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The continuing search for Christopher has taken DL to Europe, and he is determined he won’t escape him again. They follow the trail of the madman, getting ever closer as Christopher becomes increasing unstable. To his complete surprise, DL bumps into a girl who has an immediate impact on him; but can he afford to allow feelings to develop while his nemesis is still out there?

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End Of Days

New Hope

Douglas Vaughan

Copyright © 2012 Douglas Vaughan

All rights reserved.

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This book is dedicated to all those people who have believed. When I started this journey, it required a major mind-shift from all those around Me to accept that this was My future. I saw the looks of confusion, and, in some cases horror, that at age 50 I was embarking on something so far removed from My past as to be alien. It is a well-known fact that very few authors make a good standard of living from their writing. We cannot all be JK or EL, or have the dark skills of Stephen King, and yet many set out on the path with high hopes. If I have learned anything from My journey, it is this: Believe.

The sacrifices you have to make, the “going without” to make sure you have the capability and time to produce work, become the norm rather that the exception. There have been times I have skipped meals, or survived all week on cheese sandwiches, just to ensure I could pay those bills that enabled Me to work. It’s not the rhetoric of a poet, but an actual fact. I believe.

So, to the following, I give you My love and blessings for believing.

My beautiful daughters, Charlotte and Alice. They have rolled eyes and accepted that Dad is on a mission, and, if it means their Christmas sacks have been a little lighter, they have understood.

My mother, bless her, who, while not really understanding OR comprehending some of the nature of My work, has turned up with food parcels to “keep Me going”.

Lastly, but not least, to a certain lil lady who has stood by My side through thick and thin. She would be embarrassed if I named her, so to you, My secret one, I extend My utmost thanks.

Douglas Vaughan

March 14th 2016




Sinking Ship









New Life









Down but Not Out



On The Cross



Darkest Before The Dawn



An Old Enemy









In-Flight Entertainment






History Lesson









Learning Curve









When a man like DL loses what is most important to him, it can go one of two ways. He can withdraw, become insular, and brood his loss. Or, he goes on the offensive. What you are about to find is a man hell-bent on exacting revenge on the madman who caused his loss. He is far from being a saint himself, something he would acknowledge immediately, however there are some evils in the world that deserve no quarter.

With the help of his powerful friends, and the resources available within his organisation, the hunt is on for Christopher.

No stone is left unturned, and no country ignored as they set out to scour the earth for their arch enemy. Though he is extremely damaged, and completely mad, Christopher seems to be either one step ahead or completely invisible. He has the cunning of a fox, and is well aware what is against him.

You may have right on your side, you may have resources that rival any government on earth, but you have one weakness against such a man. You don’t have his madness. When the rules don’t apply to him, when nothing is beyond his imagination to cause harm, then you are vulnerable. What Christopher unleashes in his desire to break DL astounds them all…and takes them down the darkest of paths.

How far would YOU go to protect those you love?

Chapter one


She knelt on the cushion watching the man opposite sat in the chair. She had heard so many rumours about him, how he stalked the chat rooms of the website selecting girls for his amusement, and now here she was awaiting her turn. She had not been subtle in her approach, and he had quickly taken the offer, turning her teasing into something a lot more serious. Finally, she had received her orders. The knot of fear in her stomach was tempered by the heat between her legs; she could feel she was actually dripping! This was a first for her, even though her profile had drawn hundreds of hits she had not been tempted by any of them. But this one was different, and she couldn’t resist if she wanted to.

When he stood and moved towards her, she had to stifle a whimper. The look in his eyes told her she had stepped onto a completely different playing field. Within an hour she had been used in ways she had never thought of, taken to the very limits of her endurance, and yet she still ached for more. She writhed and moaned, pleaded and sobbed, while he simply took what he wanted from her as she opened herself up to him. Soon she was a quivering mess, strapped to a table of sorts, dripping from every orifice and yet content in a way she had never felt. When he kissed her tenderly on the cheek, and announced he would be back later, she had closed her eyes and drifted into a peaceful sleep.

Lady J finished the daily tasks around the large house, and considered whether to call her driver for the trip to the office. As DL’s P.A. she had a lot to do, the last two years had been hard at Der Unterworld as the Christopher incident just wouldn’t go away.

He was still at large, and rumours of his activities and horrendous crimes kept circulating across the internet affecting everything to do with their business. DL had taken charge at the helm full time, yet even his boundless energy couldn’t keep the damage at bay. Something needed to be done. She picked up the phone and made the call, and, knowing she had at least 15 minutes before the car arrived, she went through to the kitchen to make a quick cup of tea.

While the kettle boiled she looked out across the sprawling garden, acknowledging it needed care again, until she focussed on the stone building that was the “Playroom”. She wondered if there was another girl in there, tied and used, awaiting his return. His appetites were bordering on the obsessive now. She shook her head with a sigh and returned to the task of tea-making. He had always drawn women to him, there was something about him that scared and fascinated them. He knew it, and took advantage of it, but the last couple of years had been filled with countless conquests.

As his house-girl and PA, she had stood by and watched then come and go. There had been one night when she walked quietly into his study and caught him unaware. His rushed movements to turn something off on his computer were quickly forgotten with the anger he had directed at her. He had used her, and she still winced at the memory of his brutality. Her whimpers and tears seemed to drive him on until, finally, he pushed her away and stalked from the room. It was never mentioned between them, and yet Lady J knew what had caused it. Later that night, she had gone down to the office and searched his computer. She had been trembling with fear at the thought of being caught, but she HAD to know. Opening his browser, she found the history tab and looked at what was there, immediately knowing and clicking on a link. It was a social network site, and the face of Nicole appeared at the top of the page. She was smiling, and next to her was her son. And a man. After reading the various entries, Lady J had turned the computer off and quietly gone back to her room. Nicole had moved on, and formed another relationship with a man. She had even had surgery to remove the mark on her forehead, and seemed blissfully happy.

All the posts had been bright and cheerful, and she knew what that would do to Gabriel. After a period of mourning her loss, he had gone back into their alternative world like a man on a mission, using all his power and presence to fill his free time with willing girls. He had become hard and lean, working out daily, watching his diet, almost obsessed into making himself the perfect specimen of a 50-something man. And that “look” never left his eyes.

The chime from the intercom made her shake the memories away and head for the front door. It was time to forget the past and get to the office; the future was still uncertain.

The journey to London had passed in a series of phone-calls and note-taking, DL wanting to know when she would be there, and suppliers and managers wanting her reassurance that all was well and it was business as usual. She was pleased when they pulled into the underground car park and she could slip into the elevator. There were no phones in there. She took several deep breaths during the quiet ride to the top of the building, steeling herself for the pressure that would start the second the doors of the elevator opened. The silence that greeted her was a shock, no people standing there with reports or requests, and even the rest of the office was subdued. That brought a stomach-turning fear which made her hurry towards his office, wondering what had happened.

She found him looking down at the streets below, his shaven head resting against the thick glass as though the coolness would offer some relief. He didn’t turn immediately when she called his name quietly, but she saw the tension ripple through him for a few seconds until he pushed away from the glass and looked at her. His features were sharper now, more angular, yet the dark eyes had some of their old softness back in them as he forced a smile.

The ship is heading towards the rocks, Angela. Welcome aboard.”

He strode across the office and dropped into his chair behind the large desk. Angela followed, and perched on the corner looking down at him.

Tell me what is happening, my Lord, and I will see if I can fix it.”

DL smiled and patted her thigh.

You have been a rock for me, Angela, but this may be stretching your talents to the maximum. More stories are circulating regarding Operation Babylon. Yes, the name is out there now, and the details they have are TOO specific to be coming from anyone other than Christopher. I have even had Josey on the phone, expressing concern that there are rumblings in the Serious Crime Squad that we may have been economical with the truth.”

He raised an eyebrow in acknowledgement that they HAD.

They are thinking of looking into again.”

Angela pursed her lips at the concern on his face. She could see he was rattled, a new look for him, so she knew how serious this could be for them.

My Lord, until we know where he is, there is nothing we can do about Christopher so he should be forgotten for now. What we MUST do is damage limitation. We must issue rebuttals and denials where necessary, and show that we will not take this kind of thing lying down. I have been dealing with some of the businesses on my way here, and they are getting jittery as sales are way down. Our focus should be on keeping that stable. Sooner or later he will make a mistake, and he WILL be found.”

DL smiled up at her again. He suddenly became aware his hand was stroking higher up her thigh, so he coughed quietly and quickly picked up a pen.

As always, you are right my girl. A plan of action needs to be put in place! If you can arrange for those members of the Board that are available to be here for a meeting this evening I would be grateful, and circulate a memo to all staff that there is a meeting for them straight afterwards.”

Angela had trembled when his hand was on her, so shook her head to clear the thoughts and tried to focus.

It shall be done, my Lord, and I will make sure those girls out there don’t forget your coffee again! You are getting jittery!”

DL aimed a swat at her ass as she slid off the desk and headed towards the door. He watched her slim figure as she walked out. He had neglected to look at her as a woman for a long time; perhaps that should be rectified? He growled at himself for having those thoughts right now, and started to make notes for the up-coming meetings. He would need to put out a rallying cry that had an impact; the very existence of Der Unterworld was hanging in the balance.


It had taken Christopher 18 months to find a surgeon who was willing to operate on him. The diagnosis of a tumour had not surprised him at all, as the headaches were becoming intolerable. All of the doctors he had seen had told him that it was inoperable; the risks far too great, and that chemotherapy was his only hope. The prognosis was not good. He had refused to sit and die, so had scoured the world (literally) until he found someone who would take that risk. For the right price of course. It had been explained to him that the surgery would be extensive, as the tumour had grown down inside his skull and around his spinal column, and that he would be left disfigured with damage to some motor functions. Exactly what wouldn’t be known until AFTER the surgery, that was if he survived at all. The odds had been given at 2-1 him dying on the operating table, so Christopher had paid the money. When the anaesthetic had started to kick in, he wondered if the last thing he would ever see was a large surgical lamp directly over his head.

He awoke surrounded by tubes and nurses speaking a strange language, it taking time to remember he was in China. He had obviously survived the surgery! Once they were aware he was conscious, there was a bustle of activity and a familiar face appeared over him, one that shone a light into his eyes and smiled a lot. With the general feeling around him of happiness, Christopher decided it was safe to go back to sleep again, confident that this time he WOULD wake up.

After a few days the tubes had been removed, and Christopher was propped up in bed. He was still bemused by the chatter of Mandarin around him, as the only English spoken by the surgeon who visited him every day. He had, it transpired, been in a drug-induced coma for nearly 2 weeks. This had been done to minimise any possible complications post-op, and for them to monitor him closely for signs of damage. He knew he felt different, something was wrong with the right side of his face and head, but without the benefit of a mirror he was content that he was alive. He was concerned that his left arm refused to obey commands, and that his left leg felt “remote” from the rest of him, but, considering the amount of bruising that covered his body from the various tubes, he was not altogether surprised. He smiled at the surgeon as he came into the room, this time followed by a gaggle of young students who were looking at Christopher with undisguised interest. The surgeon rattled on for 5 minutes for their benefit, pointing out areas on Christopher’s head and indicating his arm and leg, before dismissing them with a curt nod. He turned to Christopher with an apologetic smile.

I am sorry about that. Due to the nature of your tumour, and the fact that you have lived, it was necessary for them to understand the procedure and risks involved. You are a very lucky man!”

Christopher smiled again and inclined his head.

Not without small thanks to you, Mr Chin. I can only offer my heartfelt gratitude at being here!”

Mr Chin looked thoughtful for a few seconds, and then sat on the side of the bed.

The tumour was far larger and more invasive than we first thought. I have had to take quite a large area around it to make sure there was no residual mass; however I have managed to avoid causing you too much damage. There is some damage that could not be avoided. I have re-built your skull and right cheek area as best as I can, and my advice would be to let the healing process continue for as long as possible and then consult a plastic surgeon. I am afraid the motor problems with your arm and leg may be permanent. I am sorry about that.”

Christopher shrugged.

I am alive. The problems with my arm and leg can be dealt with in time. How much longer will I need to remain here?”

The surgeon puffed out his cheeks.

There is no sign of post-operative infection, and your stats are good. You are young and fit, so I would think another week and you can leave. I would like you out of bed tomorrow, and we can assess what artificial assistance you will need to move about. I have a contact that makes some very sophisticated powered chairs, so if one is required you can have one made, otherwise you may manage with something more simple. We won’t know until you are ambulatory.”

Christopher shook his head.

I would like to leave in 4 days, so make the arrangements for the chair and we can skip the assessment. I have work to do.”

Mr Chin looked at him closely, then held his hands up in a placating gesture.

As you wish. It is against my medical advice, however I will not stand in your way. I will make the call to my contact, and make sure everything is in place for your departure.”

He gave Christopher a small bow and left the room. Christopher leaned back against the pillows and closed his eyes. In his mind he pictured DL in his office, and knew that the information he had been releasing prior to the operation had been damaging to Der Unterworld, and therefore to DL. It was only the start. He had kept copies of everything, all the original paperwork, that existed BEFORE DL had sanitized it to cover the company. He would start to leak it out there, and put it into the hands of those that would use it. There were many who objected to the LifeStyle and everything it stood for, powerful people, and with their help he would bring that bastard down.

Now the headaches had been taken care of he would have no distractions. It was obvious where his behavioural changes had come from. though he still had a twitch when he thought of most of them. Now he could focus on his one primary objective. Christopher slipped into a light sleep with a smile on his face.


The target of his plans parked the Aston Martin in the garage and sauntered up the garden towards the Playroom. The girl had been in there nearly 12 hours, so DL was sure she would be nicely ready for him. Opening the door, he could see the girl stretched out on the rack, her arms and ankles still secured. As he approached, she turned her head towards him and started to mumble through the gag. He walked around her slowly, trailing his hand along her ribs and squeezing her breasts, then stroked her cheek before sitting on the edge of the wooden apparatus. She was wide-eyed and frantically trying to talk around the gag in her mouth, so he leaned over and kissed a cheek made salty by tears.

Shush, girl, I am back now, so we can continue with your lessons.”

The girl struggled and squealed into the gag, yet when he pressed his hand onto her pussy she lifted her hips. His expert fingers found her clit and rolled it under them.

He looked down between her legs and tutted.

I see you could not wait to relieve yourself! I am not sure how I feel about you urinating on my precious rack, but I DO know that a girl who pisses herself without permission will be punished!”

The girl squealed again when he brought his hand down in a sharp slap directly between her legs. He repeated this a further nine times, reducing the girl once again to tears and small moans before leaning over her.

That little pussy has brought you here, girl. You couldn’t wait for me to use it last night, and I will admit it lived up to my expectations, however I have the urge to enjoy more of you now. You will be a good girl for me, yes?”

He looked down into her puffy eyes and waited until she gave the smallest of nods. He smiled and kissed her wet cheek again.

Thank you.”

When Lady J got out of her car an hour later she could hear the wails of the girl from the kitchen door. She shook her head slowly, and went through to prepare dinner. After 45 minutes, she was getting ready to put it all on hold when she heard a car door slam. She caught sight of the taxi as it disappeared down the drive, and realised DL was stood in the hallway watching her.

That smells lovely, Angela. I am suddenly extremely hungry!”

He walked past her into the kitchen, his hand lifting to stroke her cheek as he gave her a wink and a smile. Angela shook her head at him and tutted, yet savoured the feel of his fingers. Part of her wished it had been HER screaming for release. They ate dinner in a comfortable silence, Angela stealing glances at the man sat opposite her. She wondered what he had done with that girl in the Playroom.

She watched his hands on the cutlery as he ate, hands that not so long ago had been tormenting some poor unfortunate but very willing soul to the point of begging. Now, here he was, as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened at all. She shook her head in wry amusement, only realising he had noticed when she looked up and found him gazing at her.

Penny for your thoughts, Angela?”

She blushed a deep scarlet, yet maintained her composure.

Just running through the shopping list, my Lord, and I realised I had forgotten to pick up your multivitamins.”

She saw the raised eyebrow.

I have to keep you in tip-top form!”

Later that evening, Angela joined him in his study. The only light came from the open fireplace, the flickers of the flames casting dancing shadows to all four dark corners. DL was stretched out on the long couch with a glass of single malt; Angela curled into a club chair with a chilled wine. There had been several minutes of silence between them before DL spoke.

I know you looked at my computer, Angela.”

He raised his hand to stop her protestations.

So I know what you saw. I took my anger and grief out on you that night, and I am sincerely sorry. When I read that page, and saw how she had moved on, something died in me. I realised that it was over. I can cover the wounds with the bodies of the pretty girls available, but they are not the solution. Now we have the problem of the business. It has been quiet for a while, nothing new has appeared, but I suspect that more will come. When it does it will be serious. The Board agreed tonight that we will take a defensive stance and issue statements as and when necessary, and the staff were quiet but resolute when I talked with them afterwards.

You have kept it all running while I have been acting like some kind of demented Don Juan with a permanent hard-on. I want you to know just how grateful I am.”

Angela placed her wine on a small side-table and moved across to kneel at the side of the couch. She lowered her head so that it rested on his thigh and she could look up at him.

My Lord, Gabriel, I knew you were hurting. Even after two years I knew you missed her. The bond for you was deep, but it is time to let go and move on. All I have wanted to do is give you the comfort and peace to function, and, if that meant taking over some of the things YOU should have done, then it was my duty. I asked if I could serve you after what happened, and you graciously agreed and have taken care of me from that day. You and I have been on this journey a long time, Gabriel, and this world is all we know. I will protect it with all my strength. You have made it into something special, a place for all of us to enjoy our desires and needs, and you deserve our thanks for that. I will not see it destroyed by some, some madman, who has decided that you are responsible for his situation. I will always serve you, my Lord, in whatever capacity I can.”

She watched his face as he looked down at her, and something sparkled on his cheek, the firelight catching it for an instant before his hand brushed wearily across his eyes and came to rest on the back of her neck.

We have known each other for what, ten years? Remember when you were a wild teen with attitude and the fastest flogger in town? Yet you came to me, and offered me your devotion. Over those years you have done me many a service, Angela, and not once had you ever asked for anything in return. When you needed my help I was glad to give it; it was a shrewd move on my part to have you here, little did I know that you would save me from myself!”

He gripped her neck tighter and drew her up his body, kissing her softly on the lips when her head rested on his chest.

Angela sighed He had not kissed her in that way before, there was passion AND compassion there, and she opened her eyes to see him smiling.

I have neglected you, my girl, and not appreciated what a treasure I have had so very close to me, Do you forgive me?”

Angela blinked. He was asking for HER forgiveness? This man who could have anyone in their world, and had often done just that, was looking at her in a way she had never seen before. There was something behind those eyes. What was it, loneliness? She leaned forward and kissed him.

You know I forgive you anything, my Lord.”

He sighed, and, with an easy movement, scooped her up from the floor and placed her alongside him on the couch. His arm was behind her back, pulling her close, and Angela wriggled to get comfortable in the unexpected embrace. She listened to the steady beat of his heart, his breathing slow and deep, and for a second she thought he had fallen asleep. She her face to look at him closely. This brought her lips to within millimetres of his, and she could not resist the urge to kiss him again. He kissed her back, harder this time, his arm bringing her up and on top of him. She spread her thighs to straddle him, feeling the hard lump of his growing erection press into her mound. He growled into her mouth through the kiss and shifted his hips, his hand dropping between the cheeks of her ass to cup her pussy, and his fingers stroked her through her panties. Angela rocked against his hand and erection, it had been a while since she had been taken, and she could feel how wet she had become very quickly. She knew his fingers could feel it as they pulled the flimsy material aside and delved into her, causing her to moan and push back at them. She couldn’t wait, so reached down herself and undid his pants. Her fingers were almost frantic as she released him and placed him at her entrance, looking down at him and locking eyes.

Please take me, my Lord, as only you can.”

His hips lifted immediately, his large hard cock sliding easily into her as she pushed herself back onto him. He held her hips and moved her slowly on him, his mouth on her throat, his low growls vibrating through her neck and chest. Angela knew she was going to come very quickly, the rubbing on her clit as she slid on him was taking her to the edge far too fast, but she didn’t care. She NEEDED to come, so lowered her face to his panting quietly.

Can this girl come, my Lord? Please let her come!”

DL released her hips and lay back, a soft smile playing on his lips.

Take what you need, my girl.”

Angela whimpered and rocked her hips faster, grinding herself against him, using his cock to fill her and push her to orgasm. Her stomach tightened and she dropped to his chest, her hips bouncing on him as she came hard again and again. Her face was buried in his neck as she moaned out her thanks.

Thank you, my Lord, this girl needed that so badly.”

She slid herself from him and moved down his body, her hands grasping his slippery cock and rubbing it lovingly as she kissed around the glans. She took him into her mouth, her tongue lapping at him knowing he was close, so she started to push herself onto him further. She gagged and gasped as she milked him with her lips. When he growled and came in her throat she smiled around his cock, pleased with herself for making him release so quickly.




Christopher was relieved that his apartment just outside of Munich was on the ground floor. After a few failed attempts, he had mastered the power chair, chuckling to himself how he resembled one of his favourite aliens from the Doctor Who series. He had even tried to mimic the “exterminate” in a metallic voice. Now he was safe inside his lair. He powered the chair around to the bathroom, making mental notes of the changes that would need to be made to make things easier, but this call of nature was too urgent. He heaved himself upright, with all his weight on his right leg as he relieved himself. He caught sight of his reflection in the mirror, turning his head to look at the repairs done after the operation. When he had first seen his head he had been horrified. The swelling was large and bloated, bright pink, making it look like he still had an enormous growth attached to him. Over the last week it had shrunk, and soon would be more or less back to normal. His head now had a misshapen look to it, distorted, but he was not overly concerned. His whole being was itching to get back to his plans. DL had been fortunate to have a respite while he was in surgery, so now it was time for it to continue.

He dropped back into the chair and steered it through into the lounge, pausing at a low table to collect a thick file, then heading towards a desk near the window. After climbing carefully up onto the chair, he flipped open his lap-top and searched through contact names and addresses. They were those who had patronised his houses OR owed him a favour. Some of them would be useful to him now. Finding one he thought would be perfect to start with, he copied the address across and clicked for his printer to complete an envelope. While it whirred into action, he opened the file and selected a few sheets of paper. These contained the names of all Der Unterworld employees, including Board members, who were party to Operation Babylon.

DL may have found ways to silence them, but a little pressure in the media would shake at least one of them loose. That was all he needed. Smiling to himself, he slipped the sheets into the completed envelope and sealed it. Sliding from his desk back into the powered chair, he guided it towards the front door and the small hall table, leaving the envelope to be collected by his help and posted tomorrow. Satisfied that he had accomplished the first of such mailings, he went back through to the lounge. It had been a while since he had enjoyed any pleasure, and he deserved some now. He picked up the phone and dialled a number, it being answered with a quiet “Ja?”.

My dear Christa, it has been a while since we last spoke. How are you?”

There were a few seconds hesitation before the woman answered in accented English.

Christopher. How lovely. You are back in town I gather? What can I do for you?”

Christopher picked up on the guarded tone, and chuckled to himself.

I know our last conversation was a little, heated, however I was hoping that Annabel was free?”

There was a longer pause this time, and he waited patiently for her reply.

I am not sure Annabel will want to see you, Christopher. You hurt her last time, marked her, and I do not like my girls to be used that way.”

Christopher laughed, and looked to placate her.

I have changed, Christa. Circumstances are completely different now, and I would simply love the company of a beautiful woman. I give you my word she will be returned unharmed.”

There was another long pause before Christa spoke again.

All I can do is pass on your request. Annabel has the right to refuse, of course, however if she chooses to see you what time shall I tell her?”

Christopher was pleased that there was still a possibility of company.

Thank you, Christa, and around 7 pm tonight would be perfect. Give her my love, and I hope she will come.”

He hung up the phone and smiled. The memories of having Annabel with him last time had made him hard. Thank god THAT had not been affected by the surgery! Having her again would be a just reward. Christopher had chosen Munich for his apartment due to its thriving sex industry and red light areas. He had spent many delightful hours trawling through the neon-lit streets seeking pleasure in all its forms. Christa had been a useful contact for him, during his frequent visits she had never failed to provide him with gorgeous girls. It was unfortunate that Annabel has experienced his hunger while the tumour was affecting him.

He actually missed the way it had made him feel. The lust and fire had burned in him constantly; however he did NOT miss the headaches. Happy that his evening was arranged, he powered through to the kitchen to make a light snack. He gave himself a mental pat on the back for being prudent enough to make contingency plans. The investment in property around Europe had been shrewd considering the present circumstances, and the hidden bank accounts had plenty to keep him going. He was reasonably confident that he could remain hidden for a long time, PROVIDED he was careful. It would give him all the time he needed to bring DL to his knees.

Going back through to the lounge he turned the TV on and scanned the satellite offerings. He found the BBC News service and settled back to catch up on what was happening.

He saw that there was an interactive “Red Button” that would allow him to search different news categories, and, after a check of the listings, he pressed on “Financial News”. There were the usual movers and shakers on the Market, but then he leaned forward in his chair as a name appeared on the FT100 board. Der Unterworld 2400 (-200). He whooped loudly, spraying his food across the carpet at those figures. It was going down! He lifted from the couch, and hopped his way around the room in some kind of demented dance. It was working!!! A few more releases from him, damning evidence of the cover-up, and those shares would dive faster, eventually going into free-fall as the rush to unload took over. He knew that every point shaved off those shares would be like a knife-wound to DL, and that the pressure would start to mount. Soon, all he would have time for was trying to save things, and would not be looking for him!

He fell back onto the couch breathless, exalted at the progress he was making, and relieved to be back in the business of destroying all that DL was. He had taken his woman and defiled her, he twitched again at the memory of Nicole, and ended his happiness there. Now all he had left was his precious business, and soon THAT would be gone also! Though in the back of his mind Christopher knew that his medical condition was mostly to blame for what happened, he still held DL responsible for destroying all that HE had tried to do. If he had been left alone, then Der Unterworld would have been on the brink of greatness now. It would be a world player, and the power that would have been in his hands immense! DL had not seen the future, instead choosing to cling to the antique beliefs (Christopher sneered) of the elitist so-called Old Guard. It was that lack of foresight that would be his undoing. With the scandal of the cover-up and fraud, there would be no chance of survival. No way back. DL and all his cronies would be left high and dry. He drained what was left of his drink, and let his mind wander back to Annabel. He should make sure he was ready for her visit. The last time he had the pleasure of her company, it had resulted in him beating her quite severely and the crop had actually split the skin on the inside of her thighs. She had riled him, so he would take extra care to be calm tonight.

Keep her sweet, and she could become a regular fixture in his new life in Munich. The twitch in his pants told him that he would enjoy THAT very much!

It was later than he had wished when Christopher opened the door to a scowling Annabel. Her look changed dramatically when she saw him in the powered chair, and she followed him slowly into the lounge of his apartment. Christopher spun the chair to face her.

Things are, as you can see, a little different from the last time we met, Annabel. I can only offer my apologies at my behaviour before.”

His hand went to the damaged side of his head.

But there were extenuating circumstances for that.”

Annabel watched him cautiously as she slipped from her coat and perched on the end of a chair.

You really hurt me, Christopher! I had to have surgery to hide the marks on my thigh.”

She lifted her dress to show him the pale scars.

And it cost a fortune!”

Christopher smiled at her pout and wheeled towards her, his hand going out to touch her cheek.

I will make sure that the cost is repaid to you, honey, and for coming to see me tonight I will pay double. I have not had the pleasure of a woman for a long time, so I am hoping you will find it in your heart to be nice to a poor crippled man?”

Annabel smiled her perfect smile at him as she ran her hands up his thighs to stroke across his groin.

Provided there is still some life in THIS, then I will make you happy, Christopher.”

Christopher laughed and held out his hand, helping Annabel climb into his lap and powering the chair towards the bedroom. Once there, he raised himself up and stood balanced at the end of the bed.

You may have to help me undress, honey, I can be a little clumsy at times.”

Annabel purred and moved over to start unbuttoning his shirt. She did it slowly and sensuously, her fingers running over his skin as it was exposed. She stood very close, so that her hips brushed across his obvious bulge as she swayed and teased his clothes off. When she lowered his pants, she gave a mock gasp at his hardness.

Hmm, Christopher! Is that all for me?

She smiled and lowered her head, taking his hard cock between her perfectly painted lips and sucked gently. She looked up at him as she did so, her tongue flicking over him like a snake as she withdrew. Her hand went up and cupped his balls, kneading them gently as she moved her mouth on him, little purrs in her throat as she expertly worked up and down the length of his shaft. Christopher sighed and closed his eyes, trying to think of anything that would stop himself from coming immediately. He growled when he failed and emptied into her mouth. Annabel licked her lips and looked up at him with a grin.

Not to worry, I think you needed that, and we have all night. I can make him hard as often as I like!”

Annabel had proven to be worth all of her $1000 fee. She kept Christopher hard for most of the night, proving to be quite the acrobat when his disability got in the way. He lay there completely sated as she dressed in the first light of dawn, and he admired the way she moved silently and efficiently to gather her things. She turned and noticed he was awake, so came over and sat on the edge of the bed.

You are a lot nicer person than I thought, Christopher. Perhaps you may want me to come again very soon?”

Christopher smiled tiredly at her.

Give me chance to recover, and I will call Christa to make the arrangements.”

Annabel grinned , kissed him again, and left quietly. Christopher rolled over in the bed and let the empty champagne bottle slip from his hand. He had been THIS close to knocking her senseless and keeping her here for another day or two, but he was aware that Christa would probably be keeping an eye on Annabel. He would have to be patient. He chuckled to himself when he felt his cock twitch at some of the thoughts he was having about how he would enjoy Annabel given half the chance. Obviously not ALL his tastes in sex were caused by the tumour! Though tired, he felt restless, so slipped off the bed and hopped through to the lounge. Dropping into the chair at his desk, he pulled up his mail address and flicked through the spam and rubbish that had found its way in there, until one mail caught his eye.

Urgent Dark Prince”

I will not leave you my name as I do not want to be traced to you, but I have been visited by some Japanese gentlemen who asked some VERY serious questions about you. I will admit to being scared, but give you my word I gave them nothing useful. You are being hunted Dark Prince so take care”

Christopher rubbed his chin in thought. He was not naïve enough to think that DL would not look for him; however who the hell were these Japanese people? He didn’t know of anyone who had reason to look for him APART from DL, so there must be a link somewhere. He tried to send a thank-you reply, but the mailer instantly said the address was not known. They had covered their tracks well. With a shrug, he deleted the message.

At least he had been warned, so anyone with an oriental look to them would be considered suspicious from now on. He had no great plans to be out and about; however he couldn’t stay locked up here for ever. Darkness and the bustling streets of Munich would be a good cover should the urge for fresh air prove hard to resist.

After returning to his bedroom, Christopher lay and thought about his next few moves. The information he was leaking will start to take effect very soon. Der Unterworld was already suffering financially, and the pressure on DL would become unbearable. With a few more releases, some that were directly linked to his arch enemy, then DL’s ability to utilise the systems in the company would be removed. This would make him harder to find.

He stretched wearily, and slipped under the cool sheets. A smile played over his lips at the thought of the anger and frustration he must be causing. Everything he could do to make DL’s life a misery would bring him pleasure. He wanted to invade every aspect, defile and destroy everything that the man held dear. Then he would go after DL himself. He knew in his current physical condition he would be easy meat for the much bigger man, however he had money. That would buy him the right sort of help. He had visions of a beaten and bleeding Gabriel Douglas dragged across the floor towards him, and deposited in a heap at his feet. It would then be HIS turn to pass a judgement and have the sentence carried out. There would be only one. Death.

His last thought, as sleep claimed him, brought a quiet chuckle.

I will see him on his knees.”


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