You naughty people!!

I posted the Gallery only a couple of hours ago..and already over 400 of you have been in and had a peek!! *grins*..It does this old Scribes heart good to know that FINALLY I am corrupting you lot!! Had I know it would be so popular I would have posted it sooner; however I will make sure it gets updated or has special sections added often! If there are things you would like to see let Me know and I’ll try to arrange it!


Scribe xx



I have had several requests to put up a Gallery of My favourite pictures from around the web. You know the ones, the enticing black & white erotica that always have that “wish you were there” feeling about them! As you all have been reasonably good recently I shall have a look at what I have and create something very soon…so keep watching!


Scribe x

Greetings, and welcome to the new Scribe pages!

I shall bid you welcome, and hope that you enjoy the offerings that come pouring forth from a deviant old Scribe! Here you will find prose and poetry, samples of My current novels, and sneaky peeks (if you have been good) of works in progress and soon to be released! The next major thing to come your way will be this:

Late Night Scribe Cover

A collection of previously unpublished poetry and prose, and lots of examples of the short, sharp offerings My followers on Twitter know and love! It will be out early August, so watch this space!

Scribe x

Poetry, prose, novels and darker thoughts!