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Conversations With The Heart

What makes a Poet?

According to a psychologist friend of mine, they are, in her words, manically expressive masochists. They each have the overwhelming urge to share their words regardless of the cost to themselves. She cited the examples in history; the troubled souls who have given us such poignant offerings while suffering in hardship for their art. We were discussing this after I wrote a piece in response to a prompt, and she picked up instantly on the imagery I had used.

Within a chest tired heart it beats

Each scar constricting flow

Carved willingly, to find the words

That make the quill with passion glow

Attached to soul, it knows no bounds

It giveth all the feelings hold

Sharing tears, soft smiles and sighs

Baring truth ’til love runs cold

Tread softly now, all ye with need

The poet will with word inspire

To give you prose to claim as own

While deep within builds lonely fire.

Why, she asked, do you say that there is a cost you must pay in creating such poems? And why, knowing that it is there, do you still do it?

My response was simple; because I can, and at times I must.

I can still picture the quizzical look tinged with sympathy that produced, and her smiled “Then you are bloody certifiable!”

There wasn’t really a lot I could say to that.

I hope you enjoy this collection, and find some words to call your own.

The first section I will call “Inspirational”. These are pieces that have come from prompts that have a motivational feel, or are simply designed to make you realize there should be NO giving up on your dreams regardless of the cost.

This first was from #AsymLife, and their prompt was: Against The Pain.

In darkest hour, when all seems lost

And mind seeks flight against the pain

Reach out for Me, I’ll bear the load

Think not that tears increase the cost

Breathe deep, My love, for I am here

My hand waits yours, as always strong

Let Me hold, keep safe tired heart

To soothe away that crippling fear

Take courage from the calming words

I’ll whisper close throughout the night

In softest verse your faith renewed

Together now to face this fight.

The next came from a conversation between two characters in a film. She asked him what would he be prepared to do for her, at any cost, for them to be together. He stumbled over his words, and she picked up on his hesitation.

I wanted to shout at the screen for him to tell her…

So I went and wrote him a few lines.

Anything For Love

To walk that mile

On broken glass

To split that vein

My life to pass

To fight the dark

Your demons slay

To hold you close

On saddest day

To build a world

That brings your peace

Keep safe and sound

Til terrors cease

All this I pledge

To gods above

They’ll not deny Me

Anything, for love.

Musings Of A Darker Mind

Talk Softly And Carry A Deviant Mind

Whenever the subject of “Alternative sexual practices” is raised in the public forum there are those who immediately think it is ALL about whips, chains and kinky clothing. While I will admit that SOME of those things can be a great deal of fun, I would put forward that most miss out on THE most important thing of all. That, my dear reader, is the mind. Often overlooked as the largest sexual organ in the body, it is the key to understanding and relating to the poetry and prose in this book. Without the minds of all parties being in the same place, having the same desires, then nothing of worth can be achieved. As in all things, there are followers and there are leaders. It is the willingness of the followers to allow others to lead that opens up the whole realm of raw passion and desire that drives them to a different place. It is the imagination and darkness in the leaders that allows the followers to experience those moments they have either wondered about or ached for. It is a symbiosis of need, played out against a backdrop of pleasure.

Come to the edge” he said

I can’t” she said “I am frightened I will fall”

Come to the edge” he said “I will keep you safe”

So she stepped up to the edge.

He held her softly, before pushing her over.

She didn’t fall. She flew.

He knew she would.

We will start gently, so that you have an inkling of what you will find in here.

This first piece is from a prompt by #orjay: “Conquering The Dark”

I subtitled it “Accepting your role”.

When it takes hold, it’s there for keeps

Becomes a part of all you are

There may be times you pull away

But you will never, ever, get too far

A voice inside may whisper low

To conquer darkness is your right

Head for the light, there’s safety there

Turn from these creatures of the night

A hopeless task, My shadow girl

Your die is cast in steel

The call to pleasure claims you now

Relax, come close, I’ll make you feel.

So how, I hear you ask, will you know if they have a mind that is inclined towards those darker thoughts? You have to look closely, and ignore what you see on the surface.

This is from a #MadVerse prompt: “Tangled Shadows”

Who would have guessed in girl so pure

That darkness swirled deep in her mind

The tangled shadows claimed her thoughts

To tempt her with desires unkind

On surface such an innocent seemed

Beloved by all who shared her soul

Yet there, beneath her skin so fair

Lurked demons who would eat her whole

So don’t be fooled by beauty’s grace

Look deeper, see what lies within

They may be all that you desire

But have a heart made black with sin

Unashamed Emotions

For you, My readers.

How would we poets be inspired

If naught exist to break the heart?

If paths of love so smoothly flowed

And nothing caused sad souls to part?

Its journey through from birth to death

The aches endured, the joys embraced

Feed the quills of eager Scribes

To tell of turmoil often faced

So I, for one, give thanks to gods

That human heart endures so deep

Without its strength I’d have no tales

For me to spin, and you to keep.

Thank you x


To long for something or someone can be almost crippling in its intensity. Every waking hour it sits at the back of your mind haunting you, and, though you may not acknowledge it, it will start to cloud your judgment.

This first piece was inspired by the Sam Smith song “Risk It All”, which, upon first hearing it, stayed with me for several days.

I know at some point I will.

You are everything I know I shouldn’t have

I know there is a chance it will shatter and break

Always as vulnerable as a candle in the wind

Yet I have to try, if only for My soul’s sake

Call me foolish, call Me reckless, doubt Me again

Here I am, all I have, I will wait for you

Your smile is carved upon this weary heart

To hear you whisper My name will make it true

I have scorned so many temptations

Taken what was needed, then walked away

Cast feelings aside, cruel in My intent

All in the hope that there will be that day

I have to risk it all, there is no longer choice

I am damned already, it won’t matter if I fail

For one moment, one touch, upon your cheek

Hear Me girl, listen close, I WILL prevail.

That longing can be multiplied tenfold if you know the object of your desire is watching and waiting too. Feeling their eyes on you makes the yearn build, increases resolve, but doesn’t help you sleep at night.

I feel their touch, their warm embrace

Glistening soft as they see me

An instant melt inside my heart

As feelings shared with one like me

Do I deserve to hold their gaze

Can they see the man inside?

Will the darkness swirling deep

Be seen as is, or shall it hide?

Within your eyes, for moments brief

I find the peace of love unknown

I’ll take each time, and hold it close

A gift so rarely has been shown


Poetry, prose, novels and darker thoughts!

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