Greetings My lovely crazies!

Another year draws to a close, and, for Me, it has been one of transition and development. Once again, I have been blessed by those who have come into My world; The lovely Ivy taking on the role of My PA, the gathering of loyal followers too many to mention, and last but not least that special someone in My life. I can honestly say that this old Scribe is in a GOOD place as the year changes.

My focus for the coming months will be on the poetry. The #FridayFrolics have proved a hit and brought new faces and like-minded souls closer, with the superb hashtag community providing prompts weekly that allow Me to give free rein to expression. I urge you ALL to take note of these poetry supporters, and give them lots of love in 2016. You already have the “White Book” (Conversations With The Heart) and that will be joined very quickly by the “Black Book” (Musings Of A Darker Mind) in January and the “Red Book” (Unashamed Emotions) ready for February and Valentines Day. Watch for details, as I know that many of you have been waiting for that! There will be the conclusion of the Reborn Saga (DL needs to take a holiday) PLUS the starting of a completely new series with a definite horror feel. The main character is taking shape nicely, and will be one evil little bitch *chuckles* so¬†fun to write! She has a working name of Belladonna; you can figure out that she is pure poison.

I look forward to talking with you a great deal more in 2016, as it has been decided that old Scribe needs to be more “visible” and “accessible” to My readers. God help you. All that remains is for Me to wish you all a safe and happy New Year, and that 2016 proves to be THE year when all that you hope and desire is within reach.

I shall leave you with a little something to hopefully spur you on.


Scribe xxx