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Once Luc has escaped from London, he makes his way across the Atlantic to San Francisco. This new playground gives him everything he could possibly wish for, and starts him thinking about creating a family….

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Chain 2 cover         Chain 2 cover

Chapter one


Luc sat back in his chair and surveyed his new kingdom. He was pleased he had found the discipline to control his primal urges, and that was coming to fruition now. This new country had given him everything he could possibly desire; the pickings had been easy, and the warmer weather meant he could shed clothes when not out hunting.

The soft moans from the antechamber caught his attention, and, with a smile twitching on his lips, he rose to investigate. As he turned the corner to enter the large room they saw him immediately, the moans turning into whimpers of fear at why he may be there. Four of the five young women tied to the frames were heavily pregnant and hung there limply. It was the girl on the end who wasn’t that struggled the most. She knew she was the only one he would take his desires from, and that thought terrified her. It had taken her days to recover from his last attentions, and between tears she prayed he wasn’t coming for her now.

Luc smiled at the bulging stomachs that would provide not only his favourite meal, but also offspring to help his empire grow. Since his arrival, he had sired three that had been allowed to grow to maturity. The others had fed him well. This current crop of women would boost that number by at least two more, and the supply of suitable bodies seemed inexhaustible. The struggles of the one girl aroused him, so he turned and walked slowly towards her, his hand stroking his giant cock to full hardness.

She was screaming until the point where he stood close enough for his scent to make her more compliant. From that moment on, she tried everything she could to impale herself on him.


Arnie was trying his hardest to maintain his composure. The woman behind the desk of the rental company was starting to annoy the crap out of him with her cheerful unhelpfulness.

I am SO sorry, sir, (big beaming smile) but there HAS been a mix-up in your booking! The motorsickle, (how she pronounced it), that you have been allocated won’t be here until the day after tomorrow! We don’t have anything we can give you, (big beaming smile) unless you want to change to a car or truck?”

Arnie glanced over at Emily, the question rendered unnecessary by the large pout on her face. He turned back to the woman with gritted teeth.

So what are you going to do about spoiling our vacation? I have your confirmation letters here telling me all was ready, and now you are telling me it isn’t!”

The beaming smile changed to one of “Damn we have an awkward customer here” before she tapped again at her computer keyboard. She gave a quick glance over her shoulder towards her Managers office, who had conveniently disappeared, before turning to him with an apologetic cast to her face.

I will have a word with the Manager when they return from lunch.”

She tried not to notice Arnie’s glance at the clock; it was 10 am.

I’m sure they will come up with something. You are at the Four Seasons, so I shall get him to call you immediately he gets back!”

This was once again finished with a big, beaming smile. The tug on his arm steered Arnie away from killing the woman and out into the bright sunshine. Emily wrapped her arms around his neck and nuzzled his ear.

Take me back to the hotel, and fuck me instead!”

Arnie choked and hastily looked around in case she had been overheard. Her giggles did nothing to stop his discomfort. Damn, she could still make him feel like a naughty schoolboy. Emily looped her arm through his, and pulled him along the sidewalk in the direction of a coffee shop.

We’ll grab a couple to take back with us, and spend the rest of the day in naked debauchery!”

Arnie didn’t know whether to laugh or cry; this girl was going to kill him. After years of doing without, he was still coming to grips of being with a woman who liked sex as much, if not more, than he did. He looked at her lithe figure as she lead the way, a small shake of his head at how lucky he was to have met her.

They were polar opposites in so many ways, but it worked like a dream. She yanged when he yinned, and vice versa, and somehow they kept smiling and having fun. There were many times he had pinched himself to ensure it was all actually happening. And now, here they were in San Francisco at the start of a motorcycle odyssey down the Californian coast road. It had been nearly 20 years since he had ridden a bike, but her assurance of “How hard can it be?” had made him brave enough to agree to the trip. Looking at the size of the monsters lined up outside the rental office had shaken an already dodgy confidence. After collecting two coffee’s with unpronounceable names, he welcomed the cool of the air conditioning as he passed through the reception of their hotel. The Receptionist smiled almost knowingly at him as Emily hustled him towards the elevators; didn’t all tourists go back to their rooms and fuck the day away?

As Emily stripped her clothes off, he casually turned the TV on to see if he could find a music channel. The sombre face of a news anchor filling the screen made him pause and turn the sound up. The item being introduced as “Breaking News” concerned the discovery of a body washed up on the shore, a body that had apparently been partially eaten and showed signs of a terrible attack. He missed the rest of the item when Emily dropped to her knees in front of him and undid his pants.


Bill Hudson had the grim satisfaction that his caseload had just been reduced by one. The body that had been washed up was that of Susan Mullis, one of his missing persons, so at least he knew where she was.

He was just about to open her file to change its status when his phone rang. The voice of his Lieutenant growled down the receiver at him.

Hudson? Get that sorry ass of yours down to the morgue, it seems your misper may have turned into a homicide victim!”

Bill Hudson perked up immediately. Perhaps his boss had forgotten he had been confined to a desk? The next words shattered that illusion.

I don’t have anyone available right now to deal with this, so you’ll have to do. Get the information over to Bryant after you’ve finished, as he’ll be taking the case.”

Bill grunted into the phone and slammed the receiver down. Bryant? He couldn’t find his own ass let alone work a fucking murder investigation. He kicked his chair out of the way and stalked out of the office, the amused glances of his colleagues doing nothing to help his building temper.

He was still growling to himself as he pushed through the large doors of the City Morgue, even the silent solemnity of the building didn’t stem the muttered curses. He had been here too many times in his 20 years on the force for it to get to him, and his large frame was recognised by all he stomped past. He rumbled up to the autopsy rooms, glancing through the small windows until he found one with activity in. His arrival drew a nod from the man bent over the body.

I wondered who they would send. I had heard that you are flying a desk again after beating up a poor innocent. How did you escape?”

Bill Hudson ran a large hand over his face and glared at the Chief Pathologist.

Fuck you, Bernie.”

The raised eyebrow on Bernie Walls face showed he was used to such pleasantries, and he simply shrugged and continued to cut. What had come in as a suspected drowning was turning into something else completely. He ignored the impatient huffs from the big policeman hovering over his shoulder, and carefully eased aside the torn layers of skin around poor Susan’s pelvis. He saw what he suspected immediately, and turned to look at Bill Hudson.

This girl was murdered, Bill, and not in a very nice way. Someone virtually gutted her, and, my guess is, she was alive when they did it. Do we know anything about next of kin; a husband or boyfriend?”

Bill did a mental run-through of her file.

She has a boyfriend, it was him that reported her missing. He has probably been informed we have found her by now. Why do you ask?”

Bernie Walls pointed into the hollow of Susan Hollis’s abdomen.

This poor girl had been heavily pregnant, and it looks like someone ripped out her baby.”

He sighed deeply.

One can only hope they didn’t kill it in the process. I guess it falls to you to be breaking the bad news?”

Bill shrugged and pointed at the gaping wounds on the girl’s thighs.

What about those?”

The Chief Pathologist leaned down to take a closer look. He poked along the edges of the ragged tears, tutting and mumbling to himself before standing straight again.

Unless we have a breed of shark in the water out there I don’t know about, my guess would be some kind of large cat or something; maybe a bear. There are definite fang marks, large ones, at regular intervals, as well as smaller marks from other teeth. A shark rips more, these are direct bites. The animal that did this took several big mouthfuls.”

Bill Hudson leaned back against the autopsy table behind him and sighed deeply.

Fucking great. So not only do we have someone who is stealing babies by ripping their mothers open, they also feed them to fucking wild animals afterwards. Can you tell me any other good news?”

Bernie Walls looked up again from examining the girl’s wrists.

She has been bound, and for what looks like a considerable time given the amount of bruising and skin damage. This girl struggled a lot!”

He shook his head as he stroked a stray hair from out of Susan’s open eyes.

I’ll know a lot more when I’ve done a full autopsy, but this poor girl died hard, Bill, so I hope you nail the bastard!”

Bill Hudson shook his head and grimaced.

This isn’t going to be my case, Bernie, I have to pass it over to that moron Bryant.”

Bernie Walls slammed his fist down onto the steel table.

For the love of god! That man is a total incompetent, how the fuck did he get put on this? I’m going to have a word with your Lieutenant, Bill, this needs a real homicide cop working it, not some retarded political climber like Bryant.”

Bill Hudson stepped forward and wrapped a shocked Bernie Walls in a bear hug.

You do that for me, and I’ll keep you in scotch for the rest of the year!”

Bernie Walls disentangled himself and took a deep breath. His ribs felt bruised.

That will be lovely, Bill, but just promise me you won’t hug me again, okay?”

Bill Hudson threw a mock punch and turned on his heel. His mood had lifted considerably despite the horror on the mortuary table. He knew that Bernie Walls had a lot of clout in the department, so a word from him could get him reinstated. As he walked cheerfully along the corridor, he spotted a familiar figure coming towards him. Shit. Greg Palter was Susan’s boyfriend, and the man recognised Bill at the same time. He stood in front of the policeman and stared at him with red-rimmed eyes.

I, err, don’t suppose there is a chance that it’s not Susan is there?”

Bill put a large arm around the younger mans shoulders and led him across to a bench against the wall. Once they were seated, he turned to face him.

I’m sorry, Greg, I wish I had better news for you.”

He paused when the man gave a sob and put his face in his hands. At a loss at what else to do, Bill rubbed the man’s shoulders in condolence.

I’m afraid I have more bad news for you. You have lost the baby as well.”

He felt the stiffening in Greg’s posture before the young man looked at him strangely.

What fucking baby?”

The rest of the day became awfully weird for Bill Hudson as more and more surprises were unfolded. Not even the news he was now officially back in Homicide made a great deal of difference; he was beginning to wish he hadn’t got out of bed that day. He stood and looked out over his city as the sun set. Just what the fuck was going on out there?


Cecilia Cordoba, Sissy to her friends, shrugged down her skirt and arched an eyebrow at the man lying naked on the bed.

I hope you don’t forget your promise to mention me to Ramsay Critch at your next meeting?”

Bobby Vega, the recipient of the curt comment, ran a tanned hand over his slight paunch.

Ram is a very busy man, Sissy, but I will see what I can do when our schedules overlap.”

Cecilia paused in the act of applying fresh lip-gloss. Her pale blue eyes glittered down at the man she had just fucked. As Chief Editor, he was one step down from the Managing Director of her newspaper, the busy Ram Critch, and she needed him as a stepping-stone. She had no qualms in using her charms to get what she wanted. She stepped closer to the bed to lean over her boss.

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, that was not the deal here. You have been trying to get into my panties for the last 6 months, everyone knows it, and now its time to deliver.”

She reached out a slim hand and lifted his now-flaccid cock, rubbing her thumb through the remains of their combined juices.

Your wife knows you are the biggest Pussy-Hound at the paper, and my understanding is that if you get caught ONE more time she will ruin you, yes?”

Bobby Vega grumbled under his breath despite the fact she was making him hard again.

You really are a cold bitch, aren’t you, Sissy?”

Cecilia pouted and lowered her head, watching his face as her full lips came within an inch of his twitching cock.

I was hot enough for you a short while ago, Bobby?”

Her tongue flicked out to tickle his glans, the resulting intake of breath just what she wanted.

And if you want to do this again, you will help me as agreed.”

Bobby watched her beautiful face through half-closed eyes, willing her to suck on him again.

Okay already, I’ll speak to him on Wednesday. Now just be a good girl and…”

Cecilia stood up after patting his rock-hard cock affectionately.

That’s what I wanted to hear.”

She smiled sweetly at his angry face.

Now, I have to go, as I have the sniff of a story!”

Bobby Vega muttered some very unflattering comments.

Cecilia hailed a cab to take her back to her apartment. She needed to shower his stink off before she went after this new lead. She ignored the glances from the driver in his rear-view mirror as her sharp mind processed the information she had received.

Her “source” was quite senior in the Police Department. She sighed, knowing he would expect to fuck her again for this, and his note had told her to look into the case of the body washed up a few days ago. Initial enquiries hadn’t revealed anything special, but, if he thought there was more, it was worth following up. She paid the driver, after politely declining his offer of a drink later, and took the stairs to her third floor apartment. The Condo was in one of the better areas of the city, no more than she deserved, and it served her well as a base of operations.

Since coming to San Francisco from rural Montana, she had steadily climbed her way through the ranks at various newspapers. If she was honest, she knew her looks and pussy had helped a great deal, but she had the brains to back them up. She also had very few morals. Her appointment as a staff features Reporter at “Expose!” magazine had come at the cost of a threesome with Ram Critch and one of his cronies over a year ago, and she was damn sure she would make the best of that. The magazine suited her hard-nosed approach to “news”, most of it was salacious slander that kept their lawyers very busy, and it enabled her to sharpen her investigative skills.

She stripped off her clothes and stood under the hot flow of water in her shower, pleased finally to wash away the overpowering smell of Bobby Vega’s cologne. He was coming to the end of his usefulness to her, so she would keep him on edge until it was time to ditch him. Stepping out of the cubicle, she stood in front of the long mirror and appraised herself. At least Bobby hadn’t marked her, and was pleased at what she saw.

At 5’ 10” tall she was striking. Her naturally blonde hair fell in soft waves over her shoulders and settled nicely on her full pert breasts, the slim waist flaring to small hips and VERY long legs. She had developed early, and soon found the local boys to be “accommodating” if she allowed them to explore her budding sexuality. It didn’t take her long to realise that older men were interested in her too, and, with care, she selected those that could give her what she wanted. At the age of 21 she had packed her designer bags, and left the small town in her recently gifted new sports car and made for the West Coast.

Even in San Francisco she had attracted attention, and before long her latest “Sugar Daddy” had set her up in a place of her own. She KNEW how to work men, offering just enough to get what was desired, then granting them the pleasure of her when they delivered more. It had worked well so far. Now, at 25, she considered herself at her prime. One good story would make her in this town, and no one would get in her way.

Feeling refreshed, and eager to see where this lead would take her, she hopped a cab to take her down-town. The note had said to fish around the Morgue, so she figured that she would not encounter too many problems getting past any officials. Her best smile was fully loaded and licensed to kill. No problem.


The briefing room was packed with an assortment of San Francisco’s finest, the laughter and good natured banter belying the reason for them being there.

Bill Hudson had greeted the cheer and friendly abuse at his arrival with his usual “Fuck You’s” to the room. Most were pleased to have him back on the team, only Bryant showing his distaste for the big cop. The room subsided into silence as the Lieutenant moved to stand next to the incident board. His face was sombre.

Okay, you all know why we are here, and, if you don’t, you shouldn’t be in this fucking room!”

There was some quiet chuckling before he continued.

Earlier this week, a body was washed up on the beach at Mussel Rock Park.”

He tapped the map behind him.

And, at first glance, it looked like a straightforward drowning. After further forensic examination, it is quite obviously something else. You all know Dr Walls, so he will fill you in on the details.”

The Lieutenant stepped aside to let Bernie Walls take centre stage. The Coroner lifted a large sheet of paper away from the board behind him to reveal a selection of gruesome photos.

Copies of these will be distributed after the briefing, so for now I suggest you just take notes. Susan Mullis, Caucasian female aged 23 years, found at the weekend by dog walkers at Mussel Rock. Initial findings suggested drowning and damage to the body by marine animals, however, all is not what it seems.”

He turned and pointed to three large photos showing the damage around the stomach and hips.

The poor girl had been heavily pregnant, and someone had removed the baby in rather a clumsy way by simply slicing her open. She had been alive when this was done, and no attempt was made to repair the damage. What also came to my attention were these…”

He pointed to another set of photos.

You will notice that these are bite marks. At first, the usual suspects of sharks were considered, however I am now convinced a large land-based carnivore made them. My educated guess would be a bear, or possibly one of the big cats, as they are inconsistent with the bite pattern of a shark. I have technicians attempting to reproduce the tooth impressions so I will have more idea, but for now you have enough to go on. This girl was missing for over a month, and indications are..”

He tapped the photos of her wrists.

That she was kept somewhere for a while before being killed. Wherever that is will have traces of her all over it, as she bled out as a result of her hasty surgery. I would be very grateful to you gentlemen if you caught this sick fuck!”

There were mumbles of agreement as he stepped aside and Bill Hudson lumbered to the front of the room. He stood looking at the pictures for a few seconds, then fixed them all with a steely glare.

There is a lot about this that doesn’t make sense. Her boyfriend is adamant that she was not pregnant when he last saw her a few days before she disappeared. Make of that what you will, but the evidence is there. I have been cross-referencing missing persons that match Susan’s profile, and, god help us, there are more women exactly like her that have vanished within the last few months. Is it a huge coincidence? I’m not sure, but I have a gut feeling there is a link somewhere. They are all too similar! I will be taking lead on this angle, while each of you will be given group tasks to co-ordinate a search of likely places this girl was kept. I know there are millions of fucking places out there, but, without anything else to go on, it’s a start.”

There was a collective silence when he resumed his seat. The Lieutenant barked out names and assignments, and the room slowly began to empty as each of them started the grim tasks. Finally, just Bill and Bernie Walls remained, both of them quiet as they looked at the wall of photos. With an almost telepathic link they looked at each other and nodded. Game on.




Cecilia checked her appearance in the reflection from the glass door, and undid another button on her shirt. Cleavage always helped, even in a place like the Morgue. The click of her heels echoed through the sterile corridors as she made her way deeper into the building, her surprise growing that she could get so far without being challenged. The signs pointed towards “Autopsy”, so she figured it would be as good a place as any to start.

The smell in the building changed as she approached a large set of doors, her nose wrinkling at the pungent odour mixed with what could only be chemicals. She was a few feet away from the doors when they swung open towards her, and a young man in clinical whites nearly bumped into her. His eyes travelled all the way up her body before they found hers.

Oh, I’m sorry! Can I help you, Miss?”

Cecilia stepped closer to him, pleased to see him swallow.

I hope so. I’m told my poor sister is in here, are you the Pathologist?”

The young man coloured at being mistaken for someone so important, and his chest puffed slightly.

No, I’m, err, an intern here. Are you here for Susan Hollis?”

Now she had a name, Cecilia could really go to town.

She gave a little sob and stepped even closer, her hand resting lightly on his chest, her now-tear-filled eyes holding his.

Yes, poor Susan doesn’t have anyone else. I can’t believe she has gone, and no one will tell me what happened to her!”

She took a deep shuddering breath, causing his eyes to drop immediately to the soft tanned swell of her breasts. The young man swallowed hard again, struggling to keep his composure. When Cecilia melted against him, a poor woman in need of support, and his first thought was of whether his erection was noticeable. It was, and Cecilia made a point of letting her hips press against him. Her perfumed head rested on his shoulder, and she breathed quietly into his ear.

No one will tell me anything. Do you know what happened to her? I would be very grateful just to know how my poor little sister died!”

She could feel him twitch against her, and knew he was close to breaking. She sighed again and moved her hips slightly. The young man couldn’t help himself. He stepped back and lifted the clipboard he held in his hand.

The report is here somewhere, but it won’t be nice to read!”

Cecilia reached out and took it from him, her fingers already flipping through the pages.

I’ll be brave.”

In the taxi on the way back to her office Cecilia felt elated. There was more to this story, and she would have the scoop on it. The girl had died horribly, she shuddered at what the report told her, and, in her mind, that made it newsworthy. The faint whiff of something familiar caught her attention, and she looked down at the front of her skirt. There was a small damp patch. She threw back her head and laughed aloud; that poor boy had cum in his pants.

She bustled through the office, ignoring the leers and smiles of the men, her focus on her Editors office. Without knocking, she walked across and dropped into the chair opposite his desk. When he raised an enquiring eyebrow at her she gave him her best smile.

I have a story you will just love!”


Arnie was almost incandescent at the news there would be another delay with their bike. Emily had gone to the rental office on her own, to avoid a repeat of the previous day, and even she was now annoyed.

I know honey, it is not good. They have agreed to pick up the tab for our stay here, and have promised it will be there for us tomorrow. We will have a lovely dinner at their expense, and a nice evening getting snuggled and raiding the mini bar!”

Arnie flopped onto the bed with a grumble.

He was eager to get started now, and another night in this room with a rampant Emily scared the crap out of him. She was turning into a nymphomaniac, and, the more she drank, the worse it got. His cock was still sore from earlier in the day, she loved morning sex, and he could see from the look on her face she was already contemplating more. It was extremely flattering, but fucking tiring, that she wanted him so much, but damn a man needed a break! He groaned and looked up at her, hoping to find some sympathy.

My darling, you are wearing “Little Arnie” out. Dinner sounds lovely, and I could do with a drink, but can we just have a quiet night, please?”

Emily loved it when he used her nickname for his cock, and giggled as she crawled towards him.

Is my favourite little man all battered and bruised? I could kiss him better?”

Arnie threw a pillow at the laughing girl.

You are incorrigible! Now, be good, and put the TV on. I would like to catch the news.”

Emily pouted and reached for the remote, secretly feeling very pleased with herself.

As my Lord commands!”

She snuggled down beside him as the news Anchor smiled at some innocuous joke made by the weather girl, her slot just completed. His hand went up to his ear, and he tilted his head before looking up at the camera with a serious face.

We are getting a report about breaking news concerning a murder in the city.”

There was another tilt of his head and a pause.

It seems we are going live to the offices of “Exposed” magazine!”

The screen flickered, and the earnest face of James Bull, the caption said Crime Reporter, filled the screen.

I am live here at the headquarters of one of San Francisco’s most talked about magazines. Their reporter, Cecilia Cordoba, has uncovered the grim news concerning what seemed like a routine drowning!”

The camera moved slightly to his left to bring Cecilia into shot.

What can you tell us, Cecilia?”

Sissy smiled her most beautiful smile before turning to fully face the camera.

Well, James, it seems that it has been kept secret that we have a murderer in our midst! Susan Hollis’s body was found at Mussel Rock a few days ago, and, despite initial reports, she appears to have been killed by a very sadistic monster!”

She paused and shook her head, her blond waves catching the light as she lowered her tone dramatically. She knew she had the camera right where she wanted it, and made full use of this moment to make her statement.

The poor girl had been kept captive for nearly a month, before her killer tore her unborn child from her womb and fed her to some animals! According to the Pathologist report, made available to me earlier today, her partially-eaten body was then cast into the sea like so much garbage!”

The camera switched back to a shocked James Bull as he returned the viewers to the studio.

Emily and Arnie didn’t hear the rest of the bulletin. They sat looking at each other in complete horror. It couldn’t be, could it?

When the camera was off, Cecilia took the plaudits from those around her with as much grace as she could muster. Her editor smiled and winked. Yes, he would get the ride of his life tonight as it had been all his idea. Rather than wait for the next edition, he had called a buddy at Channel 15 and set up the outside broadcast. Now, Cecilia was a face on TV! She knew the camera loved her, and she hoped that some of the bigger stations would pick up the report and air it too. This was far better than newspapers; if she played this right, she could soon find herself on national networks.

Bill Hudson broke his new TV set when he launched his coffee cup at it with a roar. How the fuck did that get leaked out? He was still growling as he pulled his jacket on and headed for the door; someone was going to feel his wrath tonight! His cell phone beeped as he pounded down the stairs, a glance at the caller ID told him all he needed as he answered. He waited until he was in the underground garage and heading for his car before he answered the persistent caller.

Yes, I’ve just fucking seen it! Who the fuck told the fucking press? Yes, Lieutenant, I’m on my way to that fucking magazine now. That good looking, blonde piece of ass will be at the station in cuffs in the next hour!”

He didn’t wait to hear a reply, his fingers already fumbling with the keys to his car in the urgency to get that bitch to explain herself! The squeal of his tyres as he left the car park made passers-bye jump when he barreled out onto the street with lights flashing. He shouted and cursed for the complete journey downtown, motorists who were unfortunate to be on the same streets looking bewildered as a madman in an unmarked car screamed at them to get out of the way. He slid the car to a halt at the foot of the steps leading to the magazines HQ, his badge stalling a doorman in the process of complaining, the frightened receptionist telling him where Cecilia Cordoba could be found.

His target was just taking the first sip of Champagne in the Editors office, as she had figured she would need a couple to let this idiot fuck her, when the door nearly blew off its hinges. The big man towering over her made her squeak in fear.


Emily paced the room, not knowing what else to do, while Arnie sat shell-shocked on the end of the bed. She turned to face him, her arms held wide in an attempt to placate him.

We don’t know for sure, right? It could just be a coincidence? We need more facts before we can jump to any conclusions, honey, perhaps we can ask someone?”

Arnie ran a hand through his hair and shrugged dejectedly.

I have a feeling it is him, Emily, they never caught him, did they? Britain would have been too hot for him, so it makes sense he would move to find other places to…hunt…and stuff.”

Emily sighed and crouched down in front of him, her hands stroking his knees.

Lets not get worked up about it until we know all the facts baby, okay? First thing in the morning, we will go and talk to the Police, and I’m sure we will find it is just a coincidence!”

Arnie sighed and helped her to sit in his lap. He held her tightly as he tried to shut off the images of that creature, and what he had seen before. Their blossoming relationship had pushed all that stuff into the farthest corners of his mind, but now it was all coming flooding back. The faces of those the creature had killed swam in front of his minds-eye; Dorothy, the Policemen, and he remembered things that no one should have to know. He stood, with Emily in his arms, and started to rock her as though she were a small child, in his mind keeping her safe from the horror that had followed them here. He didn’t know that it was in fact the other way around, they had followed him, but the thought they were in the same city as that creature again made him feel sick. Emily could feel the tension again, and she clung tightly to him. It had taken a while to stop his nightmares, many times he had woken screaming, and she was worried that he would start again. She loved him dearly, and she knew that he was a brave man at heart, but, what they had been a part of, was something from a horror movie. It had tainted them.

Luc was unaware of what was going on above him in the city; his focus was on a more pressing problem. His offspring had almost fully grown, and each of them was almost a perfect replica of him. The problem was that they also had his appetites. The three of them crouched on the far side of the underground room, shifting restlessly and displaying erections equally as impressive as his. They had needs, and dare not touch his property, but the smells of the women in the other room were making them hunger. It would not be long before that hunger might make one of them challenge his authority, and he did not want that.

He made a quick decision, and, with a growl to keep them away, he walked through to the women. The four carrying spawn were close to full term, while the other was practically broken from his hungers. He could spare her. He crossed to her quickly, the girl barely whimpering as he released her binds and threw her over his shoulder. His three sons straightened and flashed their teeth when he approached them with the girl, their cocks swelling larger as their noses caught her scent. The girl had barely hit the floor before the first was on her, guiding his cock into her with a low growl, her scream making the others join in quickly. She was dead long before all three of them were satisfied.

Luc sat and watched as they squabbled over the tastiest bits of her corpse, each one taking large bites from the softest places until what was left was unrecognisable as human. Finally sated, the offspring stretched out with satisfied grunts and fell quickly asleep. That was the problem dealt with for now, but Luc knew it would soon rear its head again, so a new hunting strategy would be needed.

He would have to be more careful and teach them how to keep the meat alive for longer. That way they would have more use from them, without increasing their exposure by hunting too frequently.

He lay back and stared at the vaulted roof of their hideaway. This country had lots of prey that appealed to him, so he was determined to stay here for as long as he could. He glanced at the offspring; with care he could turn them into a very formidable pack, and they could have all that they needed.


Despite her protestations about the freedom of the press, Cecilia found herself placed in a holding cell while Bill Hudson decided what to do with her. It was only after the big, scary cop had put her in the back of his car that she had found her voice. From that moment on, she had told him exactly what she thought of him. She was quite impressed that he hadn’t even batted an eyelid when she started on his obvious inferiority complex; most men she knew bridled and bit back. She was calmly checking that her nails were intact when she became aware she was being watched. Lifting her head, she found the big cop looking at her through the surrounding mesh. He appeared to be a lot calmer now.

Have you come to apologise and release me?”

Bill smiled back, shaking his head slowly.

Once I have figured out what to charge you with, I will hand you over for processing. They tend to take a few hours, and you’ll get to wear a lovely outfit supplied by the city. Your nails will, I am afraid, clash terribly with the colour.”

Cecilia tried a different tactic. She let her face fall, and covered her face with her hands as she started to sob quietly.

Why are you doing this to me? All I did was tell people what they have a right to know, you hid things from them!”

Bill Hudson was unmoved.

Don’t you realise the damage you have done? Not only could you have raised panic, but also told whoever did this that we are on to them. For all they knew, the whole thing had been classed as a drowning. Now they know we are looking for a murderer. By keeping it quiet, it bought us a few days to try to figure out who or what did this. Your search for fame and glory fucked that up for us!”

Cecilia peeked between her fingers. He looked calm, but his voice still had an edge of anger. More deflection was needed.

I didn’t mean to do that! It was all my Editors fault! I would have put it in next month’s edition, but he wanted it out there immediately!”

The sounds of a slow hand-clap made her peek again through her fingers. Bill Hudson stood there with an ironic smile on his face.

Lady, I have seen some actors in my time, but I have to say you are very good!”

Cecilia dropped her hands to her lap and smiled sweetly at him.

You liked that?”

She watched as the Cops eyes moved over her. Usually she could see the lust in men when they did that, but this one was different. He appraised her without emotion, almost with admiration, but not quite. He would be a fuck to play poker with. She crossed one long leg over the other and appraised him back.

How old are you, Detective? 50, 55? You have gone to seed. Look at your waistline! Too many beer and pasta nights there, Mister, and not enough exercise. Don’t they have minimum fitness standards any more?”

Once again he didn’t rise to the bait, instead, he just smiled and walked away. She decided she didn’t like him. Any man that was impervious to her charms was either gay or weird, and he didn’t look gay. Happy that he was weird, Cecilia hoped that someone else would come and talk with her, that way she could be home and out of this awful place. The upside to all this was that she hadn’t had to have sex with her Editor, so, all things being equal, it could have been worse!

An hour later Bill Hudson reappeared and released her. He growled something about her not leaving town, but she was already walking down the corridor thinking about her shower. He watched her stride away confidently, totally oblivious to the looks from every Cop she passed. Turning on his heel, he whistled under his breath; she was trouble, with a capital “T”! He also had a nasty feeling that this woman was going to cause him more problems before this case was closed. Just what he fucking needed.

The offspring moved silently through the disused sewer pipe towards its concealed opening. It brought them out just South of Mussel Rock, and only a short distance from the beach-side bars, clubs and restaurants that fronted the shoreline. It had proven to be a perfect location, as stray food often wandered onto the beach, and, with their speed, they could snatch and be invisible in a matter of seconds. Tonight their hunt had a different feel, and all three of them were tense and edgy. They were looking for meat to keep for other hungers, and all of them had the fire burning deep inside. They hissed and snarled at each other, but their instincts made them move as a coherent unit when they came out into the moonlight. Following the low line of dunes between them and the sound of civilisation, they split up and moved into position. One of them would be watching the road that ran North to South along the front, with another watching the beach behind them so they were not taken by surprise. The third would be the one that would be the closest to the meat, and the one who would initiate a hunt. It was still relatively early, but they had infinite patience. Now they had tasted what pleasures could be had from the meat, they knew it was important that they were successful tonight. A rash move by any of them could mean a wasted night, or, even worse, detection.

They had been motionless for nearly two hours when the perfect opportunity presented itself. Two female meat had wandered across the road and were heading down to the beach. Both were young, and, by the way they were singing loudly, they would be oblivious to the offspring closing in. The team let them pass and moved behind them, cutting off their escape route back to civilisation.

The lead offspring grunted quietly, and the other two kept low as they moved with lightening speed to flank the two girls. Now they were in the net.

Rebecca and Joliet were celebrating the first anniversary of their medical course; one year down, two to go! The Tequila had gone down fast and easy, and a late night swim seemed like a fucking good idea! Rebecca stooped to take her shoes off, there was a swirl of wind, and Joliet just disappeared. Before she could even call out for her friend, something hit her hard, a pain in her shoulder flared, and the world went black. There had been no noise other than the movement of the air.


Arnie woke with a start, the soaking sheets clinging to him like a shroud. The dream had come again, the one with the creature launching himself at the car, Emily screaming in pain, huge fangs snapping in the air around him, and blood. The blood was everywhere. He took a deep breath, and looked down at the sleeping Emily beside him. She was the one who had been hurt, but he kept having the nightmares. He rose from the bed wearily and crossed into the bathroom. The water in the sink was cold as he dunked his head, the shivers from the sensation replacing those of the dream. The face that looked back at him in the mirror looked old and haggard, and he sighed deeply before returning to the bedroom. Emily was propped up on the pillows, her concern written large across her face.

Bad dreams again? Listen, we will go and talk with the Cops tomorrow, and, when it all turns out to be a coincidence, you will feel a lot better.”

Arnie smiled and stretched out next to her, moving to put his head in her lap. Her cool fingers stroked across his brow, and he could feel the tension draining from him slowly.

I’m sure you are right, honey, I guess it was the similarities that shook me. We both went through an awful time, but you are stronger than me in many ways.”

Emily tutted and turned his face up towards her.

You are a lot tougher than you think! I have damn near fucked you to death over the last couple of days, but you’ve still come back for more.”

Arnie scowled at her impish smile.

Did I have any choice?”

Emily shook her head slowly, and reached down to take a gentle hold of his cock. The groan from him made her laugh out loud.


Luc watched as his three offspring danced excitedly around the two prone girls. They had done well, better than he had expected, and, despite their obvious hunger for pleasure, they had not broken the meat before bringing it back to the lair. All three of them sported huge erections, but they kept a wary eye on Luc awaiting permission. He crossed to the group and stood looking down at their prizes. Both were young and seemed in good health, and, if he limited the amount of attention his offspring gave them, could last a while. The best way he could think of, and one which would teach his brood how not to kill their pleasure, was to demonstrate how himself.

He leaned down and picked up one of the unconscious girls and carried her towards the anti-room, his offspring following very closely behind with curious expressions. He placed the girl face down over three stacked wooden pallets, ripping at her clothes to make strips of material that would bind her in place. Once satisfied she was secured, he removed what was left of her underwear. The offspring growled and shuffled excitedly at her naked form, but Luc shook his head and pointed towards the other girl. They understood immediately, and raced across to bring her to join the other. He watched as they copied exactly what he had done, their faces turned to him to ensure he was happy. He rumbled quietly and nodded in approval, the three of them hissing and growling at his praise.

Though he preferred his pleasure to be awake when he enjoyed them, Luc positioned himself behind the closest girl, his hand not needed to arouse himself as his nostrils flared at her scent. The brood watched intently as he lifted her hips slightly and slid deep into her. Rebecca moaned and arched, the pain of being filled rousing her from her stupor. She had no idea what was going on, but her mind was telling her to let it happen, make it happen, and she frantically twitched her hips against whatever was inside her. She was grunting and yelping at each of the thrusts with her eyes screwed tight shut, which was probably what kept her sane this first time.

Luc used the girl to milk him, his growl signalling to the brood he was done. They crowded close, erections solid and twitching, each of them keen to follow his lead. He stepped back and pointed to the closest two. Nothing else was needed to be said.

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