Edition One: Taken To The Edge

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 Bad Debts Teaser!!

Bad Debts

Gemma dreaded the post coming.

Every day she would hear the clatter of mail, and wonder what other bad news it would bring. Since leaving her job (because of that bastard!!) things had not gone well; bills were stacking up, people were chasing her for money and she knew the house was under threat. With trembling hands she opened each letter, until one that she had been dreading was on the table before her. It told her that due to the arrears and that she had made no contact with them, the mortgage company had passed the debt to a firm of Bailiffs and they will be in touch to arrange collection of the debt; or maybe even take things from her house and sell them to recover the money! She sat in silence and just looked at the letter.

Two days later the phone rang as she came in from the shops. She picked it up with a cheery hello, and a voice she did not know introduced themselves.

“Miss Stevens? My name is Dan Lewis of 1st Recovery Ltd. We have been instructed by our clients to collect on arrears on a mortgage secured on your property. I would like to arrange a time when I can come and discuss this with you?”

Gemma held her breath and stayed quiet.

“Hello? Miss Stevens? Its no good pretending you’re not there, this matter will not go away. I have a scheduled visit in your area this week, so I think its better I just pop round and see if we can get this thing sorted ok?”

Gemma once again didn’t say anything, and the phone went dead in her hand. She replaced the handset with a sigh, and then returned to the task of putting away her shopping.

The rest of the week dragged by; with Gemma refusing to answer any more phone calls unless she recognised the number calling. Late on the Thursday evening she stepped from the shower and was heading into her bedroom when the front doorbell rang.

Cursing her sister, (who was supposed to come round earlier) she padded downstairs in a towel and opened the door.

The large man at the door surprised her, more so when he stepped forward to prevent her closing the door again.

“Miss Stevens? I’m Dan Lewis, we spoke earlier this week.”

Gemma looked up at him. He was over six feet tall, broad, the deep tan masking his age and the smooth head giving an almost boyish quality to his face. It was his eyes that worried her the most. They were large and dark, and had the look of a predator about them, so that even though he was smiling she knew they were appraising her and the towel did not hide much.

“Mr Lewis! This is not a good time for this. It is late and I think it would be best if you came back at another time ok?”

She was alarmed when he ignored her and stepped further into the house, making her back away. He turned slightly and closed the front door behind him.

“Miss Stevens, we may as well try to sort this out now don’t you think? Every time I make a trip here costs money, and that is added to the overall debt. If I come back again then it will cost you another £300.”

She saw his eyes flick over her curves, still slightly wet from the shower, and a glint appeared for a fleeting second. She pulled the damp towel tighter around her.

“£300!! Are you kidding?? How can you charge someone THAT much?? I can’t afford to keep paying that type of amount!”

He smiled at her a very predatory smile.

“Then it is best we come to an arrangement now then isn’t it? I think I can do something for you”

He stepped forward so that she backed away again, the wall behind her preventing her from moving further.

He came very close; his eyes raking over her body, his nostrils flaring like an animal as he took in the scent of her shower oils. His right hand came up and stroked through her damp hair. She shook her head to remove it.

“Wha…what do you think you are doing?? Leave me alone, get out of my house NOW!!”

He looked into her eyes and smiled again.

“Listen to me little Gemma, I know you cannot afford to make a payment, and I can add as much as I like to the bill. If you want to keep this pathetic house of yours then you had better be nice to me, ok? Make me happy and I’ll show on the paperwork you are making an effort to settle this; otherwise I report you are avoiding the debt and we will commence taking your stuff (he looked around the hall) and you don’t have much of value do you?”

She glared up at him with hatred.

“You fucking bastard! I bet you love preying on people, big man that you are (she sneered at him) you think you frighten me?”

She saw a shadow in his eyes, and he moved very quickly. He grabbed her arms and pinned her wrists over her head, at the same time his knee pushed between her thighs and pressed her against the wall. She could feel herself lifted onto her toes as he held her there chuckling. His eyes devoured her body, and she could feel an ominous hardness pressing into her hip. His free hand came up and the fingers closed over the top of the towel.

“Now, you have only one chance at this little girl so listen well! Make a fuss about this and I’ll have you out of this house and on the street within the month. You be a good little slut and do what I ask and you get to live here a little longer. It’s your choice?”

Gemma was truly scared now. She could see in his eyes he meant every word that he said; she felt helpless pinned against the wall, and she knew she did not really have a choice at all. She felt tears begin to well in her eyes as she dropped her head.

“What…what do you want me to do? Please don’t hurt me; I’ll try to do what you ask! Just don’t hurt me, I’ll be good I promise…”

He slowly pulled the towel downwards, exposing her firm breasts. The nipples hardened at the cooler air, and she saw him lick his lips.

“I am going to enjoy this…”

Then he pulled the towel from her body.

He ran his hands across her breasts pulling at her nipples hard enough to make her yelp, which brought another chuckle from him.

“You have a cute little body girlie, I adore curves.”

He moved his hand to her face and rubbed his thumb over her lips.

“But this; this is dirty. I think I’ll make it learn some respect first so on your knees!”

He didn’t release her hands as she lowered herself to the floor. He reached down and unzipped himself, and struggled slightly to remove his cock. Gemma’s eyes widened at the size of him as it twitched in her face. He moved his hips closer, and the large cock pressed into her cheek. His free hand came down and moved her face so that his cock now rubbed her lips.

“Open wide bitch, and show me what you can do!”

Gemma swallowed hard, and parted her lips. He didn’t give her time to move as he pushed forward into her mouth, going far deeper than she was comfortable with and making her throat heave. He laughed and withdrew a little. She closed her lips on him and started to suck, moving her tongue over and around the large tip, thinking all the time of finding the quickest way to make him come so then he will leave.

He had other ideas, and taking a handful of her hair he pulled her roughly onto himself and started to fuck her face. Gemma spluttered and moaned, but he held her tight and used her mouth. After what seemed like a lifetime to Gemma he withdrew with a bubble of saliva dribbling from the tip of his cock, her chin and neck coated with her own juices and his pre-cum.




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