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Douglas Vaughan

Known across social media as an author and poet, Douglas Vaughan brings you gritty contemporary adult stories that will keep you hooked for the whole series. Based around a group of people who inhabit a very real shadowy world, the 6-book DarkSide Saga is full of passion, adventure, drama and shocking events that will make you look at people around you in a whole new light. The last part of the series, DL: Reborn, is also available as an audio-book read by the Author himself!

Food Chain introduces you to a character called Luc; if you are looking for a fluffy vampire then he is NOT what you would expect! A primeval creature that has stalked the earth for centuries, Luc knows only how to survive, and that means WE are on the menu! Raw, uncompromising and frighteningly detailed, the two-book series will have you on the edge of your seat!

His Kitty shows a more playful side to Douglas Vaughan’s writing, introducing a cheeky character who embraces her feline side. Based around erotic role-play, this book takes you into a world inhabited by very sensual kitties and their owners. Once again, this story is based around a lifestyle that DOES exist, so not all of the antics depicted are fiction!

To show his versatility, each Friday on Twitter at @DarkScribe1 under the guise of The Scribe, Douglas Vaughan delves into the realms of poetry and prose. As well as entertaining his large following with “Flash Prose” created in 90 seconds from their prompts, he posts pre-prepared work for their delight, so come along and join in the #FridayFrolics!

There are also a series of pure poetry and prose books released as Coffee Table Editions, so now you have the chance to own a piece of the more thoughtful side to this innovative Poet.

Aged 55 and determined to grow old disgracefully with style, Douglas Vaughan resides in the Midlands of the UK.


Twitter: @DarkScribe1


You can find him at your peril at the following places:

Twitter: @DarkScribe1





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