Scribe Audio #7 Is Now Out!!

This week young Patty threw at Me an interesting topic: Consensual non-consent! It can be an emotive subject, yet given the fantasies that people have it has become more widely talked about in recent years! I do, as always, have My own thoughts on this matter…so grab the headphones and come listen!

Click on My awesome cuteness below and join in!



5 thoughts on “Scribe Audio #7 Is Now Out!!”

      1. Listening and also enjoying the subject however bizarre!
        Wishing to be kidnapped? No way! Being treated like a real lady is the only way for me…
        I’ll be following your blog with great attention from now in. Thank you πŸ™‚

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      2. *smiles*..This LifeStyle throws up many weird and wonderful connotations with regard to what is exciting My lady, and I will try to cover as many as possible. There will be a short audio coming out later you may like..based around elements of Control..a deeper subject x

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