A Happy New Year From The Scribe!

We are here again folks, that time of year when we reflect on what has passed and what the future has in store! I know some of you have had a year from hell, and to those I give big hugs and My heartfelt sympathies; however a whole New Year beckons guys so take those lessons learned and make it your time to shine. I have a feeling in these old bones that 2015 has something special up her sleeve, so short of ripping her dress off to look I will certainly make sure I am in the best place to find out! Leaving behind the exhilarating highs and crashing lows of 2014 will be an absolute pleasure, and with the support of those around Me this new year will get off to a flying start! There are dreams to fulfill, cunning plans to concoct and mischief waving her scantily-clad ass in My general direction so what is not to look forward too? What gives Me the most pleasure is that I will have the company this coming year of a hardy (and at times extremely forgiving) band of loyal compadre’s who between them make My madness resemble something organised. I have those that I am proud to call Team Scribe; The lovely Patty is the audio wizardess bringing My ramblings to life, the delightful Sarah who creates her amazing covers, and last but not least the amazing Wiggle who keeps me focussed and determined to reach for the vision that I refuse to allow to die. Those crazy ladies take care of this old Scribe out of the goodness of their hearts, so I am truly blessed. I have recently been joined by another amazing group of ladies who have made it their mission to tell the world about My work; so My HUGE thanks are extended to Mandi, Kerry and Sarah who together have formed the Darks Angels. I don’t know what I have done to deserve the support of all of these beautiful ladies, and I am humbled by their generosity.

So what is in store for YOU this coming year from the slightly dented and deviant nib of the Scribes quill? January will see the release of not one but TWO publications to assault your panties in varying degrees; the second of the Monthly Magazines and the fantasy adventure of a very naughty Kitty Girl! There will also be the start of the Grand Tour, a quite possibly insane adventure designed to get poetry and prose back out on the streets (with My addiction more likely coffee houses) so updates will start to appear. There is also a competition scheduled for the end of the month to run up to Valentines Day (something I hope you will enter) and finally the first words in a new book that will continue the saga that is the life of one of My main characters; teasers to follow! Never EVER say I don’t spoil you!

Lastly, I want to thank all of you. Without you buying the books, joining in with the mayhem and generally putting up with Me over these last three years I would have nothing. Bless you all. I leave you with a little something dedicated to you My lovely readers and followers; may this coming year give you all you desire, and the Fates keep you and yours safe and well.

Scribe xx

Simply Be



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