Pictures And Prose



Over time I have put together small collections of pictures that have compelled Me to add words…as I look at them images form and I try to capture that in prose. A lot have been posted on twitter previously; however I thought it would be a good idea to give them a proper home. I hope you enjoy them, and I will keep them updated as often as I can

Scribe xx




Giving All Simple Things Sunlight Temptress Accident Can We Darkness Anticipation Be creative Choice Desires Burn Do It Now Her Secrets Inevitable Make her melt Make her Yours Marking Maybe This Time Patience Perfect Tune Show her Smoke & Mirrors Softer Moments Subtle Sweeter Taste It All True Power Watch her Your lady Your Pleasure Desires 1 Desires 2 Desires 3 Desires 4 Matter Of time Quiet Of The Day Reunion Be Brave For Whom Let You Go

butterfly cuffed chair masked Scribes hand selfie watching you watching me Wine


fMvNL9uD girl and cigar His desk list of desires Mine Old-Clock-Dark shackles soon taste butterfly-on-dark-ipad-wallpaper candle time close babygirl despair Earth Passion 9A8iFp7p

Under the same sky1 under the same sky2 Underthesamesky3 underthesamesky4 Unwritten moments.. vKIRJeci wrists belt 20130529-old-dog-new-tricks-hero chair waiting chain back drink couch Hello Darkness flogged her wish i7h-wZYu libby hands libby table pearls peel back the layers.. tell Me why you cry tomfoolery vr camera vr cuddle vr domme vr held you asked nicely.. 8324d26cd411fda603cf39345d444ec0 angel of shadows.. breathe and hold on broken image control Changes In Her coffee slave dark little doll Desire Tied DesiresRope drained Eve gift hand in hair heat Her darkness His canvas his night His silk ice In His lap just what it says keep her from harm knowing he was coming LadyTPiano little kitty Marked mask 1 mind net pearl chain only way to dress preparation reach for the light sea waiting shadows and light suddeness thumb lips VRBent and waiting VRDancer VRHandstand VRphone VRWax wildefire balls