Edition Three: Risky Business

A collection of erotic stories based around the workplace! From Janitors to the Chairman, these people have some naughty adventures; so grab a coffee, relax, and have an hours wriggly read!

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Risky Business Teaser!!

The Manager

Margaret looked in the mirror and was quite pleased with the reflection. The suit she had chosen, on her daughter’s advice, fitted her curves beautifully, and the sleek but not too-high heels gave her legs a shape she had forgotten she possessed. Returning to work after a twenty-year break had seemed daunting to say the least, but now that the morning had arrived she was almost giddy with excitement. With a last flick of her now-tamed curls, she turned and smiled at her daughter.

What do you think sweetheart, will I do?”

Her eldest grinned and gave her a thumbs-up.

You look gorgeous Mum! They are very lucky to have you work for them. Who knows? You may meet someone dishy there!”

Margaret tutted and shook her head. Her daughter was obsessed with getting her a man in her life, but after the death of Ron, the father of her children, it was something she hadn’t considered. Part of her knew that her daughter DID have a point; at forty-three she wasn’t getting any younger and a man WOULD be nice to make her feel wanted again. Margaret frowned at the eager look.

I didn’t go back to work to get involved with a man. We need the money, darling. I hardly suspect I will meet the man of my dreams at Perkins Packing Company. As the Secretary I will be cooped up in a back office somewhere! No, honey, the most I want out of this is to improve our quality of life and get you through college. Anything else isn’t really important right now.”

Her daughter rolled her eyes in that exaggerated fashion that all teens seem to master.

Oh Mum! You still have your looks so you should live a little! I bet there will be some hunky guys there who would LOVE to take you out on a date, so think positive!”

She could still see the big beaming smile on her daughters face as she parked her car in the car park at her new place of work. She had thought it was an ugly building when she had come for her interview, and even though she was now working there it hadn’t improved its looks. It was a huge grey box of a building, and there were very few windows to break up its cliff-like edifice. She knew, as it had been pointed out to her, that her new office was right in the top left-hand corner and possessed one of those precious windows. She tilted her head up to find it, sighing when she could see the remains of a dead plant silhouetted against the light from inside. Taking a deep breath she crossed to the main door and stepped into the bleak foyer. A receptionist bearing the nametag “Hillary” looked up from reading a magazine with a quizzical expression.

Good morning! Can I help you?”

Margaret introduced herself, and explained why she was there. Hillary seemed a little taken aback that no-one had informed her they had a new Secretary, however, she smiled in greeting and came from behind her small desk.

If you would like to follow me, I’ll take you up to Mr. Coleman, the Manager.”

Hillary paused at a set of grey swing doors, her eyes twinkling at Margaret with amusement as she gave her suit the quick once over.

I call this trip The Gauntlet and, looking like you do, I think the wildlife are going to make this VERY interesting! They are used to the women here wearing these,” she indicated her own dowdy uniform, “so someone looking as smart as you do will certainly get their attention. Are you ready?”

Before Margaret could ask what she was talking about Hillary pushed through the doors. Hurrying after her, Margaret entered a world of thumping machines and rattling conveyor belts. She wasn’t prepared for the blast of heat that greeted her, and she could feel her face glowing by the time she caught up with the younger woman. She was certainly not prepared for the sight of glistening muscular torso’s displayed by the rows of men attending those machines either!

She drew level with Hillary and shouted above the noise.

Do they all walk around like that? What about Health and Safety regulations?”

Hillary looked at her and laughed.

In this heat? The air conditioning broke almost two years ago and it would be unbearable to work in safety vests in this temperature. The men don’t seem to mind, and provided no one complains they get a nice little bonus at the end of the month. Mr. Coleman has told them its that or air conditioning, so you can guess what they chose!”

Margaret nodded and tried to drag her eyes away from the rippling, sweating back of a huge man lifting crates into a hopper. This place looked as though it might have perks after all! As they walked the length of the building Margaret became aware that they were being watched. She turned, and saw that all of the men they had passed were now standing at the ends of their machines, looking at them. As she looked back in the direction they were heading, she noticed that the men ahead had already stepped out to watch them as well. Hillary was obviously well used to this kind of blatant ogling, but she could feel herself starting to glow even more at the sheer animal feel of all those eyes. She tried very hard to keep her eyes forward, but when she sneaked glances at some of the men they even licked their lips! She had a strange feeling that if she were alone in here they would have ravaged her on the spot. It was a relief to get to the doors at the far end and leave the heat and noise behind them, and Margaret stopped to press her forehead against the cool painted brickwork. Hillary touched her lightly on the shoulder, her voice full of understanding.

It is quite overwhelming isn’t it? I was petrified the first time I went through there on my own, but now I just ignore the horny bastards. I think they picked up the clicking of your heels even above the noise” She shook her head and laughed again, “They can sniff out a fresh woman from a mile away!”

Margaret dabbed at her cheeks with her handkerchief and smiled.

Are we allowed to carry baseball bats?”

I hope you all enjoy!!

Scribe xxx




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