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Angela set out to create the ultimate playground. It is a world where, not only do we see the object of our desires, but we get to FEEL them as though in the room with us. With the use of cutting-edge technology, she had some of the brightest minds available to make it happen. The experiences she unleashed on the Alternative community blew their minds, and soon became the hottest thing since mankind had learned to experience an orgasm. In a world going through a financial crisis, it was the very wealthy who flocked to use her new creation, and they were exactly the type of people to attract predators.
To someone without, who felt they were entitled, it proved irresistible. With the skills they possessed they could gain access undetected, and enjoy the pleasures they craved regardless of the barriers in place. At the push of a button, Eden had become Hell, and they would never know what had hit them….

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Future Desires

Mind Games

Douglas Vaughan

Copyright © 2013 Douglas Vaughan

All rights reserved.

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This book is dedicated to those of you who possess imagination. I don’t mean the run-of-the-mill day-dreaming, but the vivid flights of fancy that can transport you to a completely different place. As a writer I am blessed, or cursed, to be able to take Myself to a whole new state of consciousness when deep into the storyline of a book. The world flowing through My fingers into the keyboard becomes real, and, in that moment, I cease to exist in this current realm. Call it escapism, call it avoiding reality, it matters not; it is where the stories live.

So, to those of you who have this affliction, this book is for you.

Douglas Vaughan

June 20th 2016







House Call












Old Acquaintance



Getting Closer



Taking Chances






Into Wonderland



Tables Turned






Fight Or Flight



In His Eyes



The power of the mind is still an area in which we are barely scratching the surface. We have some idea of its infinite capabilities, but, as of yet, we are unable to tap into it.

Or so they would have us believe.

There have been whispers, rumours, for many years that Government agencies have found a way to tap into the mind. There are dark mutterings about the potential uses of this new-found resource, that none of us would be safe, so it is understandable that information would be restricted. So let us, just for the moment, imagine if it WERE true.

Angela set out to create the ultimate playground. It is a world where, not only do we see the object of our desires, but we get to FEEL them as though in the room with us. With the use of cutting-edge technology, she had some of the brightest minds available to make it happen. The experiences she unleashed on the Alternative community blew their minds, and soon became the hottest thing since mankind had learned to experience an orgasm. In a world going through a financial crisis, it was the very wealthy who flocked to use her new creation, and they were exactly the type of people to attract predators.

To someone without, who felt they were entitled, it proved irresistible. With the skills they possessed they could gain access undetected, and enjoy the pleasures they craved regardless of the barriers in place. At the push of a button, Eden had become Hell, and they would never know what had hit them….

Chapter one


Margaret wasn’t expecting to feel hands on her, so turned quickly to growl an expletive at the culprit. She also didn’t expect the wave of pleasure that ran up her legs, through her hips, and onward up to her neck. She whimpered helplessly as her body hummed and twitched, the first orgasm taking her breath away, the second making her fall to her knees and moan loudly. She could feel the juices pouring from her as she rolled onto her back and shuddered, her body flopping like a puppet with cut strings as the sensations built again. Her nipples distended and pushed into her bra uncomfortably, while her thighs spread wide and she felt herself penetrated. Her hips lifted of their own accord to allow deeper access, her body rocking on the floor as she came again through sobs of pleasure. It was almost too much, she had never felt so wanton and desperate for release, and her frazzled mind could hear herself begging to be fucked harder.

When Norman Brennan found his wife lying on the floor, his first thought was of a heart attack. The call to the Paramedics was urgent and tearful as he held her in his arms. It was only as they fixed her to a stretcher that he noticed the helmet that had rolled under the nearby couch.


Angela Moody, a.k.a. Lady J, sat at her desk and purred over the latest set of sales figures. When she had given DL estimates she had erred on the side of caution with good reason; the market was unknown.

After a year since the release of the Sensor 1 the world was still clamouring for the ultimate in cyber experience, over 5 million units had been sold, and the demand was still rising! They had moved production to a new purpose-built facility to cope with the sales, however, the delay in delivery only seemed to serve to drive the demand higher!

She scanned down the huge numbers until she found what she was REALLY interested in; the Ultimate Package sales.

The number of people that could afford the package price had surprised her, and, as a frequent but anonymous visitor to the special play area, she was aware of how much it was being used. The recession didn’t seem to be affecting these people at all. She had yet to use it for pleasure, however when she had “Ghosted”, the new expression for watching other people during their fun, she had come away with damp panties and an ache. It wouldn’t be long before she indulged. The buzz from her intercom interrupted her flow of erotic thoughts, so with a growl she answered, “Yes?” and waited to see what was so important.

The quiet and calm voice of Stephen, her P.A., drifted out from the machine.

My apologies for disturbing you, Mistress, however you have a 10 am appointment who has arrived early. Would you like to see them now, or shall I serve coffee and wait until the appointed time?”

Angela flicked open her desk diary to see who it was. Dan Crowther was a columnist for one of the more highbrow technology magazines, and she had reluctantly agreed to see him to answer some of his questions regarding the Sensor 1. With a sigh she replied.

May as well send him in, Stephen, I want to get him out of the way before the Board Meeting at lunchtime, and I have a feeling I may need some Tech support for this. Give the development office a call and have them send up someone capable of answering any in-depth specification questions, and make sure they send their best!”

Stephen acknowledged the instructions, so Angela stood and crossed to the less formal seating area at the other end of her office. After a quick check of her hair and make-up in the mirror, she turned to face the door to greet her visitor. The man who was ushered in bore no relation to the image she had created in her mind. This was no pasty-faced techno-nerd with a dubious sense of dress; instead Dan Crowther moved and looked very much like a younger version of Gabriel Douglas! His resemblance to DL threw her normal poise into a spin, so much so that he had held his hand out in greeting before she regained her composure. She noticed the twinkle in his eye and the raised eyebrow (another similarity) as she took his large hand, yet when he spoke it was in complete contrast to the man she knew. The soft Southern drawl of pure New Orleans dripped like treacle across the space between them.

I sure do appreciate you seeing me, Ma’am, I know how busy you must be.”

Angela smiled and inclined her head in acknowledgement before indicating the long leather couch beside them.

Take a seat, Mr. Crowther, and I shall try to answer any questions you may have. I have taken the liberty of asking one of my Development team to join us, as I would hate to give you incorrect facts and figures.”

Dan Crowther smiled in a true lazy fashion, his bright blue eyes holding hers as he settled back into the deep cushions.

Y’all know far more about your machine than I do, Ma’am, so the technical side is probably beyond me. What I am interested in today is the MENTAL impact such a device may have on its user, and has there been any study on its affects so far?”

Angela thought fast. This was NOT what she had expected, or in truth wanted, so she would have to be very careful how she handled this. They had employed a team of psychologists to put together a questionnaire for users to gauge any negative responses, however she did not have the latest data from that. DAMN she hated to be unprepared! She gave him her best smile as her brain raced.

We have taken steps to monitor that information, Mr. Crowther, and review it on a regular basis. As far as I am aware we have discovered nothing that indicates any negative effects at all, however I would need to get the current reports to answer that fully.”

She saw the pleasure in his eyes when he realised he had caught her on the hop, and she cursed inwardly as his smile grew broader. He slowly crossed one long leg over the other and shifted to face her fully, his body language telling her he felt in control.

It would be a great help to me if those were available, Ma’am, the good ‘ol boys on the Editorial team will crucify my poor ass if I give them guesswork.”

Angela was saved by the quiet knock at the door, and the entrance of her technical support. She held up her hand to stop him.

I’m sorry, but I won’t need your help with this. I would appreciate you contacting Dr. Trelawny, and ask him to bring up the latest evaluation reports for me instead.”

The young man looked slightly relieved that he wasn’t needed, and confirmed he would do as she asked before scuttling out of the room. Angela decided to use the delay to defuse the situation and turned on her charm.

You do not look like a technical journalist, Mr. Crowther, far too good looking, and I am interested in how a Southern boy like yourself ended up over here in rainy England?”

Dan Crowther smiled his lazy smile and shrugged, but not before letting his eyes flick over the woman sat close to him. He took in her trim figure, the good legs, and her expensive power suit in one glance before returning his gaze to her face. He was pleased to see the slight colouring on her cheeks. She had seen his appraisal.

You flatter me, Ma’am. I’m just a N’Orleans boy trying to make his way in this world, and going where the work takes me. After my Psychology Major, work was pretty much all dried up in the ‘States, and the magazine offered me a column of my own so here I am. I have to say that y’all know how to make a soul feel welcome, and I have enjoyed my time here more than I thought.”

Angela knew that behind the good looks and easy charm lay a sharp mind; she would have to be careful with this one! She had felt the burn on her cheeks when his eyes rolled over her, and chided herself for reacting like a little girl. She built a mental image of him kneeling at her feet, as all the men in her life did, and she found some comfort in knowing that were the circumstances different he would not be so cocky! His next comment threw her.

Have you been a regular user of the Sensor 1 yourself, Ma’am? I understand it can do some mighty strange things to a person once you let it into your head, and your Premium members are ALL about getting as much pleasure from each other as they can. I was chatting to a lovely gal from High Fashion magazine last week, and she got all gooey-eyed at what it had done to her. Have you experienced that yet?”

She could feel his eyes boring into her as she shifted uncomfortably on the couch, the intimate nature of the question catching her out completely. She composed her face before answering him, her voice taking on a slight edge.

That is a very personal question, Mr. Crowther, and one I am not inclined to answer. As part of its development process I helped as much as I could of course, but those sessions were confined to the technical aspects of how user-friendly we could make it. Have YOU used a headset yet?”

He had picked up the tone, and the slight change in her demeanour, so held up his hands defensively.

I’m sorry if I caused offence Ma’am, I had no mind to do so! I’m a simple Louisiana boy and forget my manners sometimes, so please forgive me? I haven’t gotten around to trying one of the devices so far as they are a little outside of my pay-scale, but I sure hope to get the chance mighty soon.”

Angela breathed a sigh of relief when the door opened again and the portly figure of Dr. Trelawny was ushered into the room. After brief introductions, he perched his half-moon glasses on his nose and opened the file he was carrying.

As you will see, the file has very little in it. We have had no reports of anything worth investigating, and the uptake of the questionnaire has been slightly disappointing. It seems the community that use the Sensor 1 are not inclined to share their experiences outside of the virtual world.”

He offered the file to Dan Crowther, who briefly cast his eyes over the summary sheet within. He turned the page, and smiled when he discovered the copy of the questionnaire within. He started to read through the questions slowly, his analytical brain gauging what types of responses each would illicit. This caused alarm bells to sound as he worked down the list. He creased his brow, and looked up at the psychiatrist opposite him.

These questions are too specific, and actually guide the subject towards giving an answer that is preferable. Look at this one, number 4…Have you experienced any sensation that has caused confusion or pain…that only requires a simple yes or no answer, and doesn’t give scope to discuss any OTHER type of sensation. If you are going to ask this type of question, you need to give the subject the opportunity to tell you WHAT they felt, and not be so blinkered in responding to the things you have listed.”

The older man coughed and spluttered, his face turning dark red as he peered at Dan Crowther with barely disguised outrage.

I’ll have you know those questions were put together by a team of the most highly qualified psychiatrists in the country! Do you have the nerve to think that you could do better?”

The young journalist held his ground, leaning forward to make his point.

What I am saying is that some of these questions are DESIGNED to give a positive outcome! You expect people to put down that they had a psychotic episode, or that they became dis-associated after a prolonged session of use? They are not qualified to assess what happened to them, and it is YOUR job (he pointed a finger at the psychiatrist) to gather that information in a way that you can make an informed judgement! I would be interested to see those questionnaires you HAVE received to see exactly what it was that you didn’t think required further investigation!”

Angela could feel the tension in the room, and decided she should act to bring this whole thing to a close. She looked at Dr. Trelawny and smiled in a placating manner.

I am sure that Mr Crowther was not doubting your qualifications or abilities in your field, Doctor. If you would kindly leave us, and a copy of your findings with my receptionist, I will talk with you later.”

The psychiatrist looked confused at the obvious dismissal, and, with a huff and a nod, he rose and stalked out of the room. Angela turned her attention back to the younger man.

Perhaps you and I should talk further on this matter at a later date? If you feel we may be missing something I would appreciate your input.”

Dan Crowther stood and offered his hand again, only this time it held a business card.

It would be a pleasure, Ma’am. My numbers are all on there, so feel free to call me at any time. I thank you for seeing me today, and hope I haven’t caused any upset?”

Angela took the card and glanced at the printed information. His personal cell-phone number was listed, so she made a note to use that for all communication. After showing him to the door she returned to her desk deep in thought. The LAST thing she needed was some reporter putting out a story that there may be hidden dangers in using the Sensor 1, so this had to be put to bed as soon as possible. She pressed the button on her intercom and spoke to Stephen.

Is Dr. Trelawny still around? He is? Good, send him back in immediately!”

She waited a few moments before the door opened again, and the psychiatrist stomped across to her desk. His face was still beetroot red as he muttered in indignation.

I have NEVER, in all my years, had my integrity questioned in such…”

Angela held up her hand and glared at him.

Shut up! I want copies of every questionnaire that has been returned on my desk within the hour, and I mean ALL of them!”

The psychiatrist stood there open-mouthed for a second, before turning around with a shake of his head and exiting her office. Angela pressed the intercom again.

Go with the doctor and make sure that the information I have asked him for is back here as quickly as possible, and cancel all my appointments for the rest of the day!”

Angela sat back in her large chair and steepled her fingers, her mind working over the implications of the morning.

In a small village just outside Malaga in Spain, Juanita Mendez writhed under the assault on her senses. She had gone into the “Extreme Playground” of the Ultimate Room, and had immediately felt herself pushed to the ground. Fingers had torn at her clothes, and she imagined the bruises they would leave behind as she was held helplessly under the invisible attacker. Her fantasy had always been for brutal sex, to be taken against her will, but this was TOO real! She finally managed to tear the headset off and lay whimpering on her bed, glad that the house was empty and she would have time to recover before her husband returned.

She stood on shaky legs and crossed to the mirror. Undoing her robe, she twisted her leg so she could look at the inside of her thigh. There were no marks there at all. She KNEW she had felt fingers digging into her, forcing her thighs apart, but there were no obvious signs. She checked her upper arms, once again finding nothing, and shook her head in disbelief. With the exception of her ruined make-up, there was no evidence at all of her assault. She turned at looked at the discarded headset lying on the end of the bed. Sandor, her husband, had finally agreed to indulge her the cost after yet another disappointing attempt at sex. He was thirty years her senior, and, though she loved him dearly, she needed to feel being taken by a man. They had tried various remedies, spending a small fortune on prescription medicines and even an implant for him, but it hadn’t really worked. The headset had taken a while to arrive, and, the moment she was alone to use it, she had been wet at the thought of the delights it would bring. Now she wasn’t quite so sure. She still had the ache of pent-up passion, but next time she would find somewhere friendlier to explore.

Juanita Mendez sat at her dresser and carefully repaired her appearance; her mind already drifting over what she would prepare for dinner that night.



Carl Strummer, the CEO of Cyberforth Inc., banged his meaty fist on the boardroom table and made the other occupants in the room flinch. He glared at them all individually before turning to face his Technical Director with a sneer.

All you ever tell me is “Its difficult!” It can’t be THAT fucking difficult if those amateurs over at Der Unterworld can do it! You are supposed to be some hot-shot fucking brain with the MIT qualifications, and you have the most expensive team of researchers to work with, so why have you not solved this?”

The TD held the angry gaze and formulated his answer carefully.

We have tried to “obtain” the information we need from the servers they use, but their security is phenomenal. Duplicating the headsets is not the problem, what they send to the brain via the uplink is the issue.”

He stood and moved around to the whiteboard at the end of the table.

The electrical impulses that the brain receives are de-coded by different neurons depending on what that signal consists of. Those neurons then transmit that information through chemical and electrical signals into the receptive areas specific to the functions required. All this happens millions of times a second, and, while we can record the activity, until now we have not had the ability to orchestrate OR manipulate.”

They have discovered how to do it, and THAT is the information we need. It could take us years to work through what data we have in the hope of replicating their work, so we need to cut corners.”

The whole room understood what he was saying. The silence was palpable before Carl Strummer resumed his chair and spoke quietly.

I will not allow them to monopolise the market like this any further, so, gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to a new employee.”

The door at the end of the room opened, and the tall man who entered walked quickly to stand beside the CEO. He acknowledged the hand that was placed on his shoulder, and turned to face the members of the board as Carl Strummer outlined his plans.

This young man is going to get inside Der Unterworld for us. Steps have already been taken (he held up a hand to stem the questions) that will be on a need-to-know basis, and I envisage that within the next month we will have the information we require.”


On the other side of the world, Angela lay back in her bath and enjoyed the foot massage. Her “Boys” had a foot each, and the firm but experienced fingers soon made her sigh and feel the stress of the day dissipate. She thought about Dan Crowther, and realised that he had intrigued her a fair amount.

He was not openly submissive. He displayed the attitude of an experienced Dominant, however her research into him had not revealed any links to the LifeStyle or kinky practices. He had been comfortable in his skin, confident, another trait he shared with DL, but there was no discernible “edge” to him at all. She had to admit she had found that attractive, and the images that were flowing through her mind right now were making her heat up. She opened her eyes, and tried to decide which one of her two slaves she would allow to pleasure her. Both were well-endowed muscular studs, and, as identical twins, there was nothing on the surface to separate them. Thomas had the more experienced tongue. She shook the foot he was holding to get his attention.

I need your mouth, boy, so come and kneel just here.”

She tapped the rolled edge of the large bath, his pleasure at being selected obvious as his cock started to harden immediately. His brother Anthony grimaced but continued to manipulate her toes as he watched enviously from the end. Once Thomas had knelt, Angela eased herself upright and spread her thighs, her hands holding his large head to guide his mouth onto her pussy. She tilted her head back and moaned as his tongue penetrated her lips quickly, lapping and flicking at her clit, teasing down over her opening before delving inside. She could feel the tension building quickly, so digging her nails into his scalp she ground her hips against his face to enjoy the feel of his heavy breathing against her skin. She came with a growl, bucking hard against him, before pushing him away and lowering herself back into the warm bubbles. She waved her hand at them, the quiet “Leave me!” receiving two sharp bows as they retreated from the room. She smiled happily at the way her imagination had placed Dan Crowther between her thighs, and wondered if he was capable of doing the same to her?

Perhaps she would call him after her bath, and set up another meeting to discuss the questionnaire with him; after all, he HAD said to call at any time? Once she had dried herself and slipped into her favourite robe, she wandered through her apartment and into the large lounge. After instructing the boys to give her some privacy, she reached for the business card and phone, pleased that he answered after only a couple of rings.

Dan? This is Angela from Der Unterworld, I hope I’m not disturbing you?”

His accent oozed down the phone at her, and the chuckle in his voice was obvious.

Not at all, Ma’am, I had been hoping you would call. I thought I may have over-stayed my welcome with you previously, so I’m mighty pleased to hear from you.”

Angela settled back with a satisfied smile and purred back down the phone at him.

I would like to discuss you changing the questionnaire for me to make it more informative. Could you do that?”

Dan Crowther smiled at his reflection in the large glass window opposite.

It would surely be a pleasure to help you, Ma’am, I am honoured you would ask! I know its late, and past the hour for a man to visit a lady at home, so shall we arrange something for the mornin’?”

Angela stretched out like a cat across the soft leather of the couch, her chuckle barely reaching him at the other end of the phone.

I am a lady who likes things to be done, Mr Crowther, and the time is of no consequence. I shall expect you within the next hour?”

After giving him her address she terminated the call and called for the boys. They were both confused at the sudden granting of a night off, but it didn’t take long for them to change and bid her goodnight. Angela poured herself a large brandy and stood looking down at the city below her apartment. She had not moved from here even after the Christopher incident; a complete makeover and refurnish had erased all traces of him, and she was happy to call it home. She decided she would stay natural for the visit of Dan Crowther, no make-up and just her robe, her long hair drying into soft curls to see if his interest in her could be reproduced. She knew she looked good for her age, her skin still tight and flawless on her face, and her body was kept in shape through hard work in the gym. The robe would give him glimpses, teases, and she was still wondering if he would take the bait when the buzzer for her apartment sounded. With a quick flick of her hair, she walked across and slipped the latch on the front door before turning to go back to the window. The brandy was helping to build the heat in her stomach. In less than five minutes, she heard the elevator arrive and his footsteps sounding in the hallway before coming into her home. She turned at the quiet “Ma’am?” as he entered the lounge, his eyes taking in her silhouette against the cityscape outside. She saw a change in his face as his pace increased and he crossed the floor towards her, and Angela leaned back against the glass when he loomed over her. Without warning, his hands were on her shoulders, turning her to press her face and chest against the cool window. One large hand moved to the back of her neck as the other pulled her robe up sharply. She whimpered as she felt his hand between them, releasing his pants so that his hard cock pushed against the top of her ass. He growled into her ear.

Up onto your toes, Ma’am, it will help me go deeper!”

Angela did as she was told and raised, while at the same time pushing her hips back at him. She gasped when he entered her, joined quickly by a moan from him when he felt the heat in her. They stood coupled against the window, his thrusts almost lifting her off her feet as they grunted in time. He lowered his head and kissed her exposed neck, Angela leaning into him, her hands going back around his hips to pull him against her harder. They both became more frantic, his grunts louder to match her gasps as they pushed each other towards orgasm. Her whispered plea to come took him over the edge at the same time. They both collapsed into a heap on the floor, his arms wrapping around her as she turned to face him. His eyes were dark but full of laughter as he gave her his best lazy Southern smile.

Y’all needed that as much as I did!”

Angela grinned back at him.

You are a bad man, Mr Crowther! What happened to the good old-fashioned Southern Gentleman?”

He shrugged theatrically.

I guess that ol’ boy left the room the minute I saw a hot lil gal standing in front of the window displaying her wares!”

Angela batted her eyelashes in mock modesty.

Surely you don’t mean ME, Mr. Crowther? I was merely looking to spend a little time discussing business, and you took advantage of me!”

Dan raised an eyebrow and shook his head at her.

Y’all mean to tell me that your hot lil cooch is always that wet when discussing business? And I seem to remember some lil hips pushing back AT me instead of trying to get away?”

Angela chuckled and patted his cheek.

You may have a valid argument there, now, be a dear, and fetch me a long cold drink from the bar.”

Dan looked at her askance before rolling her away from him, his hand landing a hefty slap to her ass as he stood and crossed the room. Angela had yelped when the blow landed, and pouted at his swagger when he returned with two frosted beers. He looked into her eyes and smiled again.

Somethin’ botherin’ you, Ma’am?”

Angela grumbled but said nothing, tucking her robe around her as she sipped on the beer. She knew he was vanilla, but there was a possibility he would take to being a little more to her usual tastes. He was comfortable being a man, doubtless his upbringing in the South giving him a slightly superior image of himself that would prove useful. She liked his looks, and, although at first glance she had compared him with DL, it had soon become obvious he was very different. He was younger for a start, and didn’t have that darkness in him that gave DL his presence, but she found it refreshingly attractive. He cultivated a slight boyish innocence, yet she had seen how smart he was so knew it was a front designed to disarm people. She guessed it worked a treat with women.

She felt his eyes on her, and looked up when his fingers stroked her cheek.

I did a little checking up on you before I came to see you, Ma’am, or should I call you Lady J? It seems you can be a feisty madam around most men, so what have I done to deserve different?”

She lowered her head against his shoulder, enjoying his fingers that were now playing with her wild hair.

Most men I meet already have preconceptions of who I am. They WANT me to be Lady J, so I simply give them that as it serves my purpose. You, on the other hand, treated me as an equal.”

He chuckled deep in his chest.

I have to tell you, honey, that if you had gotten all Dominatrixy with me there may have been a few fireworks! While I can understand the need in people on a psychological level, this Southern boy likes his women to be women! You’ll do mighty fine just being plain old Angela with me from the start.”

She gave him a sheepish grin and pretended to rub her ass again.

So where did the slap come from? Is that a Southern-style greeting?”

He laughed and shook his head.

My Daddy always told me that when a gal gets uppity there’s nothin’ like a good whuppin’ to make her change her ways!”

Angela snuggled up against him and smiled.

I think I would have liked your Daddy, and it shows that you have SOME promise!”


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