Requested Poetry & Prose

I am pleased that I have been allowed to show three examples of work that have been requested. Each one had their own story behind them, and I will share as much as I can without revealing too many details. There are many I cannot share for their recipients personal reasons; however I will ask each person as they approach Me, so hopefully there will be more to show in the future. These of course are not pictures of the originals, merely renderings of the words used.

I hope you enjoy.

The first was for a guy to give to his wife. He wanted something to express the way he felt; and I was lucky enough to find the words on the first draft:

Someone Special Poetry

The second was also for a guy, and he wanted something to portray how he felt when his lady uttered those three little words. This took two attempts to get there, but he was happy with the result.

three little words

The last one was for a lady. She had been out of a relationship for a while and was feeling down, so wanted something to give her a little lift. It took three attempts, the first made her cry bless her, but we found what she was looking for.

Your One Poetry



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