The Scribes New Lair

It has taken time to develop and change into what I would wish ( and still a work in progress) however there are those who wished to see it…so here it is!

Firstly, the two main areas of work have been the desk and the sideboard. As you will see from below, both of these had been thrown out as rubbish (growls) a 1970’s desk and a gorgeous piece of indeterminate age.

2014-10-23 14.21.25 2014-10-04 17.03.58

Both had large amounts of water damage, doors and drawers had been discarded (but fortunately found!) so not really having any experience at this stuff old Scribe set about doing something with them!

Scribe Lair 001 Scribe Lair 002

This is showing a lot of promise, and I think My little kneeling girl looks lovely on there! The brasswork needs refurb/replacing; however I am a fussy old git so haven’t found anything that I like yet!

Scribe Lair 006

The desk is also coming along nicely…a few more coats of wax and it will have a surface worthy of ANY lil cute ass *grins* The drawer handles are the original, but once again I will find something more to My tastes.

Scribe Lair 004

My lovely glass lamp. now named Lola after a twitter comp!

Scribe Lair 003

A newly-installed real flame fire (can’t beat flames) and some unique ceramics gifted by a VERY talented friend of Mine for the new Study. Okay, so you’ve spotted the Dalek *shrugs* those bastards scared the crap out of Me when I was little so getting My own back by owning his ass!!

Scribe Lair 005

My “quiet corner” if I need to step away from the screen and think for a while. The Decanter WAS full at one point; however the contents seem to have evaporated *sighs*

Scribe Lair 007

The view while plotting world domination, composing prose and stories…plus getting up to mischief! There is little artwork on the walls at present (awaiting some acrylics of My book covers) but if I come across anything interesting it will be added! It is amazing how adapting such a place has made a difference to My creativity…it FEELS like the right place to sit and write…and of course ideal for entertaining should I be graced with the company of a pretty girl! Who knows, perhaps one day I will give one of YOU a more personal tour?

Two of the walls now have covers going up, so two more to do and I will be happy. The search then will be on for “curio’s” to fill any empty spaces..those odd things that catch the I’ll add more pics as I find things! x

2015-07-28 21.38.39 9fsyDYJ3

Scribe X


10 thoughts on “The Scribes New Lair”

  1. The Lair is looking good Scribe. Having a comfortable place to fuel your creativity or simply a place to relax is a necessity. I will be curious to see the finishes you choose for the desk and sideboard.


    1. Thank you Lady is proving to be the perfect haven for Me. The unit and desk are complete except for the brassware I would like..but it may take a while to find exactly what I have envisioned, Once I am completely happy I will of course post an update x


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