If you are reading this, I would hope that you are an Indy with the same dreams that I have. Those dreams have become increasingly difficult to realise due to the factors being imposed by the current system. This concept being developed will, I believe, give us ALL an alternative that works in OUR favour. While I cannot give details of the machinations taking place to make it happen, what I CAN do is share with you the vision of a future home for us scribblers.

Where it will be:

A platform not unlike the FaceBook of today, but the ONLY pages on there will be authors. Each author that registers at no cost (with certain criteria that will be explained later) has their own page which will act as their blog, website, their store, and their place of interaction with readers and fellow authors. They will be able to showcase their work, have access to print-on-demand services, Editing services, and direct links to their own store. Non-authors will be able to sign up for a browser account to access the whole site, with search facilities to find their favourite author and genre.

What will an Author get?:

A home unlike any other. The freedom to post content and pictures (obviously subject to indecency laws) to truly show their work. There will be a linked store, from where they will be able to sell both e-book and paperback versions of their books (plus other goodies they may wish to include) yet retaining around 90-95% of the income generated. The store will have a low monthly cost, and will be a dedicated e-commerce platform purely for members of the network. It can be customised to suit an individuals tastes and presentation, plus have in-built links to other social media (FB, Twitter etc.) for marketing purposes. Their page will have the ability to show reviews from every reader regardless of their link to an author PROVIDED they have proof of purchase. No more selective censorship. As with all reviews, they will not be able to be tampered with! In off-page Admin there will be links to print-on-demand, editing, proof-reading and marketing services.

What will be expected from a Member Author?:

To become a member you will have work that is ready to be published, or completed ready to market. Evidence WILL be required upon joining. The feedback from you guys is that you want your work to be appreciated AND earn you a living, so certain standards will be expected to ensure visitors get quality work. If a trend appears on a page that work is going out ill-prepared or shoddily edited, then it will be suspended until that is dealt with. It is not a Big Brother scenario, but a self-policing policy that will give credibility to EVERYONE on the site. If we want to be taken seriously, then we have to give our readers seriously well prepared product. Authors will be asked to review ONE book every month/two months for other members. We all know why that is important, and, once again, maintains the integrity of the whole site. This is designed as a community of independent but supported authors, a “family” setting, where everyone can ply their trade in an environment dedicated to what we do. There will be an internal mailing/messaging service between members, and, if agreed, the ability to directly interact with readers/visitors on your page. How much you involve yourselves in that will be up to you.

What can you expect from the site?:

No fees. No cut of commissions. No censorship of reviews. It will be free for you to use. The store WILL have a small hosting cost, but aimed at being more than affordable to even the poorest amongst us…we all have to start somewhere! The store will also take a small admin commission of between 4-6% on goods sold (currently being negotiated) but given what we are used to receiving this is negligible! The services offered through the admin will be at your own cost, but, once again, we are aiming at preferential rates for Members, and the site has no stake in those.

We are aiming at making this the complete package for Indy authors, so, if you have questions or wish to become involved then please let us know using the form below. It will happen if YOU want it, so help us make the dream a reality. Please share the link with fellow authors and friends, as the sooner the word is out the sooner we ALL start benefiting from our work the way we should.

Thank you all.

Douglas Vaughan


Poetry, prose, novels and darker thoughts!

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