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Fallen Angel charts the exploration of an unseen world by Nicole Cannock, an average working mum, who has discovered that her liking for more “alternative” sexual practices leaves her feeling unfulfilled. Having dabbled for a brief period in the past, she decides one quiet evening to see if there was something more… and that brings her to Der Unterworld, a chat-site that caters for the BDSM and alternative lifestyles.
After establishing herself as an obedient “submissive”, she draws the attention of DL, an enigmatic character that inspires fear within those chat rooms, yet that element of danger is irresistible for her. Despite warnings from the other women she allows herself to be pulled into his world, a world of dark desires, until the time comes where she has to meet him in person.
That first meeting opens something deep inside her…a longing and release of primal urges, and so begins a journey into a twilight world of sexual submission and control. He claims her for his own, a gesture that is stronger than marriage in that world, and he slowly begins to test her to the very limits of her imagination.
It was the last place she expected to find love, however, the complex feelings that intense eroticism creates within both of them leads them down a path that cannot be denied. Nicole’s increasing frustration at the way DL keeps her at arm’s length, and his inability to express his feelings causes a rift that nearly becomes final; however, his growing realisation at how important she was to him makes him orchestrate a way for them to be together. Using his immense power and influence in the shadowy world he has created, he brings her back to his side in the amazing setting of a Grand Ball.

Sample Chapters:

Fallen Angel

Nicole’s Journey

Douglas Vaughan

Copyright © 2005 Douglas Vaughan

All rights reserved.

Produced through DSMedia


This book is dedicated to all those people who have been brave. It is not what most would call traditional bravery, but more an acknowledgment of feelings and desires that could not be ignored. The Alternative Lifestyle is not a place for the fainthearted, you require your wits about you, but once embraced it becomes everything.

The characters in this book are real people who have demonstrated that brand of bravery. Though names have been changed purely out of discretion, they had embarked on a journey of discovery that is partially documented here. Some have stayed the course, and remain in the Life, while others have chosen a different path.

We are not here to judge them. Their passions may not be your passions, however it does not make them wrong. Some of the things you will encounter in here may not “fit” with YOUR perception of what should be, so bear in mind that it doesn’t mean that they are less real. In My time in the darker lifestyle, over 25 years now, I have encountered many things that, initially, made Me shudder. It took a while to understand exactly what it meant to those involved. I may not wish to indulge in their brand of pleasure, but now I can view without recourse.

Keep an open mind, and the Lifestyle can introduce you to things that are, for now, beyond belief.

Should you consider doing the same, then I wish you all the very best in what could be the most intense thing you experience.

Douglas Vaughan

10th February 2016








Be Careful What You Wish For






Afternoon Delight






Social Niceties



New Friends



The Next Level






Out Of The Darkness












The Chosen One






Der Unterworld






You may have noticed that this book was first written in 2005. At the time, it was purely a vanity project to entertain the people who appear as characters. It was never intended to be published, due, in fact, to the comments from people I knew in the book world. It was considered far too edgy and explicit for the market back then. Fast-forward to 2011, and that market underwent a change. Certain publications were making the rounds, and causing a furore, telling the world about a lifestyle that had been largely hidden. Those of us involved rolled our eyes in despair at the way we had been portrayed; so the whispers started for Me to get this out there.

A publisher picked it up and ran with it, to the extent that in its first month of release it clocked up over 15,000 downloads. The main character, DL, seemed to spark off so many different emotions and feelings that My publisher insisted that I write more to complete a Trilogy. The DarkSide Saga was born. It has caused a certain amount of controversy within the groups of “Romantic Dominance” readers, however, if they had actually LIVED in the world they fantasize about, they would have found it is far closer to the truth. No-one is perfect. No-one never makes a mistake. The most experienced Dominant in the world (if there was such a creature) will still get it wrong. They are human, therefore fallible. This applies equally to submissives. Remember that before you judge.

The beauty of the Alternative Lifestyle is that it is supposed to be judgment-free. What you like, or what they like, is irrelevant in the greater scheme of things. It is about acceptance. There are no hard and fast rules, no rights and wrongs; everything is subjective when taken into the context of the relationship between two people. If they are happy, who are we to impose our morals and beliefs?

I hope you enjoy Nicole’s journey. I can tell you from first-hand experience that SHE did!

Chapter one


She lay on the floor, holding the man next to her tightly. Her breathing had subsided to a quiet whisper, but her body still sang with the feelings she had experienced and every orifice she possessed felt bruised and tender. She looked down at him, finding he was looking back, his dark eyes searching her face with a smile on his lips. She opened her mouth to speak, but her throat was hoarse, dry, and by the time she had cleared it his finger had touched her lips.

Shhhhhh my little one,” he said “be still”

He had drawn her down against his chest. She pressed herself against the hairs, listening to the steady thump of his heart, and let the previous weeks wash over her again…


Nicole Cannock would describe herself as a typical single mum. Her child’s father had disappeared into the ether when her son was two, and, with the help of her close family, she had managed to keep a roof over their heads. Her friends would describe her as attractive, vivacious, sensible and caring; but the Nicole they knew was not the whole person.

There was a side of her well hidden from public scrutiny. In her mid twenties she had stumbled upon something that changed her forever, the Internet, and a movement thereon that altered her concept of her sexuality to one that she knew none of them would understand or approve. Now, at 31, she found that the feelings this movement had started within her needed to be explored deeper. As she logged on into her favourite website one cool April evening her heart beat a little faster than usual, as she had decided that tonight she would push the boundaries a lot further.

Derek Vale loosened his tie, swivelled his large leather chair to one side and lifted his feet onto his desk. He casually clicked the mouse in his right hand so that his computer highlighted his “favourites”; the websites he had saved in case he wished to visit them again. As his oldest favourite site sprang into view his eyes flicked to the door of his office; the staff had all gone, and yes he had locked the main doors. He didn’t wish to be disturbed as he was in the mood to play. Der Unterworld (the name had amused him at first) greeted him like a long-lost son, accepting his password and taking him to his home page to slowly scroll down the latest mails and messages. He recognised most of the names of the people (mainly women) who had contacted him, those he didn’t he quickly searched to see if there was a picture of them available just in case one of them appealed to him. He had been visiting this site for years, at first from out of curiosity, and then after he had become adept at the rules and protocol, out of necessity. It was his sexual outlet.

He sighed when he had finished his reading, there being no-one of interest, so he entered the chat room headed “Pain” and acknowledged all the greetings as his pseudonym was recognised and welcomed. He sat back in his chair, wondering what excitement, if any, tonight would bring.

Nicole browsed through the chat rooms, greeting those she knew, giving the right response to those she didn’t, and ignoring the ones who were downright rude. The other “subs” on the site called these last pests “Trolls”, and they were derided for their lack of tact and diplomacy as much as for their lack of manners.

Hey mystery-angel, wanna fuck you little bitch?”

She highlighted the culprit, some guy in California, and added him to her “ignore” list. She had put a lot of thought into whether she should put a picture of herself on her home page, but, deciding she wasn’t going to hide behind her “mystery-angel” identity, chose one that she liked and held her breath. She was amazed at the sudden onrush of mail it produced. After sorting through those first mostly explicit replies, she had gained a few friends in the chat rooms and quickly settled into the role of obedient submissive. She had served a few Doms online, earning the reputation as a subbie who was well mannered though a little feisty, and maybe a little out of reach to those who wanted her to meet them in the real world so they could “teach” her. Her one real-time experience had made her cautious.

The Master she had served online for over a year insisted that they meet, so he flew all the way over from New York and booked a room in one of the most expensive hotels in London. She travelled down to meet him, and, upon setting eyes on him, realized the pictures he had sent her of himself had been awfully flattering. She feigned illness and left as fast as she could, causing a bit of a storm within the chat room she frequented as he had vented his anger at her in no uncertain terms. Her friends had rallied round and it soon blew over. That was two years ago, and, if the right One came along, she knew she would be tempted to try again.

She had just returned to her computer after brewing a strong coffee when she noticed she had new mail. She clicked it open and started to read.

You have My attention mystery-angel, and large amounts of My interest. I think you would be satisfying to know. Keep those pretty eyes peeled for Me within the rooms, lady, as I will be watching for you. DL x”

She read the message three times. It was a hell of a lot shorter than most, didn’t give much away, and she certainly didn’t know a “DL”! She clicked on his profile, recognizing instantly he was one of the old school that had been here for years, and not really taking much notice of his picture until after she had read how he described himself.

She enlarged his image and studied it closely. He was a big guy, and looked a little younger than his admitted 46 years (she put that down to his shaved head giving him an almost boyish quality) but his dark eyes gave clues to what was underneath that exterior. She felt a chill (or was it a twitch?) while she sat there wondering whether to reply or not. He had been polite enough, and her curiosity as to his reasons (apart from the usual) made her open her mail box and type a return.

Thank you for your interest Sir, this one is flattered.”

She clicked on the little box next to the message board and selected her usual icon of a smiley face winking, added it to the message, and pressed send.

A message instantly appeared in her inbox, making her exclaim.

Bloody hell, that was quick!”

She chuckled as she opened it, but it was from a friend in London.

Hiya Nics you missed a great show last night passionflower performed on stage with BrutalMaster boy did he beat her good she was limping all the way home but happy talk soon babe crystal.”

Nicole laughed at the way Jenny (her real name) typed her messages exactly the way she spoke, like a machine gun with its trigger stuck! She had been tempted to go to that club in London, as she had always fancied dressing and parading in public.

She had seen pictures of those kinds of places, and some of the outfits worn by BOTH sexes left little to the imagination. Making a mental note to keep an eye out for “crystal” if she came online she returned to the general meet and greet in the chat room.

She was contemplating signing off and heading for bed when the “You have mail” flag appeared in the corner of her screen. With a yawn she clicked it open.

The closing of one eye is a provocative gesture My little one, meaning different things in certain cultures that would get you into a whole heap of trouble. To aim that at One such as I could be your worst nightmare, or is that as intended? I shall keep an open mind on the matter, and should you see Me in a room you have My permission to approach. Do not be shy. DL x”

She noted the use of the upper case M when he referred to himself, definite old school mannerisms that were dying out, but she liked the protocol and the way he spoke. He called her “My little one”, showing a proprietary ownership she wasn’t too happy with, but it also meant he was used to getting his own way. It showed strength, and it attracted her immediately. She opened his picture, studying it while composing a possible reply in her mind, until a jaw-wrenching yawn made her say her goodbye’s to the chat room and head for bed. She lay there in the dark, in that comfortable state of near-sleep, a picture of a large man with a deep tan and shaved head floating through her subconscious.

Derek Vale turned off his computer and headed out of his office. He was tired, the problems of the day (he had fired a guy for theft) weighing heavily on his brow. The fact that it had been very quiet online hadn’t been the boost he had been looking for, and on the drive home he wondered if he should change his tactics a little. If he were more approachable, maybe it would lead to what he needed?

Ah well” he sighed to himself as he opened his front door, “as the lady said, tomorrow is another day.”


Nicole’s morning followed its usual pattern; school run, shopping, housework, ironing watching the Jeremy Kyle Show and chatting to her mum on the phone. She stopped at 12.30 and made herself a light lunch of salad with balsamic and olive oil dressing (the next diet had started) but, instead of watching the lunchtime news, she went upstairs to the small room she called her “study” and logged on the computer.

Not usually visiting the chat room at this time, she was interested in all the new names that were there. There were the usual blend of dramatic-sounding Doms (NightBlade, DangerMaster, EvilLord etc.) that made her chuckle when she looked at their pictures, wondering how on earth they considered themselves dangerous? There was a sprinkling of subs, none that she knew, but they greeted her warmly as a “sister” and included her in their off-screen chats in a private area where they laughed at the antics of the Doms. They all knew this was against protocol, but it was the element of naughtiness that all subs enjoyed because most were aware who controlled who.

She was laughing at the description from a sub called “faerygirl” of her encounter with a new Dom. Michael, as faerygirl was really a he, was telling of their first meeting and how it had all ended. He had actually taken over and “Dommed” the so-called “AcidCommander”, making him squeal when he bent him over and fucked him.

She had just typed in “LOL” (laugh out loud) when a name appeared in the room.


One of the other subs posted an “Uh-oh here’s trouble!” causing her to quickly ask the question,


The girl responded.

Watch that DL, he’s tricky. He can be really nice, but if you push it he has a way of making you feel small, and if you are not careful you’ll find yourself being punished!”

Nicole had not really considered being “punished” verbally in a chat room as something to worry about, but she knew some subs took it extremely seriously and they avoided it at all costs. Hence her reputation for being a brat.

She told them he had contacted her but they had yet to speak and, with a few quiet “Be careful” messages sent her way, she returned her attention to the main chat. He was answering the greetings politely with “afternoon lady” or “Good Day Squire” depending if it was a sub or a Dom, so she added her own.

Good afternoon DL, Sir”

She watched the comment appear and waited.

After five minutes he replied.

And a good afternoon to you too, lady mystery. I trust you are having a pleasant day in this wonderful world of ours?”

She typed quickly,

I am Sir, and my sisters are keeping me entertained. If I may be so bold, may I ask what brings You here today?”

She smiled at her leading question, yet pouted at his reply.

I am bored lady, and need some light relief. I know looking around the room that these insolent little subbies will provide that.”

There were half a dozen mock-protests from the subs in the room, all pleading innocence, one or two openly defiant (waiting for him to choose them this afternoon, she thought with a little jealousy.) She typed quickly to keep his attention.

~Bows her head~ I am sure not all of us are here to cause you trouble, Sir! If You would be so kind as to give me an indication of how to relieve Your boredom, this one will do her best.”

She knew it was brazen, but she did not want to compete for his time any more than she had to. It worked.

mystery-angel” he replied, “how could an aged Dom such as I refuse that kind of offer? My private address is on My profile, contact Me there and W/we can talk without interruption.”

He then typed;

Looks around the room. I expect no-one to follow U/us there!!”

He had made it very clear they were not to be disturbed. She liked that. Nicole went to his profile and quickly scribbled down his private message address. Her heart was fluttering as she added it to her own as a contact, clicked on it, and waited for him to acknowledge her.

And waited. After ten minutes she muttered “Self-centred bastard!” and was just about to leave when a message was posted.

I am sorry for the delay My lady, business interrupted for a short while. You have My full attention now.”

An apology? Not something she had expected, as most Doms are so full of their own self-importance they rarely apologize for anything! She calmed her breathing and answered.

That is quite alright Sir, it is the middle of a working day and I am sure You must be very busy.”

Once again, as she typed, she was aware it was a leading question to invite him to explain about his work. He didn’t take the bait.

It was nothing” he replied, “A phone call. Now My little mystery-angel, what am I to make of you? You have been quite forward with your approach, and an offer to attend to My boredom is tantamount to giving yourself for My use?”

She pondered for a few seconds, and then replied.

Forgive me Sir, I did not mean to give a bad impression or behave like a slut. If You remember, Sir, it was You who contacted me Sir ~smiles~ I was just trying to be helpful!”

His reply made her stop and think. She would have to be careful with this one!

My lady, your apology is accepted with not a little regret, ~chuckles~ as a slut would most definitely relieve My boredom! Methinks W/we should take a few steps back and make the time to get to know more about each other. Then, if you wish, you may be the sluttiest sub a Dom has ever had the good fortune to meet ~smiles~

They talked for the rest of the afternoon, sometimes in riddles and suggestion, mostly in straightforward honesty. She was surprised how easy it was to express herself without recourse, he accepting her points of view on subjects without judgement. Only once did he show a warning sign in a reply. She had made a point about D/s relationships, and how they were not as they seemed, when he sent a curt reply.

My lady, do not be fooled by the talk of others. Granted, in most cases this is true, however there are always exceptions to the rule. Should W/we meet, you will quickly come to realize that My word is inviolate and I will not tolerate insolence or disobedience. Apart from that I’m a nice guy ~smile~

While she was pondering this she glanced at the time.

Jesus Christ! It’s three o’clock!”

She quickly sent him the message she had to dash off to pick her son up from school, and logged off without waiting for a reply. She charged downstairs, searched frantically for her car keys, and flew out the front door without locking it behind her. He son was kicking at the dust around his feet when she arrived at the school, luckily only a couple of minutes late.

I’m sorry love” she puffed breathlessly, “I’ve been terribly busy and I quite forgot the time!”

Its okay mum” he said, “I know how hard you work, keeping the house clean and washing and stuff.”

She had the good grace to blush as she pulled out into the traffic.

Later that evening, after her son had gone to bed, she poured a large glass of wine and headed for the study. When she appeared in the chat room, one of her friends instantly contacted her and invited her into the private area. Without preamble they launched into questions.

Come on then, spill the beans! What’s he like? What did you talk about? Is he as scary as they say? What did you find out about him? What does he do? Are you gonna chat again?”

The enquiries came thick and fast.

She laughed as she answered each one, but then became aware of a fact she had overlooked. Whilst he had been attentive, courteous, witty and polite, he had actually told her absolutely nothing about himself. She passed this on to her friend, who replied after a few seconds pause.

Nic, I have heard some tales about DL, and not all of them are good. Yes, they all say he is nice and charming, but I have also heard some scary stuff as well. I’ve never spoken to someone who has met him, but the word is when you do you’d better be prepared, as he doesn’t take any prisoners!”

She asked where that had come from, but her friend just said it was stuff she’d heard in the rooms when talking to other subbies.

No-one seemed to admit that they had met him, just what they had been told.

So it’s not necessarily true then?” Nicole felt defensive, “It might just be rumour-mongering by subbies?”

Her friend admitted that was true, but came up with the old chestnut; there’s no smoke without fire! Nicole laughed at that, told her friend she’d be extra careful, and yes, she’d spill the beans if she talked to him again!

With that her private message paged blinked at her.

Shit, he’s here!” she told her friend, “Catch you later!”

I hope all is well with your son My lady? I fear I kept you talking for too long earlier, remiss of Me but I just can’t resist a pretty face ~smile~

She liked the way he typed the expressions into his chat, it gave her more of a sense of what he was actually saying and thinking.

It was my fault really Sir, I should have kept an eye on the clock. And thank you for the compliment.”

Bloody hell Nic,” she thought,” fishing again!”

This time he did take the bait.

It is a statement of fact as I see it My lady, nothing more. When you feel comfortable I would like to see more of you if you have other pictures. The one on your profile is lovely, but it only whets the appetite!”

How the hell did he manage that!” she thought to herself, “He’s turned a compliment into a request, and put me on the spot! If I turn him down I risk offending him, and if I send him more then he’ll have the advantage. Shit! Crafty bastard!”

She gave a cagey reply.

I shall see if I have others that will please you Sir. I wouldn’t like to send you anything that might not be up to your standards. ~smiles shyly~

His reply made her sit up.

Very clever My lady, the right amount of promise without any commitment! I like that very much, you intrigue Me more now with brains as well as beauty! I think it will be interesting to get to know you a lot better, My mystery-angel, but I shall try not to be impatient. And ignore those stories you have been told, they know nothing of Me.”

Nicole frowned at this last bit. How did he know? Maybe he has a pet subbie who gives him the gossip? She made a mental note not to talk openly in the chat rooms with others, just those who she knew she could trust.

I will make my own judgements Sir; I do not listen to gossip.”

She bit her lip at the fib she had told, and hoped it sounded sincere.

Obviously not.

~laughs~ of cause you don’t My lady, I knew that! Now, I must cut our chat short this evening as I am expecting a guest…”

Nicole glanced at the clock. It was after 10. Who would be coming round at this time of night if not…

.. and I have a busy day tomorrow. I would like to talk to you further lady, is tomorrow evening ok?”

I will be here Sir.” She knew her reply was a little cool, but didn’t care. Who was going round? Why so late? Does he have a real-time partner?

He signed off with a brief parting.

Until tomorrow it is then My lady. Take care and be well mystery-angel.

Nicole logged off her computer and sat looking at the blank screen.

You silly cow” she said to herself, “You know nothing about this guy, and yet you’re wondering who’s going round to his house?”

She drained the last of her wine, turned the lights out in her study and prepared for bed. She lay for a long time thinking about what had happened today.

Well,” she said to herself as she rolled over, “you wanted to push some barriers, and maybe this one will give you the necessary nudge?”

As she fell asleep a little voice whispered in her mind. “But what kind of a nudge?”

Derek Vale turned off his computer, left his home office and moved through to the back of the house. He loved this old place, the size and grandeur spoke to him of times past. His few friends told him it was way too large, as a successful single guy he didn’t need seven bedrooms and umpteen bathrooms, just a suave sophisticated apartment in the city. He would often roam through the rooms in the middle of the night, all in darkness, and listen to the creaks and groans as the building cooled and settled after a warm day. He was sure he could hear it breathing, but he was also sure he spent too much time on his own!

Tonight had shown some promise, he sensed he had the attention of someone who would feed then satisfy his growing desires, but he would need to be calm and collected, give them time to understand him, then they would give him what he wanted. It had been quite a while since his last encounter with an online conquest (he used this term to de-personalize those he encountered) and his desires had grown to the point of being unbearable.

He had tried to satisfy himself with a “normal” relationship (referred to as “Vanilla” within the LifeStyle) but she had proven too clingy and kept asking “Where are we going with this relationship?” until the time he had answered “Nowhere!” and shown her the door.

He preferred the no-strings “We both know what we are here for” simplicity of LifeStyle encounters, as they gave him the scope his imagination (and libido) craved.

Walking down the sweeping staircase, his mind wandering, Derek Vale pictured himself in his favourite situation. He no longer saw the darkened house, but had visions of leather, chains, whips and crops, heard moans and screams, smelt sex and blood, semen and sweat. By the time he found himself in his lounge he had an honest-to-goodness steel hard-on pushing through his suit pants.

Hail Mary!” he chuckled to himself when he looked down, “Let me at her!”




Each day for the next two weeks Nicole followed the same routine; school run, housework, chat room around 12.30, school run, chat room after her son was in bed. She found she was looking forward to talking with DL more and more, and the last two days she had been at her computer at 11.45 waiting for him to appear.

He had gently teased some more pictures out of her, and had enthused over each one as though it were a Renoir or Monet, to the point of her nearly offering to pose for some “special” ones for him! She also knew she had him hooked a little, her innate wiles picking up on signals he gave in unguarded moments. Guarded was a good word for him, she thought, he gave very little away, but she knew he was playing her expertly and quietly to the time when he would drop the inevitable question; where and when to meet.

It came in a manner that surprised her in its simplicity and outright motive. They were passing the time in his private chat area one evening when he switched tack completely.

I have something to confess My little angel” came out of the blue.

She paused, unsure of what he meant, and unsure that she really wanted to hear a confession if it were of a certain kind.

You have no need to confess anything to me, Sir. What you do is none of my concern unless You make it so.”

His reply left no doubt.

This concerns you angel. I need to smell you. I want to taste you. I want to feel your skin. It is time for U/us to meet. I shall send you a list of dates available to Me; choose one that is suitable for you and return it to Me by 6 pm tomorrow. Is that understood?”

She felt the blood leave her face, then return super-heated to the extent she had to open a window and take long, deep breaths.

Is that understood?”

So much for patience! She sat back in her chair, mind whirling, and tried to compose a long and hopefully subtle rejection that would not offend him and yet keep him interested. She looked at her message as it appeared on the screen.


Her hands flew to her face.

Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, what have I just done?”

She squealed at herself, not believing she had answered that way.

Good girl” he replied “The list is on its way. When I receive a confirmation I will give you further instructions on how W/we will conduct the meeting. I have to go now, so don’t forget; 6 pm tomorrow. I will be back here an hour after that time. Be safe and well for Me little angel.”

You can’t just fuck off and leave now, you bastard!”

She screamed at the computer, and then remembered she had left the window open and dropped to her knees in case any of the neighbours were listening. She stayed in that position for a full fifteen minutes, not sure how she felt; scared, exhilarated, numb, tingly?

She felt totally overwhelmed.

Shit! Fuck! Is it too late to back out? Do I want too? I need a glass or three of wine.”

She went into her kitchen, poured a glass of white wine and swallowed it in five seconds. Realising it was the last white she had, she opened a bottle of red and found a bigger glass. She walked through her lounge, out of her patio doors, and into the garden. She shivered in the cool wind that rattled the broken fence.

I need to get that fixed” she sighed.


Nicole opened the email he had sent at 5 pm the following day. It was the soonest she could muster up enough courage, only the deadline forcing her hand.

Bloody hell!” she muttered, “Some of these dates are a bit soon!”

She opened the calendar on her computer.

That one, the weekend, that would be the best!”

Picking the phone up Nicole called her mum, and somehow wheedled her into playing babysitter for the whole two days!! Promising undying love and endless niceties she hung up, and composed her reply. The clock said 5.30, so she had beaten the deadline. When she pressed send she felt as though something moved deep within her, a slightly unpleasant wriggle in her guts.

It was cut short by her son shouting for her, something that sounded like it had the words cat and fridge in it. She hurried downstairs.

The image of her cat covered in yoghurt had only just dissipated when she returned to the computer at 7.15. Her son had been a little fretful when it came time for bed, concerned that Billy cat would need an operation to repair his fur. It had made her late, so she bit her lip when she logged on and found him waiting.

Thank you for taking the time to join Me angel”, his sarcasm obvious, “you have performed a little better than expected, and have pleased Me somewhat. The date you have picked is perfect as it will give U/us time to prepare. I will send you a letter with details of what you shall do, so email Me your address after W/we finish. W/we shall not talk online from now until after the day of O/our meeting, but I have sent you My personal mobile number for you to call at 8 pm the night before.”

The precise instructions continued.

Do not use it before that time, My angel. You will not regret taking this step little one, it will be the first of many encounters I am sure W/we will enjoy.”

And then he was gone.


Two days later the letter arrived. She opened the envelope sat nervously on the edge of her sofa, reading through it several times with her hands shaking a little more on each occasion.

It was headed… Instructions.
She read,
“I will be arriving at exactly 8.30pm Saturday. These instructions must be followed to the letter. Any breach, or even perceived breach, will be treated very harshly My angel, so follow them carefully.

You will bathe at 6.00pm, after which you will towel dry yourself carefully, and prepare yourself in the following manner.

Your hair you will dry, leaving it loose. You will apply your make-up EXACTLY as it appears in the first picture I saw of you. Pay attention to your eyes. Make them as perfect as they first appeared to Me. Your lipstick will be the dark red of the second picture. You will then dress at exactly 7.00pm in the items provided in the parcel that will be with you tomorrow.”

Nicole’s eyes widened at the following passage.

You will wear nothing else. NOTHING else. Dress slowly and carefully in the order each item is numbered.

After each item I want you to stand in front of your mirror and look at yourself. You will imagine that what you see is exactly what I will see when each item is removed in reverse order. Enjoy the way you look. I will.
At 8.00pm you will go to your lounge with the five parcels that will arrive the day after the first. You will place a dining chair at the opposite side of the room to the door, facing that door. Four feet in front of that chair you will place two cushions. Two feet from them you will place a third. That is your place, with your back to the door. You will kneel on the cushion, and open parcels numbered 2-5, taking each object you find within and placing it in front of you in a line. Parcel No. 6 you will leave until 8.20pm, whereupon you will open it and follow the instructions within. Then you will wait.”

She lowered the letter and sat absorbing its contents. She looked down, shocked to see her thighs trembling, and, cursing the man, she stood and hurried to the kitchen, a strong cup of coffee her goal.

The parcels had duly arrived, and were now occupying a space on the shelf in her wardrobe from where they mocked her each time she opened the door.

Three times she had taken them down, prodding and shaking them like a child at Christmas, but each time she had returned them unopened.

It was Friday night, and she sat watching the clock complete a full ten minutes until it showed 8 pm. She had not spoken with him before, so tonight was a big step in itself. It took two attempts for her trembling fingers to dial the right number.

He answered on the first ring.

Hello angel, I get to hear you at last.”

His voice was deep, husky yet resonant, no trace of an accent she could detect but she sensed he was smiling.

And I you, Sir.”

She winced at the sound of her own voice; it was trembling and high pitched, making her sound like an excited schoolgirl. His voice took on a quiet, measured tone.

Are you ready little angel? Did everything arrive as it should?”

It did Sir” she replied “But as to being ready, well….”

He chuckled, and his voice took on a softer tone, she could almost feel him lean closer to her.

If you have reservations My angel I will understand. Once W/we have started the process I will not be denied, so say so now.”

She had somehow managed to convince him all was fine, despite her heart beating to the point of pain. He had wished her goodnight, and left her with a quiet “See you tomorrow”.

She tried to fill the rest of the evening with episodes of some gory program about people who solve crimes by cutting up bodies and peering into microscopes, but she couldn’t concentrate. She drank too much wine, hated herself for being weak, then drank too much coffee and sat miserably in the kitchen waiting for the antacid to do its job. By midnight she couldn’t keep her eyes open, so wobbled unsteadily up to bed.

She woke briefly in the dead hours of the morning, feeling cold sweat on her skin as she pulled the duvet up under her chin. It was only a dream, he wouldn’t do that to her, would he?


After a fretful night peppered with strange and highly erotic images, she tried to fill her day with mundane chores. She had cleaned just about everywhere to within an inch of its life, and prepared the furniture and cushions as described when her gaze fell on the clock.


Oh my God” she whispered, and went upstairs.

She had bathed and finished her hair, and taken one last look in the mirror to check her make-up. Smiling softly to herself she sat on the corner of the bed, parcel number one on her lap. Carefully opening the paper, she found it contained four smaller parcels. She picked one out. It had a number two on it. She quickly found number one and tore it open.

It contained sheer stockings, so fine as to almost float off her hand. She carefully rolled the first, and slid it onto her left leg. After repeating the actions with her right, she stood and padded over to the mirror. At the last second she remembered the instructions, and let her gown slip to the floor. She looked at the way the stockings gave a different dimension to her legs, the ornate tops stopping just below her pussy seemed to underline her femininity. She turned, first one way then the other, and liked the effect. Moving back to the bed, she opened parcel two and within found pale ivory French knickers, whistling when she saw the label. Going back to the mirror she slipped the underwear on, and then looked at her reflection. The knickers were a perfect fit, accentuating her hips and waist, and drawing the eye down to her legs.

How the fuck did he know my size?”

This was said out loud, and her hand went to her mouth as though she may be overheard. She backed to the bed, watching herself in the mirror, and reached behind her for parcel number three.

The short, black A-line skirt barely came below her stocking tops, and her eyebrow arched at the image in the mirror.

I look like a hooker” she mumbled.

Parcel number four revealed a satin blouse, pale ivory again, that after she had buttoned and turned to the mirror made her breath catch in her throat. Her nipples were clearly visible, dark under the material, and the cool movement of the satin had made them swell and ease out into oh-so-obvious points.

She walked slowly towards the mirror, her eyes fixed on the way her breasts moved under the blouse. Her lips parted as she watched her nipples rise and harden fully. Her lower lip slipped between her teeth as a tingle moved from her lower back and settled deep within her pelvis.

Bloody hell, I’m on heat!” she sighed.

Checking the time, she moved into the lounge and knelt upon the single cushion. Opening parcel No. 2 she found a vibrator unlike any she had seen before. It was purple and made from a pliable soft substance, but was shaped like a distorted “C” or “U” with ridges along the inside edge of one of the arms. With a raised eyebrow she placed it in front of her, and reached for parcel 3. This revealed a small flogger, made from leather as soft as suede about two feet long including the 9 tails. The corner of her mouth twitched as this joined the vibrator.

Her hands fumbled with parcel No.4. This contained two straps with a shackle point at one end, and some kind of fixing in the middle. Puzzled, she put them down and reached for the penultimate package. The wrist cuffs inside were self-explanatory, but the fixing on them explained the other straps; these would fix her wrists to the straps.

Parcel 6 held a blindfold, similar to a sleeping mask, and more instructions.
“You will wrap the longer straps around your thighs, the cuffs will attach to these and then to your wrists. At 8.25pm exactly you will go and put the front door on the latch, return to the cushion, slide the mask over your eyes, then move your wrists up and attach them to the straps on your thighs. You will then wait.”

She looked at the clock. “Ohmygod!” The time was 8.27!

She jumped up, rushed to set the latch so the door was open, hustled back to the cushion, knelt, put the mask on, and, a lot easier than she thought it would be, attached the wrist cuffs to the thigh straps. Her heart was pounding, and she tried to control her breathing as she waited quietly in the dark.

Oh God!” she thought “what if he doesn’t come…or…or a stranger should come to the door, find it open, and walk in?”

She was starting to get into a state of panic when she heard a noise. She froze, and then came the unmistakable sound of the latch being dropped on the front door. Someone had locked it. From the inside.

She tensed as footsteps came from the hall and into the lounge, and the air moved around her as they passed leaving behind the smell of expensive aftershave and cigars. The chair opposite her creaked quietly.
She knelt there for what seemed ages, then braved a question in a quivering voice.


Nothing. No reply. She was just about to ask again when the creak of the chair sounded and the air moved. The smells returned and a hand slid up her thigh, fingers lifting the edge of her knickers and sliding oh so gently across her clit. They opened her pussy lips, and circled her opening before stopping.

The chair creaked again, and then there was more silence.
Her breathing was ragged, her heart rate through the roof, while the blood rushing in her ears made it impossible to tell if he had moved again. She turned her head from side to side, trying to get a fix on where he was. And then he spoke.

Good evening My little one”.

His voice was a quiet rumble, and came from close behind her.

S..sir!” she stammered, relief washing over her.

His voice covered the movement of air, but the scent gave him away. He was a lot closer now.

You truly are beautiful, My angel”

His hand stroked her right nipple through the material, and she gasped as she felt it stiffen painfully under the touch. His other hand slipped between her buttocks, and started to stroke her pussy through the knickers. He alternated the pressure of the touch, and she was shocked when she realized she was rocking with the movement, making it easier for his fingers to slide over the material. His lips brushed against her ear.

My little angel” he rumbled “If you come, and I have not given you permission, then I will do things to you that will make you unable to walk for at least a week. Do all that is asked of you, without complaint, and I give you my word you will not regret it.”

She had stiffened at the quiet threat, and nodded rapidly at his final comment.

Sir, I will do all that you ask if only you…”

She did not get the chance to finish. He had moved so quickly, the first she knew of the impending blow was a swish in the air just before the flogger landed sharply across her breasts. She squealed in shock and pain. His mouth was against her ear , and again he rumbled quietly.

I did not say you could talk?”

She whimpered quietly, her nipples were stinging but still painfully hard, and she was aware he was now back in the chair.

All was silent for a few seconds.

You have just learnt a lesson My angel. Pleasure can be yours, but it comes at a price if you act or talk without permission. I told you, when we spoke last night, that if you go ahead with this then I will not be denied. I came here tonight, you have prepared yourself beautifully, and you have shown you are willing by being where you are. So now what is to be will be! Tonight you are mine.”

The chair creaked once more, and she felt the fold of what was some kind of coat brush against her shoulders. He was standing in front of her, very close. His hand lifted her chin, tilting her head back, the thumb brushing lightly across her lower lip.

You have a beautiful mouth angel, I have looked forward to having it for my use

His thumb went back to her chin, and something else pressed against her lip. It was hard and warm, and much larger.

As her brain registered exactly what it was he must have underhanded the flogger, as it whipped across her breasts again. The pain made her yelp, and as soon as her mouth had opened he was inside it, his hard cock pressing her tongue down. Her yelp turned into a moan as he rested nearly at the back of her throat.

She fought the gag reflex, and it brought a chuckle from him as her throat and tongue worked to keep air going into her lungs. She drew breath through her nose and relaxed a little, her whole body quivering again. His hand moved to the back of her neck, taking a fistful of hair close to the skin.

He pulled her head backwards and forwards, the saliva building in her mouth making her splutter as he fucked her mouth in slow steady movements. She could feel him swell and throb.

Please come…please come” she chanted in her mind, aware that he was getting dangerously close to the back of her throat. She was scared he would asphyxiate her and leave her on the floor, his juices trickling out of her open mouth. He stopped suddenly, withdrawing from her, but letting himself rest again on her lower lip.

Lick me clean” he whispered.

Her tongue snaked out over his glans; she was almost feverish in her actions, and glad he was going to let her continue to breathe at least for a while longer.

His cock moved from her reach and the hand on the back of her neck lifted and brought her forward making her tip over, the fulcrum action meaning her face was lowered to the floor onto the cushions she had placed earlier. Her ass was now raised into the air. Her thighs started to shake as she pictured in her mind how vulnerable she was in that position.

That picture disappeared completely when she felt hands on her hips. Small hands. Soft hands. Hands with long rounded nails.

Oh please Sir” she blurted “You said nothing about thi…”

The blow from the flogger across her ass cheeks and down around her pussy stopped the words in her mouth.

She felt her thighs being parted wider.

As DL was still holding her by the neck she couldn’t move. Her breath was taken by the woman behind licking the length of her pussy, her tongue spreading the lips to allow it to delve inside her, lapping at the juices.

Nicole moaned loudly. He didn’t use trickery this time; he lifted her head and just slapped her cheek hard before forcing his cock over her lips and into her mouth. He pushed harder, deeper, making Nicole gag against him. Held tight at both ends, she was at the mercy of these people; the man fucking her face hard while the woman behind nibbled sharply on her clit. She choked and writhed, but felt completely helpless.

The woman behind her moved away briefly, and when she returned Nicole could hear a faint buzzing. Her shattered thoughts pictured the strange vibrator, and she moaned against the hard cock sliding deep into her mouth. The woman spread her pussy wide, and then slowly inserted the object, one arm of it sliding inside while the other pressed tight against her clit. Instead of a backwards and forwards motion she started to rock it, so that alternatively Nicole’s clit was under a smooth pad, and her G spot rubbed by the ridges on the part inside her. Nicole’s thighs started to tremble, and her stomach turned to liquid fire as the vibrator caressed her in a way she had never experienced.

Her mind went and she became animal, her body moving involuntarily with the rhythm of the things happening to her.

A keening noise came from her throat as she started to lose control.

She barely felt the swish of air, but she heard the crack as the flogger impacted somewhere behind her, a yelp coming from the woman. The man could barely contain the anger in his voice.

Stop you little fool! You would have made her come, and she was in no position to ask!”

He withdrew from her mouth causing a trail of saliva to drip down her chin, and Nicole lay there panting shaking her head.

Please no…Please Sir…don’t stop…let me come…oh god let me come…”

She felt herself lifted, turned over onto her back, the cushions under her hips raising her up and open. Her wrists were released from the cuffs, but her arms were dragged upwards and a warm body pressed down onto her forearms. She felt the soft moistness of the woman’s pussy press against her, holding her in place. Her thighs were spread wide by the larger hands of the man, and, as he moved over her, she felt the tip of his cock move along her slit. Then he was in her…deep. She arched, the keening starting again, as he began long deep thrusts to take her, using her body for his pleasure. Soft fingers removed the blindfold, and she looked up into the face of a young blonde girl, probably not more than twenty, who smiled at her as she fingered herself just above Nicole’s head.

She lowered her eyes and was transfixed by the face she saw.

The light was very dim, but the dark eyes bored into her the same way as his body was taking her. They went straight to her soul.

Sir”…she gasped. “Please Sir…let me come…I can’t take any more…I have to…I can’t hold it back…pleeeaaassseee!”

His face moved to within an inch of hers.

Remember what I told you at the very beginning, until I say you can you will wait. This is now my time.”

He then began to throw himself into her, battering her down into the cushions, his eyes not moving from hers. He was literally fucking her into oblivion. Nicole’s head went back, her mouth open in a silent scream, her neck straining as her head moved from side to side in time with his thrusts as she silently mouthed.


She felt her insides melt, her hips opened and she gave herself to him, wanting him to break her and fuck her to death.

He was grunting now, pounding her, and then his mouth was beside her ear. He quietly spoke the words she would have sold her soul for.

Now you can come.”

The air rushed from her lungs as she bucked beneath him, the wail from her throat gaining intensity as every part of her body exploded into orgasm before the world went black.

As she lay with her head on his chest, replaying the events of the night, she looked around the room for the girl. She had gone before Nicole came round.

I don’t even know her name” thought Nicole, “and come to think about it “ she looked at the man, still and quiet “I know nothing about Him at all.”

He had left in the early hours, after carrying her upstairs and fussing over her whilst putting her to bed. Now, just before midday, Nicole sat on the end of her bed looking at herself in the mirror. Her eyes resembled a Panda, and her hair was wild. Her lower lip was swollen, but she actually liked its “poutiness”. Her throat was sore, her pussy was sore, her arms and legs ached but she was smiling at the image. She groaned herself upright and walked to the dressing table, which caused a ticklish feeling on the inside of her thigh that turned out to be DL’s juices leaking from her. She casually wiped her inner thigh with her hand, and raised the sticky fingers to her face contemplating the night before.

She chuckled at her own wickedness. Nicole felt light inside, satisfied, and she knew that this had been a long time in waiting. She was humming quietly to herself while trying to tame her long curly hair into some kind of order, her mind replaying little details of their encounter.

Thank you, My Lord” she laughed “for giving me what I deserved and oh-so badly needed!”


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