line sites, and created a profile, but the replies she received shocked her! She had sat shaking her head, wondering if these men should be actually allowed out in public. The THINGS they said they wanted to do to her had made her wince and cross her legs as she read.

The pictures of their cocks attached to the mails had also done nothing to ease her concerns! She had almost given up hope when HE appeared.

His mail had been courteous and funny, and she had felt herself drawn to him. He was average-looking, no great handsome hunk, though she had doubted that Hugh Jackman would be hunting for a Wolverine-ess on those sites anyway! His way of talking with her made her FEEL like a little kitty, and that made her throb. He did “something in the City”, so, when he had suggested dinner after he had completed a meeting, she took her courage in both hands and said yes.

The meal had been fun; he made her laugh AND feel sexy! When he had stroked her back, and thanked “a beautiful kitty for spending a lovely evening with him,” she had felt herself start to heat up and knew she would go back to his for “coffee”. As they entered his VERY plush apartment he had taken her coat, his hands stroking down the tops of her arms making her shudder. Kitty had bitten her lip when he placed a very large cushion on the floor with a quiet “make yourself comfortable”. She remembered how she had wobbled over on shaky knees and tried to lower herself as gracefully as her tight dress would allow.

After pouring large amber-something’s, she couldn’t remember what it had been as she never got to drink it, he pulled a chair up close to the cushion and sat looking at her with a little smile on his lips. She could feel herself colouring up under his gaze; he had looked at her as though deciding which bit to eat first. When he had reached forward to take hold of her ankles to ease her shoes off, she had jumped at the touch, making him chuckle. When he had held and stroked her toes, making her whimper slightly, she had known she wanted him. His quiet voice didn’t help the state she was in.

A pretty little kitty shouldn’t wear such restrictive things. Her soft paws don’t need to be covered like that.”

She had bitten her lip again when another soft sound had escaped her, and she knew HE had heard it. She had felt herself getting very warm in certain places, and was worried she was going to leave a puddle on his cushion if he carried on! When he asked her to turn around a little, so he could play with her “fur”, she nearly melted. Having hands in her hair always turned her on, and he knew just how to tease, giving little tugs and dragging his fingers over her scalp. She was lost in bliss when she had felt the zipper on the back of her dress being pulled downwards, his lips were on the side of her tilted neck as he spoke quietly to her.

You truly are a beautiful little puss-cat, and you should be seen without covering. It is a lovely dress, but does not do you real justice.”

She had allowed him to ease the dress down to her hips, his hands stroking the length of her spine made her purr for the first time. She had heard an intake of breath from him when she did, and she arched her back to lean into his touch. She had gone onto her knees as the dress slid down her thighs, and then dropped forward onto all fours so he could pull it down her legs, and off fully. Kitty had felt her heart thumping as she had imagined the view he had. She had worn no bra, and only the skimpiest of thongs. The dress had been too tight for anything else, and her exposed ass was up in the air in front of him.

She had purred again when he ran his hands over her hips and ass cheeks, and, when his fingers had found the dampness on the inside of her thighs, she had moaned and parted her legs. The invitation was obvious, and taken immediately when he cupped her sodden pussy in his hand. The feel of him pressing against her, and her own thoughts of being so exposed, made the trembles in her tummy start immediately. When his large thumb moved the thong aside and slipped inside her, she groaned and pushed back to take it deep. The orgasm had hit her immediately, and her hips quivered as he moved his thumb slowly inside. She had rocked on his hand, mewling and panting, and, when she heard him rumble quietly “What a good little kitty you are”, it had caused her to fall forward to press her face into the cushion and grind against his fingers.

When he had moved to hold her hips she KNEW he was going to take her, but the size of the cock that pushed into her made her yelp. She had turned to look at him, her eyes wide at the feeling of being filled.

Please be gentle with your kitty.”

His eyes had been dark, but he had smiled and eased slowly out of her.

Would Kitty like me to stop?”

She had said the words before her brain registered their meaning.

Oh god, no! I need to be fucked!”

He had chuckled and pushed in deep, making her whimper again at the pressure inside her. He took her slowly with long deep thrusts, and she had nearly swooned at FINALLY meeting someone who knew what he was doing with a woman! By the time he had started to speed up, she was a dripping, panting mess of tingles just waiting to explode. He had been talking to her quietly all the time.

Such a pretty kitty, that’s a good lil’ puss-cat.”

She had been lost in the feelings of being exactly what she wanted to be, and, as he had became more forceful, she pressed back against him to let him sink deep. When he growled and came inside her, she had lifted her hips and virtually dropped herself onto him, her own orgasm making her cry out in its intensity. They had fallen forward onto the cushion, his arms going around her to pull her against his chest, with the crazy thump of his heart sounding against her back as she had gasped in air through the warm glow. They had lay there for several minutes while his hands stroked her, until she had jumped at the sensation of catching herself falling asleep. She had floated back into her dress and through his soft kiss goodnight, and the whole of the taxi-ride back home had been a blur. Falling into bed after throwing her dress towards the laundry basket, she was asleep before the smile had fully formed on her lips. From that moment on she was his, and on the journey towards being the best kitty an Owner could wish for.



Kitty knew that when he arrived he might be a little annoyed at her. His instructions that morning were for her to play with herself in her new kitty outfit, film it for him, and then send it so he could enjoy her while he was having his breakfast. She had gotten SO worked up getting dressed and thinking about what she had to do that, before she knew it, she had ground her clit under her new paws in a shattering orgasm. Then she had promptly fallen asleep! His text that he would be “There in an hour” had woken her and started the butterflies in her tummy. She had not seen him angry with her before!

When the doorbell went, she quickly opened the door and slunk back to her cushion, trying to put her best sad kitty face on while her eyes watched him closely. She positioned herself as she knew he liked, stretched out and looking ready for play, but instead of his usual greeting he simply stood looking at her with a frown on his face. Kitty gulped when he spoke.

One simple task, to start my day off perfectly, and you let me down!”

He sighed, and held his hand up when she went to speak.

I am not interested in excuses, little cat, I am disappointed, and the best way for me to be UN-disappointed is to have some fun with you MY way!”

Kitty cringed when he reached into his pocket and withdrew her lead. She knew then that she was going to have to accept anything he decided to do with her. With a whimper, she crawled over and lifted her hair out of the way so he could attach it to her collar. He kept it tight as he guided her through to the dining room, using it to lift her from her knees so she stood at the end of the table.

With a grumbled “Wait there!”, he disappeared into the kitchen. Kitty could feel herself trembling as she listened to him open the fridge, mumble something that sounded like “Perfect”, and then walk back through to her. She didn’t see what he had in one of his hands, as the handcuffs dangling from the other had ALL of her attention. He stood behind her and tapped her feet apart with his shoe, until she was spread wide with each ankle touching a leg of the table. He then bent down, and, with a soft “click” at each ankle, the cuffs secured her in place.

As he stood, he slid his hand up the inside of her thigh and patted her pussy through the material of her lacy panties. Kitty jumped at the contact, but couldn’t help the warm feeling that started in her pelvis at being touched. She licked her lips and looked at him, causing him to smile.

That hot pussy is going to have to wait, lil’ puss-cat, I have something else in mind for you today.”

He took each of her arms and attached her wrists to the top of the table legs with the other cuffs, causing her to be bent at the waist, and leaning over onto the polished surface. Smiling at the effect, he started to undress. Kitty went wide-eyed when she saw how hard he was, as that always meant trouble. When he was naked, he swung up onto the table so that he could sit directly in front of her, his legs over the edge and his hard cock a few inches from her face. He brought over the “something” he had fetched from the kitchen, and Kitty knew then what he was going to do with her.

The carton of thick double cream opened easily, and he poured a small amount onto the tip of his cock. Putting the carton down, he wrapped his hands in her long, wavy hair and forced her head down, his voice taking on an edge.

Open wide, little Kitty!”

He pushed her mouth onto him, with his hands holding her head tightly. Kitty whimpered and spluttered at having him at the back of her throat.

She could taste the cream as well as his heat, and little tears started to run down her cheeks as he pumped her head up and down. Every time she gagged and mewled he lifted her gasping face up and poured more cream onto his cock, before pushing her back down onto him again. Kitty whimpered and wriggled, as she had never been used this way before, and, though she was scared at how deep he was making her take him, she could feel dampness on the inside of her panties. He was so big and hard she prayed he would come or fuck her very soon. Though she had often thought about rough sex, the reality was proving to be frightening but even hornier! He lifted her head up one more time, smiling at the way the cream was smeared around her mouth and down her chin.

I think I need to come in you, pretty Kitty, but not this way.”

Kitty arched her back and wriggled her hips as he slid off the table and walked behind her. She needed him in her pussy, and loved it when he came deep inside her. She yelped when he tore her panties off, and squealed when he tipped cream into the top of her ass, gravity taking it down between her cheeks and onto her pussy. The feel of the thick liquid was divine, and kitty moaned and purred as it dripped onto her. He growled quietly as his fingers moved in the cream and spread it around her pussy and ass, with Kitty heating up quickly at the thought of him eating it off her.

She felt him shift position, so she lifted onto her toes to offer her pussy at a better angle, and was surprised when she felt his cock rest against her left ass cheek. Surprise turned to concern when cream was poured and rubbed around the tight opening of her ass. He had never taken her like that, it was not something they had spoken about, so Kitty whipped her head around to look at him with eyes wide from shock.

You wouldn’t take Kitty like that, Sir, would you? Please, Sir, you are much too big. You know I can barely fit my tail in!”

He wrapped his hands in her hair again, pulling her back towards him with a grumble. His mouth was close to her ear.

If you had been wearing your tail, like a good Kitty should, I would not have been tempted. But now…”

Kitty tensed and whimpered as she felt his hard cock slip through the cream and rest against her small opening. She wriggled, hoping to dislodge him, and looked at him pleadingly.

Oh god, please Sir, I’ll be a good kitty for you, please you in lots of ways! I’m not sure I can take….”

Her voice turned into a long wail as he slid into her tight ass, the cream making it easy despite her clenching hard. Kitty felt herself filled in a new way as he went all the way in, her breath coming in gasps between the whimpers as he started to fuck her. He held her tightly, with one hand in her hair and the other gripping her small hip, pulling her back onto him in time to his thrusts. His mouth was still close to her ear, and she could hear him grunt at her tightness. Kitty gasped at him, asking him to please be gentle, she would be a good girl, she promised! His hard thrusts were making her grunt now, and, when his hand slid around her and rubbed against her clit, Kitty came immediately, shocked at its force. Her wriggles and moans tipped him over the edge, and, with a loud growl, he pushed into her hard. Kitty came again when she felt him swell and burst deep in her ass. She fell forward onto the table, her hips twitching, panting and mewling quietly as he slipped out of her with a sigh. She heard him chuckle, and then there was the unmistakable click and flash of a picture being taken. Kitty moaned and turned to look at him as he patted her ass cheek.

I have to go out for a while, so you can stay exactly like that until I come back. I may want you again.”

She sighed as he placed his phone onto the table next to her face. It showed her bent over and exposed, cream all over her pussy and ass, which still gaped from his rough use of her. It was a picture of a girl fucked hard and left to be ready for more. Her first thought was that her ass didn’t look big in the picture, and she grinned at that small victory!

She lay on the table, feeling herself actually blush at how much she had enjoyed him doing that to her. She had never imagined it could feel so good. The only other time it had been mentioned, by an ex, she had slapped him and told him there was no chance! When she had decided to be an owned kitty, she had been well aware that she was giving ALL of herself to her new owner, and the fact he took what he wanted from her made her twitch in a new way.

As a woman who felt she was totally in control of her life, the feeling of giving that all up and placing herself at the “mercy” of someone else seemed a crazy choice. She had to admit, however, it sparked a deeper yearning in her. She had thought about it long and hard. Did she have psychological damage? Was she weird? Was she a victim? Yet her conclusion had been that she simply didn’t care! Just THINKING about putting on her “Kitty Clothes” made her throb, as she knew that very soon she would be purring and wriggling in pleasure when her body responded to it immediately. She giggled and shook her head at her own wantonness. Here she was, bent over a table after being right royally fucked, with cold cream and semen running down the inside of her thighs and, despite the fact her ass was a little sore, her clit had started to throb again!

She was beginning to fidget, at being stuck in this position, when she heard the door open behind her and his unmistakable footsteps coming through the house. She twisted her head around and gave him a shy smile.

I was hoping you would come back soon, Sir, this little Kitty is starting to get cramp!”

He smiled and stooped to release first her ankles and then her wrists, before sweeping her up into his arms and carrying her through to the lounge. He dropped into a chair, and pulled her into a hug. Kitty wriggled to get comfortable, secretly grinning at the thought of spreading cream over what was undoubtedly a very expensive suit! He stroked her cheek, pushing back a few stray hairs, before lifting her chin up so he could see her.

I seem to remember you had a few days vacation coming, Kitty. How would you like to spend time with me at my home in the country?”

She grinned up at him, caught off-guard by the mention that he had another house, and that he wanted to spend extended time with her! She nuzzled into his neck with a soft purr.

I would love that, Sir. Are you sure you can put up with me for a few days?”

He chuckled, and stroked his hand along her thighs.

Who could not enjoy having a pretty Kitty to play with for a week? I think you will love the house. It is my retreat from the world, and the place I keep my own little collection of oddities. It will be perfect for me to indulge my pretty puss-cat for a while.”

Kitty felt her skin prickle at his touch, and, feeling very naughty, she let her thighs drop apart as she nibbled at his neck. She was pleased when she heard an intake of breath from him. She placed her paw on his hand, and guided it down between her legs until it rested on her slippery pussy. She purred and mewled into his neck, wriggling her hips under his hand.

This Kitty would love to be your plaything for a few days, Sir. Look how it has made her feel!”

She pressed his fingers into her soft folds, needing to be touched. She purred louder when his fingers slipped inside her, while the heel of his hand rubbed over her swollen clit. Her purr trailed off into a long breathless mewl. She rocked her pelvis under his hand, feeling herself getting hotter by the second, her hips and thighs starting to tremble. She couldn’t believe she was so close already! Kitty was lost in her pleasure when his other hand tilted her chin up so he could look at her again.

You are a BAD little Kitty. Would you like me to let you feel the tingles?”

His mouth was twitching with a smile. She looked at him through half-closed eyes and licked her lips.

Please, Sir, I was a good Kitty for you, and you make me wriggle so much. Let me come for you again?”

He had barely nodded his head when she gasped at the first rolling wave of her orgasm. It was deep inside her, one of those she called a “grunty cum” as it took her breath away and made her spasm. She shuddered in his arms until she leaned back with a whimpered laugh/sob and a whispered “Oh my god”. He laughed and gave her a squeeze, while she panted quietly and wondered what the hell was she turning into? She curled up into a ball on his lap with a contented purr, suddenly feeling very sleepy. She drifted off to the feel of his hand stroking her hair, thoughts of a week of pure bliss leaving a smile on her lips as she dozed.

He had left her with instructions to book the time off, and be ready for the travel directions for the following weekend. She made herself laugh out loud when she had a minor panic at trying to decide what she would wear. As her “Kitty Clothes” would be all that were required, what was the worry? She spent the next few days wondering what this place would be like, and what it would reveal about her somewhat mysterious owner! He had explained his father had left it to him, and that he indulged himself with collecting strange antiques from around the world to add to his “special” collection. He would not be drawn on WHAT those antiques were, just patting her cheek and telling her that she would hopefully find them fascinating AND fun! She had a small wobble at that; she hoped to god he wasn’t a secret nerd or a mad collector of obscure ancient artefacts! It would take the edge off him for her, and damn she loved that edge, not to mention his rather gorgeous big cock!

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